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    Long time no see :) How are you all doing?

    My suggestion, as the title says, concerns Radars, Antennas and "Probes". I'd like to suggest a real usage to them. I'll try to keep it simple:

    - The game would start with hidden info about the planet weather, the ore deposits present, the POIs names, the meteorites present, the faction territories and even the ore deposit names when we get near to them.
    - Player should use radars, antennas and probes to have this info.

    - The present decoration piece would become a functional radar. When installed in a base, it would consume energy (fuel or solar) to keep working. While active, it would provide information about the playfield: the weather, if there are meteorites, etc (all that planet/moon info section), and info about which ore deposits types are present and in which quantity as well - just like we have it today - and ore deposits sizes too. It would also allow players to identify a POI when near to it (what we have today as "Drone Base [Zrx]", for example). A functional radar would also allow us to see faction terriories on map. Still, a radar would be responsible for showing the red dots from a Zirax base attack on the map.
    - Without a radar, when following a red spot given by the Detector (a hand or HV/SV one), a player would only see a generic description "Building" or "Ore Deposit" on his screen, forcing him to a close inspection to discover the real nature of the POI found (or digging to literally see what ore deposit it is). Also, without a radar, all the info about weather and ore deposits amount and type in the map would remain hidden (that "Iron Deposits 3/5" kind of thing). It would also affect "[Faction] Territory", in such a way that without a radar we could be in trouble by discovering the hardest way we are in Zirax territory by encountering a patrol or an aggressive POI; or discovering we are in Polaris territory by digging an ore deposit and noticing we are losing faction standing with them. Still, during a base attack without a radar, we would not have the "waypoint" showing on targets (like "Rocket Drone" or "Troop Transport" box) and neither would we have the red dots on the map - we would need to track the targets visually.
    - When we build a Radar, we would need to set it's broadcasting frequency: if Private / Faction / Public.
    - There would be a chance for this Radar to be attacked in a Base Attack event if an autonomous Radar Tower is build (because it would BE a small base), calculated just like with normal bases. If a radar is placed ON an actual base, nothing changes; if a player creates a separate "Radar Tower", it would be created from a Base Starter and would be treated as an ordinary base by the game to decide if it gets attacked.

    *If a Radar is built on a ship, nothing changes: this ship would have all the info a radar provides and could also provide this info to antennas in the same frequency. The downside: Radars need energy to maintain and so the energetic cost in a ship would increase.

    - They would be the present decorative BA/SV/HV/CV pieces. They would be cheaper to produce than Radars and cost no energy to maintain, but they must be linked to existing radars. In a dropdown menu, the player would select all eligible Radars (working ones whose "broadcasting to" setting matches his - Private, Faction, or Public).
    - Only with a funcional radar in his playfield and an antenna tuned into it would the player have all the info he has today when checking the map and when flying around (by reading for example "Trading Hub [Polaris]") and being able to decide whether or not it's safe to come close to the POI.

    *We could set more than one active radar to create a "backup network": in case one gets without energy or destroyed, we would be forced to access our antennas and change its tuning to another funcioning one. In case we have two antennas in a SV, for example, each one could be tuned to a different Radar.


    - Probes would be placed by the player ONLY IN SPACE just like an auto-miner is in the surface. If you wish to make things more appealing, they could be launched by a "Probe Launcher" and the probes would be the ammo.
    - A Probe would be set up like Radars, by selecting whether it broadcasts in "Private/Public/Faction" frequencies. To this end, they could be touched by the player via EVA or accessed via a built-in wi-fi (just make them available in the Registry menu).
    - After setting up a probe, we would need to tune one antenna to it (more than one antenna could be used to tune into different sources, let's say, a surface radar and a probe in space, ensuring we receive info from more than one source in more then one playfield and, so, we wouldn't need to stop and change antennas setup everytime we change playfields).
    - Probes would be a more limited and thus portable version of radars (see below).
    - Probes would come in 03 subtypes:
    a) Planetary Probes: deployed in orbit, they would show weather and ore deposits info (just like we have today when checking the map). This would serve us during exploration - we wouldn't have the info automatically as it happens today, but probes would spare us the hassle of landing and building a whole radar-antennae system just to check if the planet contains the kind of ore we want before landing. A radar on a ship or base would still be necessary to access ore deposits and POI names, though.
    b) Orbital Probes: it would do the same, allowing us to identify POIs and ore deposits (when inside a range of them, of course, like it is today), but in Sector Space;
    c) Deep-Space Probes (or Navigation Probes): when active, the lines between the sectors would be shown and warp jumps would be available. Destroying all of these probes in Sector space would create a "dead end" where no one could leave warping to another sector.

    *Due to potence limitations, the ordinary Radar technology when installed in a ship would NOT be able to give info like Probes - let's say probes operate in a "subspace frequency", so they would be more useful in a surface playfield.

    All this suggestions would create a new mechanic in the game related to navigation and give a real use to Radars and Antennas beyond being decorations.

    Community, tell me what do you think.

    Thanks ^_^
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