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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Khazul, Jan 16, 2020.

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    Jan 15, 2020
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    Can you please put a tag in the workshop so that it is obvious what blueprint work with which game version?

    This seems to be something that almost every game developer neglects which always causes issues for players down the line, particularly with continually changing early access games (which are often he best). The only games I can think of where there was some kind of useful community asset versioning is probably eco and factorio (that does versioning well).

    If this is not possible in the workshop, then some kind of filter in the in-game blueprints view so we can easily filter out incompatible blueprints, for eg - pre-cpu etc.
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    We were supposed to get new category filters in the workshop that would allow us to narrow it down by CPU tier and also efficiency.
    We were told this was supposed to be happening with 10.6 (11.0) and it never did. It seems the devs have completely forgotten about their promise to include this.
    @Hummel-o-War is this ever going to happen still?

    "- Players that going to the Workshop will get new FILTER options to narrow down their search by Tier and Efficiency. "

    I know it's not the same thing that you are asking for @Khazul but it's a start.
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