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    I've been playing Empyrion for a bit by now, and I'm loving the game. During my gametime, I've come to think of some features, I'd love to see in the game;

    These features aim to provide more flexibility for servers, in terms of game-mechanics that can create gamemodes, etc., aswell as improving the player experience, by adding flexibility and customizability, aswell as more content (indirectly)

    Feature wishlist

    -Free/free-er rotation
    Let's face it: There's few things that truly look good, only placed in 90degrees intervals. Many building styles are simply not possible, having to design after square-grids.
    The square-grid is a fine building style tho. But for deco blocks especially, this doesn't make sense.
    Ideally I'd like free-rotation, without collision check for these kind of blocks, but even 45 degree intervals would be a huge improvement.

    -Connectable structure-cores
    Connecting structure-cores with eachother in a small area (having a max-distance between each connection, ie. 50 blocks or so).
    This would allow for dedicated power, dedicated oxygen, dedicated farming, etc..
    In general this ability would make for a more interesting base-layout, and can be used to create quite interesting gamemodes.
    This could be by physical cables, or fictional, depending which suits your artstyle best. (it's a gameplay decision)

    -Connectable inventories
    Being able to connect inventories would be a really nice addition. This would be especially handy in multiplayer, where several players often would want to use the same ressource-sum.
    (This would for instance allow for a food processor to take the inventory from a connected fridge, having several constructers feed from a number of crates, etc..)
    Quality of life change, that also could affect gameplay in quite a few ways- this could also be extended to needing to connect generators to fuelsources, connect engines to generators, etc..

    As suggested here; http://empyriononline.com/threads/repair-to-blueprint.9947/ ; having repair bays repair the state of the vehicle back to before it was attacked.
    I decided to mention this here, as it would require ressources to be balanced, and the above suggestions would provide a user-friendly solution to providing ressources (connected inventories)

    -Repair vehicles
    Goes with the style above. Perhabs having a tool for SV/HV that would allow it to repair during combat. This would give another dimension to battles. Possibly also allow for smaller drones, that does it worse, but also can. Another thing to invest in, and another thing to script (custom AI), and make the playfield feel alive.
    Ideally should also be used by the aliens.

    -Autocrafting [keep n-of item in inventory]
    Being able to auto-craft is dangerous on the players ressource, but would also be really nice to have. Not having to worry about if an ammo crate is stocked, or having enough fuel cells, etc, would be a huge quality of life change.

    -More interesting AI
    Make the AI more aggressive and smart; Make POIs on planets, that focuses on vehicle/troop "production", and sends them at the player in different ways.
    This would be a gamechanger over just having a turret or two defending your base, to also worry about interior, etc.
    (skirmishes, base defense)

    -Vehicles (wheel based cores / crawler based cores)
    While not strictly neccesary, with hover tech, and flying, it woul dbe a nice transition for early game, and just for general flavour. (could be good for inside movement on big CVs for instance, or in large bases); Essentially a worse hover core, that can't hover, or mine. (possibly, it could be cool to make them harvest food or something similar). Tho harder to implement, a crawler-approach could be a cool addition aswell (ie. legs)

    -Programmable AI (friendly and hostile)
    Conditional based AI; (for instance what to do at %hp, when attacked, when spotting a predator/alien/player/friendly/faction/etc
    What to do when passive, etc etc.. Great way to make places come to life, make more complex gamemodes, and a great start for a modding API (tho offered directly to the player aswell)
    There's really two main paths to pick, when doing stuff like this
    -The LUA way (which can be really strong, but requires something of your players. Not neccesarily a bad thing. For inspiration, refer to wow-private server scripting (event based))
    -The block way (more user friendly, less flexible, quite heavy to implement), refer to any app-builder around, with drag'n'drop blocks.
    Personally I'd prefer the LUA approach (or in an ideal world - both. But that is a ton of work..)

    -Friendly drones, npcs etc
    For singleplayer especially, but also in multiplayer, bases can feel quite.. dead. Having programmable SV/HV's, NPCs, etc, that can carry out small tasks (mostly for decorations, but can also be used to guard the inside, repair, etc), will greatly help making places come to life, and give the game a better feeling to it.

