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Discussion in 'Known Issues' started by tony hug, Jul 8, 2020.

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    I.m on the early Pirate base quest for TOP brewery.

    I kind of mined them out...
    .. however noticed that when Mining the Rock around the pirate base
    .. my reputation continuoisly increaing albeit slowly with all but pirate factions..
    .. i can understand it when mining the copper
    .. but mining the rock - you slowely creep up to honored with all factions (pirtates to zero)
    .. Basically i suspect this is an unintended consequence as there is a Lot of rock around that pirate base!
    ok rep increase with copper ok - as this is limited - but i do feel i am exploiting the game mining the rock...
    .. but wanted to see if i got them all.
    (no idea if this is true around all pirate bases)
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    Possibly because the Asteroid around the base is counted as a base as well (It is a POI building Trick, converting the whole ensemble to a base). So you rise in RP as you are actually "destroying" blocks, not mining.

    For now, nothing can be done here. Do not worry about that. ;)

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