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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by AlbaN, Jan 11, 2019.

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    After 1K hours in game, I think it is time for few suggestions and ideas. Probably most of them have already been posted in other threads :)

    1. Character Armor

    Logistic module - add 125 Volume to player backpack, example: heavy armor + 4x L-Module = +500 Volume
    Dedicated slots for equipment - night-vision googles, ore scanner, detector, flashlight - placed between left leg and armor stats - to save place in backpack.

    2. BioFuel

    Change of the name "spoiled food" to "organic waste".
    Change of the recipe:
    4 Plant Fiber -> 4 organic waste
    10 organic waste -> 1 BioFuel

    Spoiled food will not be only a garbage in late game.

    3. RailgunBullet

    Change of the recipe to :
    10 sathium ingot, instead of 20
    5 cobalt alloy (15 cobalt and 10 steel ingots), instead of 4
    for 10 bullets

    4. Burst fire, Volley

    Shift + r - switch gun to burst mode - shot X bullets on one click
    Possible to configure in config.ecf: enable burst mode, number of bullets to fire, time to wait after burst, different ROF

    5. Gun unload

    Hold "r" for 2 seconds to unload handgun, ship guns or turret, place ammo in AmmoBox > player equipment > drop

    6. Ammo box management

    3 new buttons in ammunition section :
    "Reload" - reload all guns, and turrets
    "Unload" - unload all guns and turret -> place ammo in AmmoBox > player equipment > drop
    "Set" - possibility to set amount of ammunition.
    For example: 800 15mm ammo and 45 rocket in single 125vol AmmoBox
    Now I produce 3000 15mm rounds and 200 rockets for 2x AmmoBox (250Vol) and "Fill All" button fills 2500 15mm, and no rockets.
    To set ammunition - there will be another window with virtual volume = sum of all ammo boxes volume.
    There will be possible to adjust ammunition like 50 rocket and infinity 15mm ammo. "Fill All" button first fills ammunition with the limit, than fills ammunition with no limits.

    7. Targeting and auto-mode for MultiTurret

    Auto repair damaged blocks in range
    Auto deconstruct non-core constructions in range

    8. Deco
    Capacitor - adds +200 solar fuel capacity
    Computer / console - possible lock by code - set shortcut to devices or control panel page or stats etc , or download PDA note. This will be funny for scenarios.

    9. Internal Shielding

    Add temporary HP for fragile devices.
    Consume fuel when powered on.
    Consume lot of fuel when regenerating.
    Possible to adjust shield to each device in Device menu.


    - Targeting Control Device - control and shoot group of turrets in the same time - could looks like half sphere block
    - Change Turret targeting - turret should auto follow mouse cursor instead of barrel targeting
    - Possible to find PDA notes in desks, tables, cabinets, computers etc. -> when taken or downloaded, will show the note and disappeared, note could be found in PDA - nice for scenarios
    - Key mapped shortcuts to control switches - general, custom and signals (shift and 1-0)
    - 2x or 3x switch on same CV/BA block
    - Missile thruster could be blue like all thrusters in game (promethium powered)
    - No "fireworks tail" for artillery projectiles
    - SV homing missile ammo reduce to 8 instead 15 - because of launcher model :)
    - SV missile ammo up to 16 instead 15 - because of launcher model :)
    - Railgun/Heavy Railgun Turret for BA/CV
    - Beam weapons/turrets
    - Large Beam CV weapon like XXL Thruster
    - T1 Sentry Gun with minigun
    - T1 SV/HV Cockpits - need sathium, neodymium, zascosium, more HP, gold-like glass
    - Like QuakeII hand grenades, and grenade launcher for player and opponents (Zirax)
    - More, more, more ... :D

    But ... This game is already awesome :)

    * Sorry for mistakes
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    you use to need spoiled food for bio fuel and before that it was sea weed.
  3. AlbaN

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    Yes, but I'm not suggest to return to that version.

    Current recipe for biofuel is good an balanced:
    I only suggest to make it more flexible:
    wood-> fiber-> organic waste -> biofuel

    After crash land on planet I collect all plants I can find, to reach 3 level. Half of this plants perish, and I could use it to produce another biofuel. Now it is just a waste.
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    If i'm not mistaken i think biofuel used to require wasted food in Alpha 7 before they changed the recipe for Alpha 8.
  5. TmikeS3

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    It not wasted nod its used to make Nutrient solution, that is used to make both seedlings, and grow plots

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