'Shields too OP' suggested fix to keep everyone happy

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by _Daede_, Apr 4, 2020.


Do you feel the proposed system would be a better all around solution for shield implementation?

  1. Absolutely! This is the way to go.

  2. Yes, but anything would be.

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  3. Maybe, but I am not particularly fussed.

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  4. No, shields are good enough as is.

  5. Definitely not, I like being able to sit still and take careful aim.

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  6. I do not care about anything enough to read that wall of text!

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  1. _Daede_

    _Daede_ Ensign

    Aug 9, 2018
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    TLDR = Shields should distribute incoming damage out over multiple blocks instead of nullifying and absorbing all damage.

    I will try, and ultimately fail, to keep my usually long winded self brief because I believe this is too important to gloss over.

    With a Shield Generator and a single Homing Rocket Launcher I was able to take out the defences of a cluster of 3 large Zirax bases (All within weapons range of each other and heavily armed) in less than a few minutes taking no damage to my tiny cheap Carbon Composite mini SV. I did this in a fully legit game with CPU and MASS enabled in the very early stages of the game and it was way too easy; Absolutely zero challenge, just a tiny bit of patience required flying in and shooting until shields get low then retreating until shields recharge and then back in again.

    Obviously this system needs work but rather than buffing weapons or decreasing shield strength or further increasing CPU cost or MASS of the Shield Generator there is a far better fix with code already in place that should maintain the usefulness of shields whilst at the same time further encouraging creative and specialised ship building.

    I suggest shields distribute damage spread out over multiple blocks rather than stopping that damage entirely. As an example if my ship gets hit in the bow by enemy fire, that without a shield would have dealt let’s say 50 damage for ease, to a single block then with a shield it would distribute that damage radiating out from the impact point to all contiguous blocks of the same type until the force of the impact was absorbed; If there are 5 neighbouring blocks then each block would take 10 damage, 10 neighbouring blocks of the same type and each receives 5 points of damage.

    There is already code in place that would need only minor tweaking to accomplish this, the code that controls explosion radius. Further this proposed system can be very easily tweaked for balance in multiple ways by altering the number of blocks damage is distributed over if the shield is still too OP with this system or by having the shield nullify a portion of the damage and only distribute a percentage of the original damage to the neighbouring blocks if the shield starts to feel too weak. Finally it would be necessary to have the shield ultimately fail if there are no more basic blocks within the area of impact or too few basic blocks left on the ship thereby exposing me and my ships devices to direct enemy fire. This could also open up the possibility of different tiers of Shield Generators.

    The entire system could even be further simplified to distribute damage to all basic blocks regardless of type or proximity to impact or just all blocks within a predefined area however doing so would nullify a secondary advantage of this proposed system and that is in opening up new ship design possibilities.

    Using multiple block types regardless of level or availability of materials becomes a potential option to create buffer zones; similarly exposing devices that we builders would otherwise bury deep within our ships could become viable. This new system would also make building larger ships a genuinely useful option again as the larger your ship is the more damage it can take without the cheese of building defensive walls X blocks deep allowing for PVP builds that actually look good.

    Another consideration is realism though in a game where turbine jet engines function outside of atmosphere that is not a major concern but even so an energy redirection field is far more plausible than a nullification field.

    Now with the proposed system explained let’s look at what would have happened in my example combat against the Zirax bases... My ship was very small and only using Carbon Composite blocks that were mostly contiguous, broken up into 4 discrete zones, so we will assume a HP total of 150 for each zone or 600 total HP. This means I can safely take 2 shots of the theoretical 50 damage to each zone before I have to start worrying. I can still take out those bases in a few minutes but I will certainly not be able to just sit there shooting until my shield starts getting low, I will have to dodge as many of the incoming shots as possible whilst at the same time paying attention to where I am hit, when I am hit, and doing my best to protect that quarter from further attack. Finally when the battle is won I would almost certainly still need a Repair Bay to fix up the damage done rather than flying away completely unscathed, however the repair costs would be more manageable as hopefully I would have avoided any blocks being entirely destroyed.

    Ultimately this system returns the dynamic combat of the pre shield alphas whilst at the same time offering the much desired overall defence of a Shield Generator.

    Please give me your thoughts/suggestions on this proposed system and if you feel as I that it would dramatically enhance the combat game play then do what you can to get this thread noticed by the Devs.

  2. Treeshell

    Treeshell Lieutenant

    Feb 29, 2020
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    I'd love this! Shields the way they are are incredibly boring but I can't quite bring myself not to use them when they are in the game.
    They've made PvE combat very dull and far too easy, and I haven't touched combat steel for ages.
  3. spunkykneebiter

    Oct 17, 2018
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    I agree the shields are to OP. But I am not sold that your solution is the best.
    No option for that on your survey... So I didn't take it.
    I would like for there to be different weapons. Some that take down shields and others that damage hulls, and some that balance the two. I would like expensive/ costly one time use shield restore devices. Like you can burn through a ton of pentaxid but it restores your shields instantly.

    A few shots from a shield busting missle would get you to armor plate your ship again.

    Or maybe an effectiveness rating on the shields. Like the lower they are the less damage they mitigate. At 100% they stop 100%, but the lower they get the less effective they are.

    There are options..... I would like shield types also. So you never know what type of shields you are up against and have to test and prod a POI to see what works and adjust accordingly.
  4. Germanicus

    Germanicus Rear Admiral

    Jan 22, 2018
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    Most Energy and Blast-Radius Weapon's tear shields down with ease. Also a Bullet Rain of Mini-Guns but with a much higher Ammo Consumption. Most of this is explained back where the Shields got implemented.

    Shields, as they are currently in game, are good as they are. No need to change. No need to make them weaker or stronger.
    They are a support mechanism, nothing more. Therefore my vote -
    No, shields are good enough as is.
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