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  1. dynamic economy

  2. purchase and sale of vessel

  3. functional crew

  4. scripting LCD

  5. WARP loading

  6. New Blocks

  7. Variety of Flora and Fauna

  8. Translation Tool

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  1. Bhorian

    Bhorian Ensign

    Mar 27, 2020
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    Hi, reading the suggestion section I decided to make a compilation of the most interesting suggestions:

    1) Dynamic economy, that the supply and demand of materials and raw materials be more dynamic in relation to the abundance of the product in question in the sector/system

    2) Purchase and sale of Vessel, based on the cost of materials and manufacturing times.

    3) Functional crew that reduces the cost of CPU and efficiency of the modules based on the specialization of each one. example: armament, WARP, Energy, Propulsion, Manufacturing.

    4) Scripting or functions for LCD screens, to be able to display relevant information on screen, examples:

    <power_bar> an energy bar in percentage or remaining time
    <store:iron_ingot> amount of Iron Lingos
    <store:iron_ore> amount of iron minerals
    <store:ingots> quantity of all ingots
    <store:ALL> amount of each ITEM in inventory
    <shield_time> remaining shield time
    <shield> shield capability
    <o2> stored oxygen
    variables can be added to identify specific containers

    5) WARP loading, to avoid abuse of the WARP jumps implement a loading time for the WARP engine and that the distance of the jumps is reduced depending on the MASS/VOLUME

    6) New blocks :

    a) O2 generator (ice or water based)
    b) Batteries, large and small, that can be charged by generators or solar panels
    c) hatches
    d) more shapes, large curves and spheres, missing geometries.
    f) wings that reduce the cost of flight (fuel or energy)
    g) large wings for large vessels[​IMG]

    7) Variety of Flora and Fauna, more variety of animals and plants depending on the planet, more bosses or elite NPC

    8) I've translated the game several times myself but every time they bring out a new update you have to do all the work again, a tool like crowdin or ewpda that is persistent and where the community can collaborate would be appreciated.

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  2. shadowiviper

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    Apr 13, 2020
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  3. Sniping

    Sniping Ensign

    Mar 4, 2020
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    Sobre el punto 8.
    Abre el csv con las "hojas de calculo" de google y déjalo ahí guardado. Cuando saquen nueva versión, abres la nueva y copias solo las últimas lineas del nuevo, si en tu archivo antiguo hay 1500 lineas y en el nuevo 1600 copias las ultimas 100 al antiguo y las traduces. Lo guardas y ya.
    Aunque así se pierdan algunas actualizaciones, hasta que haya acabado con la oficial es una buena opción para quien lo quiera al 100%
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