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    I guess an outside docked SV is not protected by the CV Shields? I'm currently on a Lava planet with Meteorite showers and discovered that my SV had some Windows removed but otherwise no damage, i think some Meteorites damaged my SV. So i tried to activate the Shields on the docked SV but for some reason it is not possible, the Shield remains red and is not charging. Do i really have to undock the SV for the Shields to work?

    I discovered that the Drone Base is now shielded and has a homing Missile Turret. What are the best strategies to take down a shielded POI like the Drone Base? I don't want to Dig a Tunnel, i want to attack the Base directly. So far i tried it with an armored SV, an Combat Steel Hover Tank and an armored and shielded SV but nothing lasts long enough to take down the Shields from the Drone Base. I think i need an Combat Steel Hover Tank with Shields for that or something. I tried to attack the Drone base with my CV and Canon Turrets but my Turrets refuses to shoot on the Base, so i could not test if this will work. I'm going to make a Bug report about that because all the Turrets (CV and HV) generally have sometimes problems with shooting.
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    Targeting can be controlled in the devices menu. They may not be targeting the base because you don't have them set to target NPC factions or they are targeting something that is closer like an animal. You can focus the guns on something specific like the turrets so that they will only engage the base itself. A CV with a tier 2 shield will take it out pretty easily but I suggest hitting it with an SV - they are much simpler for taking out a drone base. The key with an SV is the shields recharge a LOT faster than the drone base shields do - simply hit the base and when shields drop low dip behind a hill or out of range to recharge. You will wear the base down eventually. I suggest using plasma cannons as well, they fire fast, do decent damage and are easy to mass produce. Otherwise, dumb fire rockets are good.

    A hover should work too with shields and can dish out a LOT more damage but they are more difficult to maneuver to a safe space to recharge. Almost nothing is going to take a drone base out without shields. You *can* do it with something sufficiently large enough to tank the damage but that is rather counterproductive.

    Docked vehicle shields will not charge. You do have to undock for them to charge but last I checked the shield does perform after docking back to the CV. You have to leave power on as well.

    Edit: AFAIK, meteorites do not damage your ships. That glass was missing from some other source.
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    weather and meteorite cant damage any structure or ship, even without shield off.
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    I would suggest a highly maneuverable shielded SV if you want to do the brute force approach with plasma and/or dumb fire rockets. Ideally something with enough reverse thrust to hang in the air facing down and good lateral thruster to evade.

    A T4 tank HV can be used as well, but they tend to take a lot more hits (and you must configure the turrets else they will be distracted by troops etc) and if you leave escaping for shield recharge too late, chances are you will get a rocket up the backside while escaping which tends to trash the internals and thrusters unless its a huge tank with a massive gap between external armor and internals and/or thrusters - which is unlikely in a current T4 max weapon CPU compliant build.

    TBH, I find the fastest way to deal with them is a tunnel under with a small miner HV and det pack them from below, or even better - a small tank HV with drills so that it can pummel from below while you help with det packs.

    In general, I find:
    Unshielded POI needs at least small shielded HV or unshielded SV with rockets (and gatling for troops on ground) so SV is by far the cheaper/lower level+tier build for the job.
    Shielded POI (drone base) needs T4 shielded max weapon tank HV or shielded SV with 4 plasma/dumb fire - so again, SV is the cheaper build - relatively small shielded tier 3 will do.

    For SV I suggest a mix of plasma and dumb fire - I find plasma is very useful for dealing with ground troops while the rocket do a lot more damage per hit - better once shield is down to rapidly kill turrets.

    For shielded bases, tunnelling and det packs are quicker I think, and if you have a miner HV with a couple of plasma or rocket turrets, then that is very effective from underground helped along with some det packs.
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