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Which of these features would you like the most?

  1. Ground textures, more decorations

    4 vote(s)
  2. Scaling features

    2 vote(s)
  3. Cut, copy and paste tools

    18 vote(s)
  4. Basic Economy

    28 vote(s)
  5. Employer/Employment opportunities

    14 vote(s)
  6. Biotic/Bionic Upgrades/ Neural Implants

    5 vote(s)
  7. Merge Blocks

    8 vote(s)
  8. New Environments, Biomes and Geography

    21 vote(s)
  9. Story/Lore

    15 vote(s)
  10. Late Game Material

    19 vote(s)
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  1. michaelhartman89

    michaelhartman89 Rear Admiral

    Oct 2, 2016
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    Suggestions for the Devs:

    Employer/Employment opportunites:

    - Class system or Job opportunities: This game needs a wild frontier as well as a civilized society with available roles to pick: trader, soldier, explorer or are you a nomad, surviving on a cold, icy barren world living off the land.

    - Hiring mercs? Working for farmers, security, government? Employing, befriending, and enslaving NPC's.

    - Cooperation with the local populous, earning respect or rapport though our actions. Maybe earning their trust leads to bigger, better missions or positions in their faction. Most notably, earning the trust of pirates through illegal smuggling and raiding supply lines

    - NPC's working for the player can gain xp from their tasks and rank up as well. This would give them bonus stats in whatever they are doing which would allow them to do/take more damage in melee, harvest more goods, persuade others, mine faster.

    Biotic/Bionic Upgrades/ Neural Implants

    - get away from the level system and go with a skill based system where we get new abilities or unlock bionic upgrades for our character.

    - upgrades: stealth, tazer(stun charge), lightening, flamethrower, grenades, wrist rockets, grappler,
    remote explosives, power gauntlets, plasma saber or energy sword

    - Scaling system for building with the ability to build using cubes, spheres, polygons and different shapes to drag out the shape to a desired size and let it build it with the appropriate blocks

    - Glass window shades and colors. Ability to stain glass.

    - optimization for bigger builds, along with a color wheel, new texture packets, gloss features, new skins and matte layovers, COPY, CUT AND PASTE feature as well.

    (Partially complete in 7.0)

    - A clipboard to store shapes we design using the copy mechanics. I hate having to build the same complex build 4 times in a row in order to flesh out a part of my build. It would be nice to have more options to gloss, as well as the old shine we used to have on the steel blocks.

    (Partially complete in 7.0)

    - addition of adding water to our builds

    - more block variants, more textures, colors, more deco blocks (consoles, computer panels, stations or technical devices)

    (Partially complete in 7.0)

    - We need the paint bucket feature where we can paint an entire structure one color, or only paint certain areas, like a consistent surface with no breaks or edges. For instance if I need a whole area painted red and it is all consistent, meaning it is staying the same level, not raising or lowering to a different plane, you should be able to select a color and paint it all one color. This would be interrupted by a change of plane (shape) or texture. So if I have a line 200 blocks long with no different textures or change in plane, i should be able to color it all in one click.

    Merge Blocks
    - Merge block feature to unify all blocks to one structure for creation of Non-POI city structures such as sky scrapers, markets, bazaars, cantinas, sky walkways, tram tunnels etc. to reduce the demand of rendering all individual voxels at once.

    - As far as BA, CV, HV and SV's go, I would rather them be segmented. maybe group certain sections differently such as: engine room, warp room, hangar bay, and let the system have set parameters where is deals out specific hp for each structure incorporated in each segment. Then when that area is destroyed, everything in there is damaged. Each segment of the hull could display a percentage of integrity on the enemies screen, that way they can see what damage is being dealt.

    - have each segment when destroyed un-merge those blocks and let them be destroyed. So if my engine bay is at critical health, the voxels there un merge and each voxel there has 10% hp. So if the other player keeps hitting my engine bay, he starts destroying the blocks and devices in that section of the ship.

    Textures (Texture Gun)
    - Ability to paint roads, grass, highways, sidewalks on the ground to replace whatever there with a flat terrain with a asphalt/ concrete/ grass texture. This would be perfect for modular cities.

