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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by JCataclism, Jun 19, 2020.

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    Hello, guys!
    Have been havin´ a lot of fun with public alpha 12. But, PLEASE, do NOT get offended neither take it necessarily as a critic, but I still think the character movement while on foot sucks.

    I know it´s far from the main focus of the game, but there are small-big details like:
    -to stop/stuck when hit a small step between blocks (let´s say, anything higher than your ankle);
    -to be completely unable to move AT LEAST a little slower - one is most likely going to fall down when reaching a border of a higher block to try and look or shoot downwards;
    -unable to crouch - ok, that is not so much important but, as the humanoid enemies can and DO take advantage of this animation, it becomes annoying;

    Now, two actual SUGGESTIONS:

    1. please take a look at all those huge differences regarding character movements (especially near higher edges...) between games like Assassin´s Creed and GTA: in the first, it´s perfect, as your character at least try to hold back and kind of wait for you to decide if you want to jump/fall or not. But, in all GTA games, the movement completely SUCKS - it´s awful. It feels like you´re in control of a complete moron with brain-muscle connection complications.
    2. forgive me, but I REALLY don´t know how hard could it be, nor if it would be possible at all, but try and consider to open some new, special option when reaching enemies on foot from above - yeah, I am suggesting something like "perform assassination' or anything like the Assassin´s/Dishonored style. Regardless of how rude or raw it would need to work in Empyrion´s engine.


    Thank you VERY MUCH for all the effort put in such a game. It´s just SUPERB!
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    Nope, dont need any fancy kill moves. just first person legs!
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