    -Some more flexible building blocks
    While not currently a pressing matter, on the long run, it would be a nice quality of life thing, to have some blocks being able to share the same space.
    This especially when it comes to decor, and less-than-full-blocks.
    Obviously not an easy task to pull off, and not something that should have any sort of priority right now, but nonetheless on my wishlist~

    -Space water/O2
    Given how advanced we supposedly are, it seems silly not being able to extract this any way from space. Perhabs special asteroids could be a way to do this?
    A suggestion on how to implement O2 would be plantlife, as suggested here:

    -Hostile flora
    A little related to the above; make the flora more variated, and functional.
    Some might generate oxygen, others poison clouds. Some might even try to eat you (or atleast hit you with thorns :3)
    This could/should also be added to planets, to make exploration a slightly more interesting experience (this would atleast make me rethink just using a vehicle to go around)

    -Flexible plants
    On the topic of plants, I've found it impossible to place plants in fertile soil, on the side / bottom-up. This being the case even in space, with an upside-down /sideways gravity generator.
    I find that a little sad - Hopefully something to look at, at a rainy day.

    -Gravity in space
    Currently, without jetpack activated, you always seem to fall. This is quite tedious, when going from a CV with a grav, to outside (for repairs for instance).
    A solution could be, to simply auto-activate the jetpack when outside a gravity pull. (or to properly make space-mechanics, but I'd settle for the auto-jetpack)

    -Food incentative
    Currently there's really no need for anything but one type of food. That's a shame. I'd love to see some positive effect gained, from long-term variation (nothing major, but flavor still). This could be anything as simple as extending the amount of stamina.

    -More dedicated functions
    Maybe make more function-based buildings, such as a smelter for ores, disassembler for parts, etc.

    -Blueprint construction facility
    Currently, I find it quite silly, that you can prepare blueprints, and spawn on-the-go. Also, that you cannot contribute to the blueprint, several players.
    Making a structure would create another game dynamic (destroyed = no blueprint)
    Perhabs restrict you to placing the blueprint within 100 blocks of this block..

    -Connected blocks- on use
    This is really a minor feature, but could be nice nonetheless.
    For some blocks, ramps for instance, it can be desirable to make on retract, while other one is deploying. I'm sure there's more uses than just for the ramp case, for this concept, but this came to mind..

    -Buttons, switches, sensors, etc
    Special usuable "blocks", that can be connected to other blocks (for instance through the above mentioned) ; Would allow for one-way doors, gamemechanics etc.
    This would allow for anything from simple lightswitches to quite intricate envoiremental altering stuff.
    This would both be for opening/closing, aswell as turning on/off, for maximum usuability.

    In lack of a better title; states for functionality. Groups are great for overview (such as sorting inventory by room, or by functionality), but a nice addition to this, would be adding them to groups
    For instance, casual exploration: Minimal thrust, no weapons, etc. ; travel: max thrust, no weapons; battle stations "turn on all red lights, turn off regular lights, max movability, max weapons".. etc. user customizable, and deployable from a quick-select wheel

    -"triggle down" fueling
    It would be quite nice, to have an auto-fueling station, taking fuel from an inventory (or inventories, with connected)
    This would make hangars much more sensible, rather than just parking a ship at a random spot.
    This could either be a general mechanic, when something is connected to a CV/base, or (ideally imo), a block.

    -Several repair bays (and fuel-bays, should that be added)
    In my opinion, it is rather limiting having just one repair bay. For MP CV, it is rather sad to fight over one hangar, instead of having multiple hubs.

    -Admin crates
    "cheaty crates", that keeps n-of type in them. (ie. autofilling, if removed)
    Should be able to limit direct access to admins only, or atleast faction-that-placed it-only
    The structure they are placed on, should be able to pull from it.
    The purpose of this crate, is to keep the blueprint-repairbay, and player-crates stocked for games and activities.
    These could potentially be specified with an interval for contents-respawning, which could allow for (among other things) capture points, giving the team ressources/tokens.
    Ideally, being able to make loot-pools they can pick from (such as having several origin boxes, and threat these as groups, that can be connected to the actual box): allowing for custom random loot-pools - That also respawns.

    Clearing the players inventory when passing through. Should be an admin-only structure. Again to support automated games and activities.