    Terrain Editor Options (Creative Map Editor - instead of YAML)
    - tools to copy, paste, cut, dig, fill, add bodies of water/ rivers, sharpen terrain features, raise, lower, add layers for caverns or raise terrain to make floating terrain like avatar.

    - Make a system to make a random terrain and then let the user edit it and make it their own. Also add a easy system to add poi's, animals, npc's, quest items, ships, etc

    (started implementing in 6.0)

    - Multiple Biome Planets

    - Add roads and street signs

    - prefab tram ways and rails.

    - add deep caverns, plateaus and steep cliffs to our maps
    (2/3 complete with update 7.0)

    - add prefab structures added by the devs from either the workshop or as 3d models to design cities

    - add and tweak size of vegetation. For those of us who desire to play in a playfield that resembles Kashyyk.

    Vehicle types
    - Railways and Trams maybe some metropolis with a basic public transportation system or even a shuttle service to and from the space station to a settlement

    Tunneling Feature
    - Tunneling system, maybe an added feature for tunneling through mountains or underground. This could use snap mechanics ( think subnautica)

    - Park benches, street lights and other decorations for use in creating a cityscape.

    - Adjustible windows with switch to open close blinds

    - LCD screens have the ability to have multiple texts or slide shows.

    - a way to record in game footage or take photos and play them on LCD screens

    - exterior cameras or security cams with ability to display live footage on lcd or access with p menu on "Registry". This way we can check in on our pvp bases.

    In-game art
    - Ability to create signs or post jpeg photos to devices to replace textures. Also the ability to upload gif files to lcd screens to add to the immersion of the game.

    - NPC'S that are walking around and interact with each other and not just standing there
    (half way there in 6.6)

    - NPC's performing work tasks; maybe mechanics, janitors, naval officers, cooks, police officers, homeless.

    -NPC's in formal wear, work clothes, rags, tactical gear. We need a large variety of different models.

    - Scripted conversations for most NPC's, maybe some stories for some or just a few comments on the weather. It would be nice to be able to hear about political and historical events. What is the current state of the galactic empire if there is one?

    - Variety of various Character models, and maybe quite a few that raise some eyebrows.

    - If we have traders and trade stations, then where are the other local trade ships. Maybe they could be static and invulnerable to the player, but it would be nice for them at least to be there.

    - An active, galactic law enforcement branch or faction, please refrain from making it all droids. This approach is overused in these type of games.

    - Major NPC warring factions. Maybe one that is fighting the surge of Drone Installations that could pay us for eradicating drones and Zirax bases.

    - Families, friends and coworkers; visible relationships between NPC's that would flesh out the realism aspect.

    - Cities, air traffic, rail and tram systems, space elevators, Trade routes, ship yards, research stations, and gas & asteroid mining rigs, run by NPC operators. Cantinas with dancera, alien music and intercoms with alien chatter

    - Giving them work orders through easy in-game scripting engine. NPC Character: walk to here, pick up item , put item in box, refill generator when empty. Give us an easy point and click command system to control friendly units like the triggers.

    - More NPC's in general, going places, and just living their lives on some planets. Patrols of LEO's, Air Taxi's, larger settlements.

    - Political system and government in place. Perhaps some messages, audio clips or something of that sort.
    - large space battles between npc factions.

    - Reputation with Npc's, I would love to be able to build some rapport with these cultures and see them settling in my area to build a new community.

    - storyline or deep lore, cutscenes, end game material

    - creating a world filled to the brim with civilizations ranging from space faring, to modern society, all the way to stone age.

    New Environments, Biomes and Geography
    - Dungeons and Caverns

    - Cave systems with crystals and stalactites

    - Metropolitan areas, large settlements

    - Deep ocean trenches, underwater caves planets like Naboo with the ability to build underwater settlements and cities like the Gungan city.

    - space stations and settlements with working bars and cantinas, alien music and intercoms, npc's that walk around and perform daily tasks. I just want to feel more immersed in the environment around me like I was in Mass Effect.


    - I would love to see mineable trees the size of Redwoods or larger like on Kashyyk that we can burrow into and build homes in like Asteroids.

    - This would allow the players to create remakes of Endor or Kashyyk in Empyrion fashion.

