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    I´d like to let written a little request/suggestions list, which I believe would make the game even greater!
    It has been more than 15 years since I last dealt with programming, so I don´t actually know which ones of these are easy or even possible.
    Thank you very much for your time!

    Regarding the FACTORY:
    -Please, PLEASE, keep the Library-to-factory function! It´s one of the coolest things in the game!

    Regarding the WARNINGS:
    -The "Steam is offline" click-windows could be removed from the game start/game menu. It´s useless, as the player has to click "star in offline" for the steam to allow the game to open. It could be replaced by a warning just like the "Low Memory detected";
    -While using the drillers on a HV, it would be nice if the player could disable the sound warning for things like "no harvest container" or "no free space on cargo". For instance, I use the HV driller mostly as a underground invasion machine, and you can imagine how annoying it is to have it almost permanently warning about something that I just don´t care;

    Regarding the DRONE:
    -Also a great tool, it could be even better if the player were allowed to control it from inside the cockpit. Maybe a new item in tech-tree, something like "Inner drone control", which should be researched, built and installed and, once activated, would allow the player to launch and operate a drone without leaving the cockpit;

    Regarding the SCANNER/GODMODE:
    -Another item that could be created (research->build->install) could be some kind of scanner, which could allow the player to search for some pre-determinated items (like the core, for instance) of an (enemy) structure - providing they are in touch distance -, so one could develop a better strategy for invading a base or attacking a vessel (I usually appeal to GM to search for the core from outside...);

    Regarding the PAINTING TOOL:
    -If the player could use the paintbrush pistol to paint at least a few enemy blocks, it could make things way cooler - end easier! - to identify weak spots previously detected. Especially while in multiplayer!

    Regarding the SLEEPING:
    -Allow the player to sleep almost during the day - providing some people enjoy to play the game most during nighttime
    -Allow to sleep even when enemies are nearby - I know, it seems ridiculously fake but, as far as I know, "like in real life" was never a key goal of this game ;-D ;

    Regarding the PHYSICAL DAMAGE:
    -I´ve seen on the nice Q&A you guys had in Spanj´s channel that physical damage is not one of the main goals for the further development of the game. BUT, if it could be added AT LEAST considering "Vessels vs. aliens/predators", or even "vessel vs. trees". It would be amazing to be able to hit an alien slime or a Zirax troop with a HV... ;-D ;

    Regarding the TERRAIN:
    -A way or even a tool to, somehow, "reset" the terrain. As far as I know, underground escavation´s data have a huge impact on the size of the savegame files. Considering I mostly excavate for at least 300 meters for every base invasion I perform, that means a LOT!. Maybe something like in Space Engineers, in which the player can replace the planets files and the terrain goes back to the original, with NO DISTURBING for the placed buildings over it.

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