    -Relative moving parts
    ie. parts of a vehicle/base [mostly relevant for space bases], would orbit itself/rotate on an axis.
    Rather large incentative to make space stations/bases in general, and could make for really sexy POIs

    -Alien doodads
    Similar to the (hard to get) alien block, can we have alien doorways? (ie. organic "organisms" that opens and closes, like a door). That'd be awesome.
    Other alien doodads, such as organic consoles, would also add some nice variation :3
    On the topic of alien variation, this thread focuses around alien weaponry: http://empyriononline.com/threads/higher-tier-alien-weapons.10137/

    -Usuable furniture
    .. Let's face it. This is a *really* nice to have feature. Totally unneccesary. But I do wish for it still ~
    Being able to sit/lay in furniture, such as beds, benches etc
    (Still wishing for animations when doing so ;), such as sleep/sit/lay/wash/...)

    Some blocks, such as the O2 generators, have text for instance - or the medic station with red, etc. which cannot be changed by coloring (which makes sense, as they would then just be ie. white on white, or black on black..
    This aswell as some textures, would benefit greatly from having primary, secondary and maybe even tertiary colorings, that you can specify.
    While this goes into the look-category, it is a big part of the engine, I assume, so it prob. belongs in the alpha state.

    -More colors
    One thing I am having a hard time with, is the limited color-palette. Ideally I'd like to have RGB sliders, for the color tool aswell.

    This is a rather small thing, as most monitoring already exist on the UI (for instance health %, fuel level, etc); But having them connected to displays (screens), or being able to link the data to deco-blocks, such as computers (ie. you click use on a specific device, and it opens a GUI, which shows what you have specified), would add a lot of feel to structures/ships.

    -Do away with limitations
    But not really!
    Obviously limitations is critical for MP, as we all know how it'll go without it ;)
    But limitations isn't a one-size-fits-all sorta deal. Depending on what you want to accomplish with a server/SP content, limitations might want to be relaxed/tightened/removed alltogether
    Having this as config files seem to be the ideal solution.
    Possibly something along the lines of

    would make sense to make the limiations feel less arbitrary

    -More ways to traverse between systems and planets
    Slingshotting, gravitational based etc (there's a great thread here, relating to gravity design: http://empyriononline.com/threads/yet-another-idea-thread.9998/ )
    Or even infantry/HV based (yes.. it's cheesy to suggest.. but don't tell me it doesn't fit *right in* to the current feel; Some sort of stargate inspired travel tech)

    -More systems features

    This is a slightly vague one; But past planets, we currently have Asteroids (some with minerals), and POIs.
    This is a great start - But more variation would be great. These things could be different kind of area-of-effects, or galactic flair (supernovas, gravity wells, etc)
    Stellaris might be a game to pick inspiration from, when it comes to this area.
    (also, I'd love being able to at some point ram my ship through a sun, and either have it destroyed, or recharged, given the proper setup and blocks . That'd seriously be hawt.)

    -More engine types
    While this is purely asthetics, it does have an impact on the game engine, should it be implemented;
    I'd love to see different types of engines, that aren't just squares. How about long strips? connecting multi-blocks, rotors (wouldn't it be lovely to have an effective SV on planets, but useless in space? ;) ), gravitational pull-engines, etc.
    Mostly I'd just love to see multiblock engines, that form a connected texture
    While on the topic of engines, I'd love to see the fuel-usuage capped, in relation to the speed-cap. It doesn't make sense to waste a billion fuel, once max-speed is reached, when it doesn't actually *do more* at that point

    -Custom effect appliers
    For admin/alien structures, allow placement of special blogs, that can be used to apply effects, such as +/- health, +/- food, +/- oxygen, +/- stamina, speed/slow effects, DOTs HOTs, "alien effects" (bleeds/sickness/etc), invincibility, invisibility, teleport to a specific spot, etc; ideally having a counterblock, removing either a specific one, or all effects. ; being able to specify time on effects.

    -Effect modifiers on weapons
    Such as teleport to specific spot, apply slow/speed/etc (see effects above). The purpose of these would be for tag gamemodes/whatever creativity can be produced from it.

    -Indestructible/destructible blocks & public based blocks
    On admin structures, allow for marking some blocks as destructible (for arenas for instance), and marking of some blocks as public (such as containers, health stations, cloning chambers, etc) => ie. usuable by anyone, and respawnable, etc.
    For coolness, maybe make this effect toggable, by other blocks, such as sensors/buttons/etc.
    ; Ideally make some visual indicator on these special blocks, so players know that they can destroy/interact with them.

