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Discussion in 'Spanish' started by Hummel-o-War, Jun 21, 2017.

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    Hi Galactic Survivalists,

    After a successful Alpha 6.0 release, we will today make an important step that has been requested for a long time. As you all know, English is the main language in gaming, but we of course know, Empyrion has long time fans and active communities all over the world.

    Said that, and because we know that you were waiting for this to happen for quite a while, because not everyone is comfortable discussing complex topcis in a foreign language, we now officially will add sub-forums for the most-requested languages.

    For now - and also because of we need to handle the additional workload - we will start out with the following sub-forums:
    - German
    - French
    - Spanish
    - Chinese
    - Russian

    Please note: While these forums are the place for you to express yourself and discuss in your mother tongue, please keep reporting bugs and issues and suggestions to our global bug, suggestion and feedback forums, so we do not overlook any issues or ideas as we go.


    If you want to know more or make any suggestions, please do not hesitate and contact me via Personal Message!
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    1 can use translate maybe, because... the first post I see in the spanish sub-forum is this... in english...please
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    Gracias, hacía falta esta parte, no conozco muchos hispanos en el foro, pero si he visto muchos jugadores online, me parece genial tener un pequeño espacio para cada región y espero fincione para intercambiar opiñones, ideas y experiencias del juego. Saludos.-

    Thanks, this part was missing, I do not know many Hispanics in the forum, but if I have seen many online players, I think it is great to have a small space for each region and I hope to exchange opinions, ideas and experiences of the game. Cheers.-
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    Hola chicas/os. Saludos desde Argentina. Podriamos usar este foro en español más seguido. Incrementar el uso de esta sección y ver si le dan mas interes al idioma en el juego.
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