Quick bit o info on how to 'speed up' the Factory (dumping blocks in)

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    Tagging you @boo as your post over in the Alpha 10.5 thread prompted me to jot this down :)

    @boo , just in case you don't already know; if you salvage blocks/devices/etc and put them into the Factory (once you've selected your CV BP to build), each 'bit', if it's not Ingots, will reduce the Build Time.

    My usual go-to CV takes ~2.5 hrs for the factory to build it, if I only input Ingots. But since I tend to salvage a fair bit, and early game it's tough hauling all that tonnage around, I drop things like Hardened Steel Blocks into the Factory. So by the time I'm ready to actually Build it; have scrounged all the rare bits, it usually completes in a single second.

    Couple things to be aware of though;
    1) if the BP you select to "Build" in the Factory doesn't use say Zascosium, and you drop in a device that has Zas, it will be lost.
    -- so while 'dumping in mats' use the most expensive BP available, then switch over to the one you want to build before hitting "Build Now".
    2) In the past all the stored 'savings', or cached 'it took this long to craft all this so knock x off', were used up on the next thing actually Built.
    -- so if you'd dumped enough for a massive CV and decided to build a starter HV, it would all go poof.
    -- now a days I -think- the Factory is keeping track of those 'savings', but you might want to double check before 'saving up' many hours.

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