    Allow for a reduced noice, reduced speed mode (ie. sneaking). This would reduce NPCs noticing you (unless LoS), and for pvp-purposes
    (possibly allow to pass through half-height spaces this way?)

    -Quick-select menu swapping
    When having an inventory open, allow for clicking 1 through 9, to quickly swap the item on that slot, for the one you have "selected" (mouseover) in the inventory. This might be a beta-thing, but if they aren't using the same code to generate inventories, it will most likely be easier implementing it now, and forward, rather than the other way around.

    -n-range radars
    Blocks that pings hostiles and friendlies on map, if nearby. Ideally different tiers, with different ranges.
    These can be either public (pinging for all), or private/faction (pinging for self/faction). The main purpose is, yet again, gameplay, and making some areas higher risk, etc.
    There's a more in-depth suggestion on radars lurking around here: http://empyriononline.com/threads/progressive-detection-radar-scanners-minimap.10101/#post-104409

    -Zoomable minimap
    Allows for scaling the minimap, to shorter ranges (possibly make the max-range based on some items, such as helmet slot, or special slot?)

    -Allow for some placement on blocks (configurable)
    Allow for placing turrets/radars/other low-key blocks, on public/admin structures (ideally configurable).
    Ideally also allow for spawners to be placeable on admin structures, and destroyable. This mixes well with the repairing blueprints, that can make spawners re-spawn aswell, thus making for some other interesting possibilities

    -Configurable spawners

    :When they spawn, how many they spawn, how frequently, in which area, what they spawn (mixed content), etc. would all be nice features to have for them.
    Still some to go, to reach my goal: https://empyriononline.com/threads/6-0-feedback-spawners.10825/

    -Repair to blueprint (hardmode)
    An option to allow removal of all non-blueprint blocks from a structure. Otherwise same concept as "repair to blueprint"

    While not strictly neccesary, it could be good for public servers, limiting players to a certain area. Should be visible, transparant, and defy gravity (ie. not have any impact on structural integrity)

    This could potentially take the place of barriers;
    Ideally I think several shield-types should be used. Some for physical defense, others for moving projectiles (quicker=more blocking), etc. add a variation to them, and make them have different purposes.
    Possibly shields can be used for disruption tech aswell, hiding the vehicle/BA from radar, and possibly also slightly physical. This could be an interesting twist on current mechanics.
    (Possibly also a personal version of all the shield tech could be fun?)

    -Map markers
    For the map, it would be really nice having one waypoint, that shows up in the "world", like the POI markers.
    Another map utility would be the ability to add comments to map-objects (such as visually marking POIs as "done", marking nice spots, and whatnot)

    -More diverse POI approaches
    Currently, the only really viable method is taking a SV, with high mobility, and blasting the POI to pieces. Alternatives, that are less effective but more fun, counts HV assaults, CV assaults, crash closeby, and breach, etc.
    These are basically a variation on the same basic concept: Bruteforce.
    This can be fun, but is a little sad, being the only viable approach.
    How about patrolling aliens, that you can assault and disguise yourself as their convoy, to get past the frontgate (you still have to take care of the inside yourself)
    (trojan horse idea by Zedd)
    I'm sure there's plenty of other alternative approaches, that doesn't involve cheesing it (ie. digging from beneath for instance), that can add more fun to taking on these objectives.

    -Do not reset color when applying textures
    I'm assuming this one is mostly just an alpha bug, but it is nonetheless worth mentioning, as it is the worst part about painting/texturing blocks. If you change your mind, the texture will reset the block color, which is honestly just a pain

    -Armor (yes, this is a thing now. This still applies tho)
    While I'm sure there's already plenty of plans, as to what armor is going to include, I'd like to chip in aswell;
    I'd love seeing armor that's not purely functional, such as robes, and other appearence related items.
    If friendly NPCs will become a thing (or even for hostile ones), I'd love them to have armor slots aswell, and being able to equip them with armor.
    This is, yet again, for making the gameworld more diverse, and allowing servers to create custom content.

