Rocket one shots avatar in cockpit, what about armor?

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    In my current game a rocket drone fired on an HV cockpit and hit it, the avatar at full health was one shot killed without destroying the cockpit.

    This is not what I would expect. I would expect the enclosed cockpit to give protection to the avatar. I would not expect one rocket shot to kill the avatar in the cockpit.

    The rockets do exactly 500 damage which is the same as avatar health.

    The cockpit took 55 damage and the spotlight right next to it took 22, so how could the avatar which was inside the cockpit take 500 damage wearing a light armor suit with 20 armor, enough damage to kill him in one shot?

    The suit is not providing any armor for one thing, because if it was the full health avatar would not die in one shot.

    The basic cokpit should provide some protection for another.

    So imho armor mechanic is not working as intended.

    Image of repair tool on cockpit showing damage.
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