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    What blueprint CV or SV that you made are you proud of? did you make a whole series based on it? Show everyone so we can all see your fantastic work and accomplishments!
    I'm certainly not super skilled at ship building, but I am still proud of my Aurora class exploration corvettes.
    Aurora's.png First one the Mk. 1 looks very sloppy I know, but that's because it was the first ever CV that i made. It was designed in Pre-Alpha 5.x.x when we had a solar system and CV's became mandatory if you wanted to go far. Prior to that patch i only used SV's to get around.
    The second one was actually not the Mk. 1a but the Mk. 2, built to be much larger than the Mk. 1 with more firepower and more utilities (probably not considered to be a corvette by its size lol). It was designed shortly after Alpha 1.0.0 launched.
    Mk. 1a was made to replace the Mk. 1 it is more sleek and more advanced than it's predecessor, and a lot more maneuverable featuring the upgraded RCS so it turns like a fidget spinner, designed in Alpha 3.x.x.
    Now the Mk. 3 is a new project for Alpha 6 it's mostly complete but I am waiting for Alpha 6 so i can put stuff like an armour locker and ventalator and all of that cool stuff and i'm going to texture and paint it too unlike with the Mk. 2 where i just got lazy and didn't finish painting it lol.
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    I'm still extremely new to the whole building stuff thingie,
    so I mostly look at what others did, try it, quickly see some flaws and quirks, and then try to "fix" it (for me) ;-)

    so I think there are two good blueprints arisen from that doings:


    The NeutroExplorer

    (small class 2 CV, build level 12, just over 9000 Iron, only 4 Erestrum/Zaskosium due to Adv. Constructor)


    It's a modified Neutronium Class Corvette, small, cheap, just the best I could came up/get into when playing survial as a single person. Has anything one can need and can be upgraded to be even better!
    Already updated to 6.0 with Armor Locker, Ventilation system, Air tight, Sensors,...

    Steam Link:


    The other one I'm even more proud of, even if it's not everybody's cup of tea...

    The MiningMachine

    (consists of TWO Vessels: 1 small class 1 CV as a Base and a small class 1 HV as attached Miner)


    What makes it so special is that the Module has FOUR Drill-Turrets (one at each side, two horizontal two vertically aligned!) and is Coop-capable! (So Coop-Mining is a thing here!)
    With that it covers more than 90% of the terrain besides and under you! That means more mining time, less repositioning the Base craft, so faster Mining! ;-)

    (Please keep in mind, CV-Mining turrets will NOT work on planets, so you only can use HV-Turrets and therefore a HV to do the Mining!)






    Steam-Link to Base:
    Steam-Link to Module:

    Not sure if it's A6.0 ready yet (it's not by default, because the Base has no O2, no Ventilator, nor has the Mining-Hover (besides O2), and both are open vehicles by design...)

    As I said, surely not everybodys cup of tea, but mining was so fast (in relation to T2-Drill and standard driving Mining-Hovers...) that's incredible!!
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