    -Usuable water & water physics

    First of all: I'm sorry. I'm sure water physics is already on the agenda. But this *is* my wishlist, so I *had* to add it.
    For the second part, I'd love for liquids to be usuable as part of buildings.. Limited to only BA, and only planetary, would seem like the smartest approach.
    Also not allowing for using it for oxygen/hydrogen production, aswell as requiring some infrastructure (pumps, reservoirs etc)
    It would be lovely being able to use flowing liquids for decorative purposes.

    -Color scaling

    This is mostly a topic about lighting. I'd love to see the color tool being able to change the base-color of for instance holographic stuff, screens etc. This would allow for some more interesting "faction based" theming.

    -"transparant" blocks being transparant
    For blocks that *visually* have holes in them, they should handle projectiles differently, from a solid block.
    This might change some POI designing slightly, but it is a little thing, that is greatly annoying me - Being able to point at an enemy, and not being able to shoot 'im.
    Likewise, they should provide visibility to NPCs, as if the block weren't there (aggro-wise). ofc. their pathing needs to account for this, so they don't just fire at the block till it's gone, and instead actively uses the 'hole' parts to shoot through (given they are shooters)

    -HV harvester module
    This is a cool idea, but def. needs a rework (I think so atleast). While it's without a doubt the easiest way to destroy trees (and harvest wood), it doesn't do much good past that:
    *It can destroy regular plants, but won't yield anything: I suggest changing this to not destroying them, butharvesting them (ie. pressing "use" on them)
    *It can (slowly) kill animals: This is a cool idea. I would suggest making the killing faster tho (maybe twice as fast as now.. maybe a little less than twice), and making it auto-harvest them (ie. pressing "use"..) A nice functionality, would be automatically putting it into a fridge, if installed on the HV (would also give the fridge on HV a better use)

    -Whisper / chat settings Kinda implemented, tho still room for improvement
    Currently there's GLOBAL, and faction chat.
    It would be nice having planet-based, system-based, and private (ie. whisper (one player to another)).
    It would also be nice, if the server could use these additional channels. (ie. saying "hi" to just the player, instead of spamming the entire server)

    -MP interaction
    I would love having, inspired by Artemis, specific consoles, that you can scatter around, to make CVs function.
    This would bring more things to do, around as often you are several sharing the same CV, aswell as bringing more life to it.
    This should however be optional to man this way, but should bring bonuses, and an added feeling of control.
    (refer to the artemis roles for bonuses, etc..)

    -Hostile factions
    Currently there's "alien" as the only real hostile faction (predators is technically aswell, but even less specififc)
    I'd like for the possibility to create hostile factions, that persist when a BP is loaded, (given the player can spawn alien cores at all ;) )
    The purpose would be to make it more immersive, and allow for NPC factions fighting eachother aswell. Also contributes to the below suggestion

    -Heat stats
    I would love for a heat-system. Each faction should have two gauges. One for how much the player have annoyed them, and another for how much they've annoyed the player. (this could be for faction alternatively. Might be better)
    The NPC scripting should allow for reacting to these. For instance, if the player havn't been hostile, they might not be per default. Or if the player have been super hostile, they might send a super-armada of starships with doomcannons to nuke said player from orbit ;)
    .. Or less aggressive, it can be used to measure how many freighters are attacked, and send escorts with freighters, if they are vulnurable.. etc.
    Each faction should be configurable to how much decay they have on each stat.

    -vehicle function blocking
    Based on this thread, http://empyriononline.com/threads/is-this-considered-an-exploit.10078/ , reminded me to put this suggestion up;
    I think the only things that should be allowed to block thrusters/turrets/other "propulsion" based blocks, is semi-transparant ones, and that it should maybe have a low impact on the performance aswell. These blocks should also have a fairly low HP, and similar HP, so it is only for asthetic reasons you would do it.
    They should not function, if blocked by a .. solid block

    -Seperate cloning and medical chamber
    Personally, I think this would be fine to do. It makes little sense, that the medical one should also do cloning.
    Alternatively, make the cloning chamber a "offline beacon": If logged out inside it, you will keep following the cloning chamber offline (sorta like a CRYO chamber would work for scifi).

