stationary big guns for HV's

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Pear78, Feb 13, 2020.

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    Showed a non empyrion friend a tank.. 1st question.. where's the guns? and he has a point :p

    I would love some proper guns for HVs. They could be stationary/fixed.
    but mainly: bigger. looks wise because the turrets just look like flimsy little pew pew thingies on a decent sized tank.. but also: we now have shields, but our big tanks are still based on redundancy of small turrets where you can loose a few layers of the hull and a turret here and there. Which made more sense when we didnt have shields, but now...

    Current small turrets limits design options greatly; if you want to get the max DPS out of them, you need to follow that wedge shape, so the next row of (more expensive) turrets can shoot over the ones in front of them.

    Also performance consideration;
    now we have loads of turrets shooting loads of things.. a few big guns in stead of about 20(!) small crappy turrets, would also make the toll on server performance way less. Artillery.. energy weapons to take down the shields is where its at now.

    and fixed guns would add a (choice of/different) play style to driving and shooting tanks.

    not saying drop the small ones, but adding a few nice big barrel thingies could spice things up nicely, the models are in the game already (SV and CV weapon models), nobody angry that their old tank doesnt work any more, just adds more options for play style and design, whilst being nicer for server loads.
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    We have Artillery Turrets as well as Plasma and Rocket turrets (just to state the obvious). It wouldn't hurt to have T2 variants of these and ALL the weapons with increased fire-power. I would like to see 30mm T2 Gatling guns for HV/SV. Also, fixed rocket, laser and/or plasma weapons for HV. I've already exhausted myself regarding turrets for SVs, so I won't go there,:)

    I'm not sure what bigger gets you other than running out of room on your vehicle . An enclosed, tank-style turret would potentially look great! In fact, it would look great for BA/CV as well (potentially).

    Btw, I'm rather well-known for being ignorant. Does DPS refer to Damage Per Shot or Dents Per Second? Just curious.;)

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