Replaceblocks command with new block models helpful tip

Discussion in 'Experimental Features Discussion' started by Fractalite, May 18, 2019.

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    Set about to investigate the new block types and built something with combat steel. Re-affirmed that I still dislike the sathium requirements for hardened/combat so went to utilize the replaceblocks command to change material type and discovered something interesting:


    That looks a little funky!(even for me ;) ) So I went back to the console:


    and then realized the new changes to the "atlas" means that the generic switch between types(combat, armored, concrete, etc.) and thin/large are no longer enough. It is not immediately intuitive but the type and the block address matters.

    So not only are there new types like "extended" but there is/are atlas specific referencing; "extendedlarge3." This has always been a functionality of the command, but it was not wide-spread knowledge; and the new block types force the issue. Use the debug info menu(type "di" in the console) and aim at the block type you want to replace just to make sure.

    Apologize for the double post if this has already been discussed, but I hope this helps!
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    Good to know. I use this a lot in creative when making cheap/lower-level versions of a ship for survival.
    With the expanded Block definitions, perhaps it's time for Devs to make an alternate short-cut command in addition to the existing. A command that only requires a material designation, and is applied to the entire ID. ie: replacematerial 1234 combat steel (replaces all combatsteel blocks with equivalent standard steel blocks). Obviously, since standard steel blocks do not have a unique material designator, some finagling of the variables will need to be done. Should be done anyways.
    Globally changing all hull blocks on a structure from one material type to another is the most commonly used function of this command, and it should be made simplified for such. Maintaining existing replaceblocks command for particular sets should be kept in place as is.
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    I vote yes!

    I've wanted a "clean and bleach" command for a very long time to bring old builds up to todays specs... then go retouch/adjust them knowing every single block is 'current'.
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    And always replace the thin ones first!

    Otherwise you get a full block where a thin plate should be.

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