    - allow players to string up rickety bridges that use snap mechanics to connect with other trees.


    -Make all asteroids mineable. They dont have to give anything in return or just give a new element, Carbon.

    - this way plenty of people can have asteroid bases
    - Giant creatures. Boss-size dinosaurs and sea creatures that can destroy trees and bases.

    - More Frigates and Freighters to prey upon

    - Carrier fleet of Zirax

    - More Enemy factions with ships, drop ships, ground troops, rovers, foot patrols and raiding parties

    Super weapons
    - new artillery and upper atmosphere bombs w/ bombsight to snipe POI's in late game


    More Injuries
    - Perhaps just minimal at first, such as broken legs and arms, wounds, concussions, paralysis. (added in 6.0)

    - option to upgrade your bot to treat your character

    -Hard landings, falls maybe falling blocks or structural integrity issues cause injuries

    (added in 6.0)

    Harvesting and Farming
    - Raising Lizard mules for milk and food, and maybe taming beasts

    - Harvesting my crops. I want to build a combine and be able to harvest them using the hv's harvester. This would also be useful to harvest plants in the wild as well

    Weapon Racks
    - small arms lockers or peg board/ shadowed boards to put weapons up.

    Late Game Material
    - This game should be the story of your character going from rags to riches and becoming the manager of a major Mining Corp, Pirate faction, private security agency, ship dealership, etc.

    - This is the point the player should be hiring npc's to do tasks such as security, farm, mining and also be able to have drones and droids working for them as well.

    - The galaxy should be fighting for peace against an endless stream of enemy forces trying to desecrate your way of life and enslaving peaceful cultures.

    -A slow progression of difficulty to allow the player to keep pace with the single player campaign or universe

    - large pirate factions added as well as patrols of enemies on the surface of planets. What if late game, you would see blockades of Zirax ships at trade stations and an ever evolving "randomized" war that was being fought all over the galaxy.

    -It should be easier to lose your cv, hv, ba and sv at times in the late game. There should be super weapons that can eradicate your mothership in several shots.

    - there should also be invasions of patrol ships.

    - Resources are easy to come by at late game, but if there is an improvement to the in-game market that has items we need late game that we can't construct, then that will give us a purpose to sell goods to vendors.

    Game Mechanics and Bugs
    - please fix the exit sequence for the cockpit so we can exit when our SV is just rocking around after landing. It is getting annoying having to wait 10 seconds for it to stop moving.

    - fridge keeps turning off on cv

    - where did the old cv/ba/sv/hv way points go. I want to always know where they are and the new system doesn't work at distances over 700 meters

    - entry and exit atmosphere needs to be polished, it looks so clunky and amateur.

    - combat...I've stressed this before and I dont want to rant again. Hitpoints on enemys, impeccable aim, and fix the armor system to work as an over shield

    - not sure if its a lag problem with the server bc my connection sucks, but I have been running into some plants that give infinite resources.

    - rag doll physics. The floating bodies just look silly

    - enemy accuracy hit ratio not 100 percent

    - Revival of the old t2 drill. T2 and T1 drill need to be beefed up a bit.

    - concealment behind bushes to work against the enemy. They shouldn't be able to see me

    - cover behind trees and rocks and hillsides protect the player

    I have to Thank Eleon for their work on Alpha 6.5 , I can't wait to see if this changes a lot of the balancing of combat in the players favor :)


    In Conclusion:

    I know I went way past the number of features you can fit in one update, but I just wanted to show where I'd like the game to end up eventually.

    Here is how I see Empyrion being played:

    3 start difficulties= Easy, Med , Hard

    On Hard:
    The beginning of the game would be our character fighting for survival in a harsh environment. After we have the ability to leave our barren world behind, we should come across our first POI's where we can raid and fight. Maybe after this point, in the same system we can come across our first settlements.

    This is where the game would start to take off in a new direction. Now we are introduced to some major plot points of where we came from, perhaps from visiting portals and reading data chips. These are just a few ways to introduce lore.

    At this point it is our desire to continue our journey further into the galaxy to discover where we came from, who is running the galaxy and to forge a path for our character to make a name for himself.

