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    So. This is really two suggestions in one, but they could partially be connected, if that is the want.

    The basic idea is to make more reason to target certain POIs (strategic approach to taking out a planet)
    This idea would simply be to assign an attribute(or several) to a POI, that specifies its role on the planet.
    Currently we have a drone base, which purpose is to reinforce the planet with drones, and attack the player.
    Now we also have a platform for SV/CV patrolling.
    Other concepts could be
    - Ammunition depot: If alive, would make all POIs have infinite ammunition for turrets (large and small), aswell as a buff for NPC's ammunition-supply (this kinda ties into my AI thread). If destroyed the turrets will have a finitie amount of ammunition.
    - Radar station: If alive, will provide a range boost to all anti-ship weaponry. Also would increase detection of radars on structure (another tie in to my AI thread). The basic concept is being able to detect large objects whereever on the planet. This could also be used to direct the CV/SV patrols to the player, aswell as somehow buff drones planet-wide (such as aggro-range boost)
    - O2 supply: If alive, will provide health boost to all NPCs, or increase the amount of healthpacks they carry (Again, AI thread). This would also, when alive, supply other bases with infinite O2 (which benefits the player. So this would be a double-sided coin to destroy)
    - Training ground/barracks/..: If alive, would decrease the time between spawns on spawners (another thread of mine suggests better custoomization of spawners. This could also just affect the current default), essentially making more NPCs to fight.
    - Fuel supply: If alive, provides infinite fuel to all POIs. If destroyed, might render some turrets inactive, some lights off, etc. (lights should also affect NPCs FOV aggro range). Shouldn't be enough to render other POIs defenses useless, but maybe reducing 1/4.
    others. These was hoenstly just the first that came to mind.
    - Shipyard: If alive, produces new SV/CV/.. that is used to patrol the planet (given the platform is operatiional)
    - Construction center: Repairs POIs over time (the reproduce feature) [this is mostly relevant for SP, as it will most likely always be on in MP.. this is a soft version, that only does it, while this structure is operational]
    - Planetary defense platform: when active, prevents CVs from entering planet / flying on planet [Essentially it would shoot them down. But that is a little aggressive. So maybe the passive buff of prevention is better]
    - Mining outpost: When active, will make nearby deposits (fair range), very hard to use, due to drones and troops. Also would set up miners on these. [Might drain a little over time.. But I don't think that should be their main focus. If the deposits are next to empty, they loose the initiative to be destroyed]
    - Jamming station: Would essentially give a "fog of war" effect on the radar, where the player can essentially not see far, map/minimap-wise. Discoveries will not be displayed nearby, aslong as it is active

    The second part of the suggestion is physically tieing the POIs together.
    For now, the POIs are mostly seperate entities, that sometimes looks completely out of place.
    Perhabs making connections between these, could improve the overall look of the planet?
    This could be Novus-inspired networks (Poles, with energy flowing inbetween) - Look up the game "Unverse at war"
    Or actual roads (Although this might be very difficult to do properly in randomly generated terrain).
    Or other forms of transportation networks, between them.
    The goal should be making them *feel* connected.

    Here's a few links for the referenced
    AI thread: http://empyriononline.com/threads/poi-rework-ai.11259/
    Spawner thread: http://empyriononline.com/threads/6-0-feedback-spawners.10825/

    Any ideas to other types, that would affect other POIs? or other thoughts?
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    What about a weapons factory
    if active:
    - ALL enemy NPCs have weapons
    - Enemy NPCs can drop their weapons (more often)
    if not active:
    - Some enemies spawn without weapons
    - Enemy NPCs only occasionally drop their weapons

    or mabye change the construction center to rebuild destroyed POIs while adding a Repair Centre to repair them while they are damaged?

    Now this one kinda ties into my idea of adding SV bombs (4x 10kg OR 2x 25kg OR 1x 50kg, in a 2x2 space, bombs cannot fly (they will disappear from inventories if the inventory is moving 15m/s or more EXCL. bomb protection box)
    A bomb factory:
    Builds bombs which enemy SVs use to drop on you later on, these could be quite devastating if not destroyed by either your turrets while they fly towards you or the base being destroyed, this would require an active shipyard to respawn ships that down return
    a tactical command center:
    while active drone attacks will be more frequent and more deadly along with more SV bombings & CV assaults (CV would have to be weak if its assaulting on a planet)
    A power station:
    While active provides all generated POIs with infinite power, fuel depot goes down? no problem as long as this is still up, this will spawn a special "Mega" promethium deposit below it (not one of the main deposits) with over 25,000 ore in it. when this goes down the other bases are down to their own generators meaning if you destroy the generators they wont work, it also means that they will not be fully functional while this is down ( random turrets / spawners / etc being offline)
    A maintenance station:
    while active boost all nearby POIs making everything work at full capacity, if destroyed random stuff will be off & the turrets may malfunction making them shoot at their friends (eg. shooting one of their SVs on its way to bomb your base or shooting a few of its own drones down) this being destroyed may also make the generators malfunction, meaning if power station goes off the generators only have a 50% chance of working
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    Totally love this idea!
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    Really like the general idea of POI giving a hard time on the player.

    I would prefer event triggering POI bonus to alien.
    Radars could trigger a rapid aggressive response from the alien force like drop ships or patrol crafts when they detect the player. Vehicle factory could create HV of many type for player base attacks and hunt and kill(player) missions.
    Missile silo could make air travelling almost impossible in an area (read ground-to-air missile).

    Would really like needing to terminate alien POI in area to be able to build your base instead of constantly defending your ground. I would prefer if my choices mattered(killing random generated entities that will keep on spawning no matter what is kind of a terrible way to keep a player entertained in a sandbox).
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    Every suggestion that can add some strategy and tactics to the "shoot first, ask question later" logic is very welcomed and have my support, although I'm not a big fan of the connected POI's, one of the main reasons we ask for bigger planets is to make the POI's more spread out and hard to find, so if you have roads connecting them it will defeat the whole purpose of it.
    Another way is to have a vessel (a supply ship or something) going from POI to POI, so you can follow it (while maintaining some distance, if you get too close it will agro) and it will lead you to the next POI.
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    This is def. a good suggestion too. I like the idea of having something to 'trace', to find POIs.

    I think what I am looking for with the connection-part, is something native game-code, that can alter the terrain, for those nearby enough, where using ground-vessels would be more logical than flying.
    I wouldn't personally mind having some POI-clusters (especially with larger planets), that have several functionalities, to add to the 'what are you gonna do to approach this (new) challenge', that might limit you from say flying a SV directly in, or similar.
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    In particular, any critical POI should have multiple layers of defense. So, some small defense towers on the outskirts, with a couple of anti-CV cannons and more turrets (including artillery turrets to make life hard for ground assaults) on the inside, circling drones and maybe an enemy SV or two, and then finally the POI itself (including its turrets). Taking on this cluster then requires more strategy (and possibly multiple vehicles for different stages of the operation).
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