    -Make ships be able to auto-run Kinda a thing now. Bits of this is still relevant tho
    ie. you can toggle auto-forward, and the ship will continue in this direction, even offline. This currently have issues with the "warp" part.. but it would provide a nice alternative, for low-tech travel (ie. not warp). It would take longer, but would be in a seperate, fake, playfield, where the player can not go too far from the ship, or build anything outside the ship.
    (essentially making the above cryo-sleep a bit cooler).
    This could alternatively follow a waypoint mode (which might be better), so that it stops at the destination-system/galaxy.
    This could be combined with requirements for NPCs/AI to control the ship meanwhile, thus adding added purpose for those, and further immersion

    -Armor tiers.. but specific
    So. As far as armor goes, I think it's a great idea. I do however think that it would be a shame, to waste the opportunity of differentiating planets, by making all-size fits all tiers.
    Instead I'd propose having several armor sets, that is tailored to a specific trait (some heat resistance, others frost) combined with other non-exclusive traits, this could become quite nice.
    Possibly allow for high-tiers to be basically one-size fits all, but at that point you prob. don't care about if a planet is hot or not - you've seen them all ;)

    -Armor changer
    Let's face it. Tony starks ironman changer is cool. And if the above suggestion becomes a thing, it should only be for flavor. Not to be a nuisance to the player. Hence I suggest having a CV/base block, that can change your armor to a different set (ideally having it be a gui of sets)

    -Extreme tier energy source
    Based on this thread http://empyriononline.com/threads/o...-instead-of-harvesting-tons-of-crystals.9619/ , suggesting a warp-crystal sorta item, based on the Stargate ZPM.
    I think the base idea of having an item like a ZPM (Zero point module), ie. a very large, almost infinite, energy container, is great.
    It should however be quite challenging to get (see suggestion below), and could come in various shapes (ie. some might almost be depleted, while others basically brand new). They should, as the ZPM, almost be a limitless source for "normal human consumption" of energy, and I think they should be restricted for use in BA/CV. This shouldn't be craftable.

    -"ancient ruins"
    In lack of a better word, let's assume we weren't the first in this galaxy (which seems to make sense with the story - and generally just a cool thing for sci-fi stories..).
    Let's assume these before us were quite advanced.
    Let's assume they havn't been completely wiped off the map (ie. still have structures/ships around). prob. without any of "this mysterious species" tho. More like leftovers.
    These ruins/old ships, should occasionally be a hardcore challenge, that could reward something unique, such as a ZPM (see above suggestion).
    This would serve as the "energy source" of this place, powering their crazy tech, that allows for world-altering challenges.
    This could span from anything. But could be inspired by Stargate (for the most part, the "normal" stargate series (SG-1) focused on finding these ZPMs, for power. There's several good suggestions for what kind of challenges could be made, in this series). SG-atlantis does have quite a few good suggestions aswell.
    Essentially, it could be more skillbased, than tech-based, such that maybe only primitive weapons would work, and no ships could get nearby, combined with whatever twist can be imagined.
    Small rare localized events, with a story to tell, that rewards the undertakers.
    Would be a great way to convey lore, while giving - even end game- a reason to do them

    -Power storage (capacitators of sorts)
    It would appear, that the generators have a constant output, and a constant consumption. If you don't use the power, it gets wasted. The basic of this mechanic is sensible. But I would like to have a mean of storing the power instead (for the purpose of the next suggestion). ie. some sort of functional blocks, that stores power.

    -Conditionals Sorta possible, but not with % of type
    Sorta like the connected inventories, and keep-n in inventory idea; be able to set conditionals for when something is turned on/off. This could be connected to the sensor block idea, aswell as the state-change idea. Essentially, when something, do something else. For instance: when less than % power in storage cell, start generators. etc.

    -Displaying conditionals
    Currently, LCDs are a great way to do signs. But they are not very functional. When on the topic of implementing conditionals, implementing a way to display these on screens (LCDs), would be a nice addition, that shouldn't require that much effort. (as suggested in this thread)

    -Earlier early-game
    I have mixed feelings about this. I don't think it should be a mandatory phase, but I would very much like to see the possibility still.
    The basic idea, is a lower-level approach, that's less tech-oriented, to the early game. Such as wheeled-vehicles, wooden storages (http://empyriononline.com/threads/wooden-storage-containers.10030/ ), fires, etc. These could for the most part, also be used for lower-level civilisations, such as the talons.