    Instant Action

    Empyrion Instant Action mode where we could place units, spawners and spawn timers ( vehicles) in scenarios to set up battles like star wars battlefront had.

    This would be a mode in Creative where you can spawn opposing armies in and fight on either side.

    It would work a lot like Ultimate Battle Simulator

    Paint Bucket

    Media Center:
    A media center where we can access the internet. In order to play YouTube channels or music. Not to save to blueprints, but just to access it so we can set up in game Playlists while we are spacing around. Maybe put an lcd in front of my cockpit with a small video playing while I fly 20 km in one direction. It would make the experience more immersive
    Empyrion Suggestions I support:

    - Communication Satelites that lead to new content for late game players

    - Thoder's late game Suggestions

    - Custom Programmable Moveable Blocks

    - POI Functionality



    Or check out my City Building thread and start building some skyscrapers for Empyrion's future Metropolis areas:

    Npc Master thread

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  2. Frigidman

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    Mar 19, 2016
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    A lot of these would be beyond the scope of the next update... BUT, they are really nice ideas which will hopefully come in due time. Lot of nice building additions in that list :D
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  3. SightedNZ

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    Aug 1, 2016
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    Oh god, bases full of memes. I can see it now.. *Shudders*
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  4. Frigidman

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    Mar 19, 2016
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    Need to give that 'thumbs down' button on steam workshop a workout somehow, right!
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  5. michaelhartman89

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    Oct 2, 2016
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    Nah i just meant kinda like how you see ship logs and stuff like that. Itd be cool to make your own and post them on your bridge or advertisements on billboards that switch every few min
  6. michaelhartman89

    michaelhartman89 Rear Admiral

    Oct 2, 2016
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    It would also be cool to load mp3's or songbytes to the mesia player at our base or on our ship
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  7. Ceabras

    Ceabras Commander

    Oct 10, 2016
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    I like these ideas! It would be great if some basic shapes could be placed and resized to make building easier. In addition to colored glass, I would like to see the glass panels be clear by default. I find myself using clear glass panes much more often than the default tinted glass panes, because I typically place glass with the goal of seeing through it.
  8. Captain Jack II

    Captain Jack II Rear Admiral

    Nov 1, 2016
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    Scaling... good heavens that would really change the landscape, but it's such a departure from the current building mechanic I'd be shocked if it ever came to pass. Are there any voxel games out there that do it?
  9. DeadDigger

    DeadDigger Lieutenant

    Oct 27, 2016
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    Not possible because it would basically be illigal copied music on Mp server, so this is only possible in sp
    pretty pls can we have this?
    jup more deco would really make this game better
  10. michaelhartman89

    michaelhartman89 Rear Admiral

    Oct 2, 2016
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    Dual universe has figured out how to do it if you watch that 17 min testing video on YouTube
  11. michaelhartman89

    michaelhartman89 Rear Admiral

    Oct 2, 2016
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    8. I would love to see the Devs implement a way to place decorations like Far cry 4 does it. The decoration would be a seperate entity not voxel and would be able to rotate 360 ° x 360°, therefore you can drag and place them anywhere in any orientation. Maybe some collision features in the current blocks would prevent them from placing in walls, floors etc. So if there was a decoration for a book, magazine, or candle; i could go ahead and place in on a nightstand or on the bookshelf. These would be stationary objects that locks their position when placed, not like items in skyrim that get knocked over and end up on the floor for an eternity.
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  12. Guest

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    Jul 14, 2016
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    I am pretty sure devs already have plans for the next update and quite some stuff beside. As for your suggestions themselves:

    That doesn't seem like a feature for next update. Hell, that seems like a big feature/remake of current building system in general. I am not really sure it's worth the effort.

    Using already implemented tool to give a window a certain tint the same way we paint other objects shouldn't be too hard so sure, why not.

    Just build the damn roads with concrete/metal blocks and use the aforementioned tool to paint them.

    There already is tunneling system. It works through set of very esoteric actions:

    1. Grab a drill
    2. Drill stuff using drill

    Congratulations. Now you too can create tunnels. Hell, using some other tools you can even turn those tunnels into pretty fancy corridors.

    Some (usable) furniture would be nice but compared to many basic features still needing work, I'd push such decorations further down the development schedule.

