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    The subject came up in a different thread, on a different subject, but the question was raised:

    Why put a medical station on an HV that isn't built for combat?

    Well, there's a very simple answer:

    The HV Medical station is available at a lower level, costs less in materials, and does not even require the HV to be powered on to function.

    It does everything the large, higher-leveled, more expensive First Aid station does, perhaps a bit more, costs less and can function without power. Why wouldn't I use it? CPU is really not much of an issue for me, as I'm usually well below my cap, and seldom need more than T2 for most builds.

    Anybody else have any nifty little "why would you" items they'd like to share?
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    My answer to trollish "why would you" jabs is: "Because I can".

    'mic drop
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