    -Auto harvesting/harvesting mechanic
    I don't mind the sentiment of gathering plants, planting them, letting them grow, etc. But it reaches a point, where it's just a plain hazzle. I think adding auto-harvesting, or allowing for instance, "the harvester" module for HVs to harvest these, without destroying the plants, could make for a nice solution. You could have large areas dedicated for food-production.

    -Food stations
    We currently have Oxygen stations, which is a nice idea. Why not food stations? These will give you the most appropriate food, for a good diet (or to fill your health, or grant missing buffs, (...), whichever ends up being the way food works), from any connected inventory.

    -High-speed obstacles OR space-stealth mechanic

    Starlink have a mechanic, where when you warp, it makes a 'minigame' of a 'plane' with holes.. If you don't go through the holes, you get 'caught' and some npcs spawns..
    Pretty basic concept, but works for that game..
    The concept could be implemented as a 'space-approach-stealth-detection-system', where *when* you fail, the station will be aware of your presence, and .. launch fighters if possible, or send an emergency call to nearby drones
    Alternatively, it could be used in pretty much the same way, when high speeds are reached, nearby bases. (Knocking you slower, and alerting it)

    -No fly zone
    A block (under alien) that can be used to limit the altitude a vessel can attain. (Ideally configurable)

    Would make certain POIs considerably more scary to take on, and allow for some interesting fights.
    Additionally, a similar concept could be applied, where you can't realistically shoot a POI, unless you are within a radius (Some sort of shield surrounding it, that can't be fired through, but passed through)

    -POIs descriptions
    Add a section to the blueprint edits, where a description can be filled out. This can be flavor text for the POI, or hinting at approaches to it, provide lore or similar.
    (Presenting it similar to this wouldn't be the worst.. tho reward bit is a little obsolete). Ideally allow the API to alter these boxes per-structure.
    Ideally also add similar system to waypoints, that can optionally be used to provide flavor text to a waypoint.

    -Top-tier alien weaponry
    A flexible top-tier weaponry: Visually, it should be a crystal-like structure, that is placeable on a 1x1 space.
    When firing, it should do some sort of charge-animation.
    The block would provide options for:
    -How long from 'target-acquired' to 'firing'
    -How much damage it does
    -How much splash it does
    -It's range
    -It's firing arch (By default, 360, but can be limited. Would be a *cones* radius)
    -A message to send, when a player approaches its range (Can be used like a warning 'now entering a no-flight-zone' or similar)
    The projectile is a hitscan-instant laserbeam that lingers for a few seconds, with a 'full-beam' visible from structure to target

    -Weapons able to trigger signal-logic:
    When a weapon (block) fires, it should be configurable to send a signal:
    -When it acquires a target
    -When it looses a target
    -When it starts charging to shoot
    -When it shoots
    This could be used in a number of different ways, most prominently as a 'alarm system', aswell as for linking it to visuals when charging, etc.

    -Sensors configurable to what they trigger on
    Similar to how weapons are configurable for 'prey' 'alien' 'player' etc, sensors should have the same system, allowing differentiating.
    Ideally, it should also support 'friend' or 'foe' (ie. if the owning faction is friendly to whoever activated it, or hostile)

    Please do share your concerns/thoughts about these ideas. I'd love to hear them
    Last edited: Dec 2, 2018
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  2. Zedd

    Zedd Captain

    Feb 23, 2016
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    I like all your suggestions! Except wheeled vehicles...HV's pretty much cover that.

    Probably the most important thing here is enemy AI, enemy attacks, enemy variation.

    The friendly drones or NPC's would be extremely cool, but sounds like a lot of extra work for the devs.

    As for the factory....they hinted before that it isn't in its final iteration. Eventually it will probably only be accessible via a constructor, or maybe its very own special device! :D
  3. oojimaflip

    oojimaflip Captain

    Oct 6, 2016
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  4. Exacute

    Exacute Rear Admiral

    Feb 17, 2017
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    Haha. I totally see your point about wheel-based vehicles being obsolete. That's honestly kinda the charm of them aswell
    Wheel / walker based vehicles is more a flavor, than any real usuability. Tho it can contribute to some interesting creations, and possibly even gamemodes.

