PLZ Retest and Re-Report POIs not being generated for story missions

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    EDIT: My bad, I was looking in the wrong section - i should be in the experimental branch

    Hi, I looked through the available posts, but no one seems to have had this particular error.

    I have started a number of survival playthroughs where POIs fail to load - especially the Prison under the Talon Monument, and recently the orbital trading station were to meet the Sectioner32 contact.

    These have been in worlds where i have NOT started on the defualt world, not sure if this is related. I can't figure out a way to manually add them in, or rename another POI so it will trigger for the story. I assume this is known a bug, as it happens to me regularly enough.

    any help would be greatly appreciated, i love this game as much for its story as for building!
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    This wouldn't be a bug. Only the default starting planets will be set up with the POIs needed, and even then not all of them will be. You can manually mark many objectives as complete.
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    @non-placed story POI > known issue. Plz retest after Phase 5 is released :)

    For now: Open the console and type in 'stats' > make a screenshot and add it to your report
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