PvP faction looking for reinforcements.

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    We are a small faction of 4 looking for reinforcements.

    About us:
    We don't play PvP only but currently it's our focus. We are british and german players playing along for several years already. We have lots of PvP experience and everyone of us has at least 2000 hours of empyrion experience overall.

    About our faction:
    Currently we are playing under the name Space Marine Corps [SMC] but we are not into the warhammer 40k universe. One day we just started using that name. It's the faction name we are using when focusing PvP.
    We don't have any specific rules but we keep our word and stay friendly. Also you should know we do not have a strict hierarchy. We are mates having fun in playing together.

    About the Server:
    The Server we are currently playing on has a special claim system. There are 6 Moons in PvP area that contain lots of ressources and these can be claimed.
    Shortened description about this claim system: To claim it you need to install orbital defenses with a Landclaim device over the Southpole. Once this is doen the admin configurates the server so only members of the claiming faction can enter that moon.
    Also nice to know:
    • Several Mods are installed. (Virtual backpack, sripting, ...)
    • It doesn't have the gigantic galaxy so you meet others players more regularly.
    • A modified Version of M/V is enabled (Boxes, container and backpacks are larger than usual)
    • trading is worth the effort
    • Size Class spawn limit is at 10 (i think)
    • CPU is enabled

    The war we are fighting and our enemys:
    I try to keep this short. We are fighting about the control of the 6 claimable moons. We have one allied factions but that are just 2 and a half players.
    On the other hand we have 2 factions that would love to see us fail. One of which is kinda the perfect enemy. Beside their leader they don't talk except they want to make you angry or illuminate you. Their Blueprints are of superior quality. One of them was a closed Alpha tester so they probably know everything about shipbuilding there is. And they never forge an allaince.
    The other enemy faction has one of the best orbital defenses but their planetary defense and Vessel sucks.

    We currently have 2 Moons under our control, a third one is claimed by our allies. The other 3 are in the hands of our enemys.
    Therefore our goal is simple.
    1. destroying the enemys orbital defense to lift the claim
    2. destroy the planetry (moony) deff
    3. plunder the Ressources
    4. (prevent that they claim the moon again)

    About you:

    • You should be fluent (or close to it) in german or english.
    • You are a legal adult
    • You should know the game (e.g.: You should be able to leave the starter within a single evening (better less) if needed)
    • You should either carry new knowledge into the faction or ready to learn a lot about PvP.

    You can apply here via comment or direct message or directly on the server. If there are any open questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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  2. nottrox ¯\ (ツ) /¯

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    Q:Is it bad if you are not as experienced as you are?
    A: No!
    Q:How much time should I bring along?
    A: As much as you like, we all have a family and/or work. ❤️
    Q:Leave the starter within one evening? How is that supposed to work?
    A: Collect some materials until you can build a sv with gattling. Hunt wild and talon until you have enough level for warp. Two three POIs Raiden. Build warp chair and chö.
    We practically never do that, it's just an example. It just shows that you know the game.¯\ (ツ) /¯
    Q:Isn't it all too stressful?
    A: sometimes you get beaten up but the fun always outweighs the stress! If everything always ran smoothly it would be boring.

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