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    Dear Server Owners,

    we already published our recommendation on the “stable dedicated server” settings. (READ)

    As we detailed in the posting, we want to iterate on this and increase the stable environment step by step. But we need your help! That’s why we are asking you to send us Logs, Server-Savegames and telemetry – the more we get hands on, the faster we will progress.

    Thanks to the reports we were receiving until now, we have identified eight common issues that your servers may also have been affected by.

    So, if you or your players encounter the following issues, please save&exit the server and ALWAYS send us the all of the following infos/files (at least a+b; c-e are needed for some issues to be investigated):

    a) the complete content of the folder “LOGS” (…\Steam\steamapps\common\Empyrion - Galactic Survival\Logs
    b) Your server savegame (Very important for some of the issues!)
    c) Any telemetry you have(f.ex. if you are running RAM or CPU monitoring tools, add the logs or screenshots of the TIME WHEN the issue happened)
    d) Count of active Players + Active & Reserved Playfields when the issue happened
    e) If the issue only happens on a certain playfield: Name and Size of the Playfield (RAM) at this timestamp

    Overview of issues:

    1. Overall Game Performance
    Description: Connection lost, Lag or overall bad performance
    Required Minimum: a-e

    2. Vessels or Bases vanishing
    Description: Vessels or Bases vanished when coming back to their position from another playfield (e.g. Space -> Planet or similar)
    Required Minimum: a+b; c-e recommened.

    3. Only Nametag of Vessel or Base visible
    Description: only the nametags of a vessel or base is left at its place.
    Required Minimum: a+b; c-e recommened.

    4. Blueprints can be placed, but vanish instantly
    Description: Players place a blueprint and it instantly vanishes or only the nametag is left
    Required Minimum: a+b; c-e recommened.

    5. Player gets stuck in Cockpit or Core or falls back to planet
    Description: Player is flying to space or down to a planet and either gets bugged in the core or is falling back to the planet without his ship.
    Required Minimum: a-e

    6. Player cannot log in to a certain playfield anymore
    Description: Players log out normally but cannot log in again. Playfield or Server needs to get restarted.
    Required Minimum: a-e

    7. Internal Errors (global issue)
    Description: You are seeing Exceptions in Telnet and users report “Continue or Quit” errors when performing a specific action.
    IMPORTANT -> Send us the Server LOGs + Savegame as soon as possible if you run into Exceptions or “CoQ” Errors!
    Required Minimum: a+b; c-e recommened.

    8. Devices or Items missing/changed into other devices/items
    Descriptions: Devices like Warptanks or Jumpdrives are lost, Pentaxid vanishing from the tanks, Food turns into fuel packs or similar
    ESPECIALLY IMPORTANT -> RAM/CPU load, active player count, active playfields, Errors or exceptions accompanying the issue.
    Required Minimum: a-e

    One word about granting us Server-Access: This is great and we will kindly accept, but it is not necessary, because we unfortunately won’t have the time to monitor all the servers accordingly.

    It would be more important to receive the aformentioned files, so we can investigate the logs and the contents of the new info files that are created since the Alpha Release.

    Mail your evidence to [email protected]

    Thanks a lot for your dedicated help to improve the dedicated Server software! :)
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