Starting on HWS, a Guide for New players!

Discussion in 'Multiplayer Meeting Room' started by Chief_Rockie, Aug 2, 2019.

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    What’s up all my Gaming Warrior Friends! I have learned a lot about this server, and the more I play on it, the more I learn to like it. I will be honest, playing here and just rushing into the server was like drinking water from a full pressure firehose! It is a lot to take in. I recently had 2 players join my faction and just straight up not know how to navigate the starting area! So, I took some of my recordings of starting on the server and throw some extra information for new players!

    This is a forum Topic, and I would like people to share other insights that I might have missed or not covered! Please share here and leave a comment on my YouTube Video. I want to make this as comprehensive as possible to make it easier for players not to feel lost or behind when starting on this fantastic server.


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