    As far as blueprints - Yeah, I did read that mention somewhere... I personally think, that it should be a dedicated facility tho, for more functional-blocks. I think that's great for gameplay.
  5. Exacute

    Exacute Rear Admiral

    Feb 17, 2017
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    As far as friendly drones, vs. hostile ones;
    It's really just a few models, that'd be the big work-load, as their functionality would be (in my idea atleast), under the AI-"programmer" (one of the suggestions)
    This would allow players to make their takes on invasions, attacks, and flavor, which could be implemented into the game, or just as a steam-workshop kinda thing.
    (ie. this would in the end lower the workload for the dev-team, while allowing the players more freedom)
  6. Exacute

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    Feb 17, 2017
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  7. Exacute

    Exacute Rear Admiral

    Feb 17, 2017
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  8. Exacute

    Exacute Rear Admiral

    Feb 17, 2017
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    Added a bunch more suggestions.. Better to keep it to one thread, than spam this forum I suppose ;)
    Also added a little formating to the post--
  9. Exacute

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    Feb 17, 2017
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  10. VISION305

    VISION305 Captain

    Dec 17, 2016
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    I like the ideas.

    Side note: people keep saying that all we need is hover vessels for ground transportation. I disagree. I think too many games have made this mistake, the one size fits all lazy approach. If you tried you could think of reasons for there being more than one land vessel let alone the diversity being awesome.
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  11. geostar1024

    geostar1024 Rear Admiral

    Jan 24, 2016
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    I'm not opposed to wheeled vehicles for flavor reasons; I'm opposed to them on practical grounds because working on wheel physics would be a massive waste of Eleon's time right now given the complexity of getting wheel physics correct, and all of the systems they're currently working on and have yet to implement.
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  12. Exacute

    Exacute Rear Admiral

    Feb 17, 2017
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    I agree. It should not be a priority currently. Tho I do assume that the wheel-physics, atleast partially, are in place already, given the starter motorcycle.
    But yeah, I don't think either walkers, nor wheel based vehicles should be any kind of alpha priority. It is more flavor, than gamechanging.
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  13. geostar1024

    geostar1024 Rear Admiral

    Jan 24, 2016
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    Honestly, I'd doubt it. The motorcycle seems like it's just sliding the player over the ground with momentum, and some value for friction and maximum applied force. There's nothing actually rotating as far as I can tell.
  14. Exacute

    Exacute Rear Admiral

    Feb 17, 2017
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    You might be onto something there. Either way, it is atleast the basics (ie. sticking to the ground) ;) .. But you are most likely correct, that it is far off actual wheel-physics, for n-sized constructs
  15. Zedd

    Zedd Captain

    Feb 23, 2016
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    Sneaking would be cool. I'd love for there to be more ways to take over a POI than just 'shoot it with an SV'.

    Taking over an enemy HV convoy or troop transport and using it as a Trojan horse would also be fun.

    Certain enemies sneaking up on you would also give some variety *cough* alien assassin.
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  16. Exacute

    Exacute Rear Admiral

    Feb 17, 2017
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    YES that would be so much fun!

    Haha, yeah. Currently the assasins seem mostly to be just another generic NPC.. I hope the AI language hopefully will help with this, as players tend to be way more trixy than the creators, when it comes to AI behaviours ;) (given it's ever implemented, that is)
  17. Neal

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    Nov 23, 2016
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  18. VISION305

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    Dec 17, 2016
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    I dont think wheeled physics are something difficult to do in Unity. Even if they are mimicking the behavior with the motorcycle. It looks good enough to me. Could have fooled me.
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  19. geostar1024

    geostar1024 Rear Admiral

    Jan 24, 2016
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    The trouble is in properly handling the collisions between the physically spinning wheels and driving surfaces. KSP certainly has had a lot of trouble implementing it, as people keep managing to create kraken-drives with wheels. What we could use first would be a proper suspension system for the hover engines, so that HVs actually feel like they're hovering rather than sliding along an invisible surface at the hover height responding to every tiny variation in terrain that passes under a hover engine. The motorcycle, as far as I can tell, is basically just hovering along with a hover height of zero.
  20. VISION305

    VISION305 Captain

    Dec 17, 2016
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    The thing about the hover vessels in this game is that they appear to be using magnetism rather than propulsion.

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