Known Issue "Sky Reflection" setting cause Visual glitch with window blocks

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    Summary: "Sky Reflection" setting, when enabled, cause visual glitch with window blocks

    Description: With "Sky Reflection" enabled (Low, Mid, High settings) window blocks reflect ground textures in a very strange way. The ground textures seem to be massively down-scaled, and nearly completely opaque. Also when looked at from different angles, the texture tracks across the window surface in a very choppy way like it only being updated every few frames. My game runs a reasonable stable 60fps yet these (and only these) reflection look to be updating at less then 10fps.

    Steps to Reproduce: look at any window on a planet at night time.

    This is a screen shot looking up a the skylight around sunset:


    This is a reflection of the temperate planets lake bed texture. You would only expect to see something like this if the ground its self were giving off light.

    Perhaps consider unlinking the Sky Reflections setting with "ground reflections" or even completely disabling reflecting the ground until you can update your lighting model.

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