Strange moment with the character's drone

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    By chance I found a bug but I could not reproduce it completely.
    It was at my base, standing in a corridor that left me no place to generate my drone because of the low ceiling. At that moment I enter when reviewing the exterior view of the base from a turret ('P' -> turrets ---> Select a turret -> Access). At that moment I mistakenly press the key to generate my drone and the drone can spawn away from the character. But wanting to remove the drone can not be because I have the warning that there is no place to generate it. That is to say that the game does not realize that I am with the drone! It also means that I can not return to the character !! I can normally move the drone wherever I want but I can not use the tools and nothing can be placed on the base. The drone is indestructible !!! I could also move as far as I wanted! I do not remember what combination of keys I used to return to the character .
    I think that after several attempts he let me use the multitool and remove a block from the ground, drop the character and have a chance to generate a new drone from which I could get out.
    Now I could not reproduce it exactly the same. I can generate the drone in places that it is not possible to do but I can not move it away from the character anymore.
    When I could handle the character, the light coming from the drone remained in the air like a cone of light in the air looking towards a wall and lighting up from a point. If you shot at the point it was as if the drone was there invisible but not destroyed. I imagine that the drone is really that, a point in the air without a visible shape.
    Can someone try to reproduce it?
    It happened after the attack of troops at the base.
    Sorry for the translation

    If this is not the place for this thread, I request that it be moved where appropriate. Thank you.
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