    Commonly known as "immature trolls on Empyrion's servers put dicks everywhere"? On top of every other player having to download every jpg/other asset some player added so they'll show up for everyone? I'll pass. Server owners modding in additional textures or one using such just for themselves in single player game? Sure, that may work a bit better (with less dicks thrown into the mix, too). Though unlikely next update.

    Eh, fine with that but again, probably won't happen just next update - it might but heard nothing about it so write yur last will before holding breath (fun fact: you won't actually be able to die just by holding your breath).
  13. michaelhartman89

    michaelhartman89 Rear Admiral

    Oct 2, 2016
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    I see your reasoning for my 6th point which could be well implemented with a modding community.

    As far as the roads go, the whole reason we went to modular cities was to be able to build these villages and small communities. The road textures and grass textures could be easily painted to replace the textures on the ground without needing to cause more lag on the server by building a layer of blocks underneath the buildings. The way i see it you just came here to troll my post.

    I read your post on Blackhawk's thread and it makes you seem like a immature prick. So go back to what ever cave you came from and play your games the same way you always have. People who think outside the box and think of new content or people who would like to implement good ideas from other games really must irritate you. Merry Christmas, I hope you a good holiday season and have a family to celebrate with.
  14. Sofa Kingdom

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    Jul 8, 2016
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    Nah, when they implement modding they will allow us to play our own sounds, and those will be mp3s.

    Uploading missing content to the player from the server. Reasonable.

    Streaming low-priority content (like audio) while the player is already in game. Reasonable.

    Implementing voice chat. Reasonable.

    But yes, they can't create a system that is obviously designed for sharing music.
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  15. michaelhartman89

    michaelhartman89 Rear Admiral

    Oct 2, 2016
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    This game is really going to be a hit once the modding takes shape. Although i'd like to see as many tools as we can before we get to that point. Some game devs seem to pump out less updates once the modding community is introduced.
  16. Guest

    Guest Lieutenant

    Jul 14, 2016
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    I don't think you're in position to judge anyone's maturity when instead of addressing my points you resolve to immature name-calling (on the basis of different thread, no less! o_O) and passive-aggresive behavior shown with the whole Merry Christmas comment. I do not claim to be a friendly person but whatever personal issues you have with me - I ask you to not tangle them with the content of the post I've made.

    Now, as for painting cities, you seem to have ignored what I wrote:
    I didn't comment on modularity at all but to rephrase - I believe that ability already exists, in the form of that damn painting tool that changes textures of blocks. What issue exactly you have with it beside it possibly lacking the textures you'd like?
  17. Kieve

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    Sep 26, 2016
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    I discussed this one a bit with Hummel, and the short version is, Eleon can't/won't do it because of copyright reasons. German copyright laws are apparently even more bullshit than USA's, and Eleon would (potentially) be liable for user-generated infringements. Not gonna happen, much as I wish we could.
    -What we might get is a 'painting' object, or class of objects, similar to LCD but with a selection of pre-loaded pictures. Maybe public-use works like classic Renaissance art, maybe some 'artistically photoshopped screenshots,' maybe fan-art - in theory, anything that Eleon can claim rights to without worrying about legal backlash.
    -THEN, down the road when modding becomes a viable possibility, users might be able to change or add their own images. At least, that was my suggestion - thereby making users and server-owners culpable for 'altering the game-files' and freeing Eleon of any legal responsibility.

    I guess the key point is that Eleon can't give you a way to upload or link your own images, because that would make them liable somehow. Which again, sounds like bullshit to me, but I'm not particularly savvy about American copyright laws, let alone German ones.
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  18. ded6moroz

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    Sep 2, 2016
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    It would be nice, if there would be a solution for underwater vehicles. I'm currently trying to build an escape tunnel, which leads to underwater hangar and there is no way to fly or swim out from it in a vessel. If there would be some kind of submarine - it's fine. I just want to build something, that would allow me to get away from my base safely in a short time with ability to take some materials to survive is a new location. Some kind of escape pod we start with. =)
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  19. michaelhartman89

    michaelhartman89 Rear Admiral

    Oct 2, 2016
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    I love this idea as well as the addition of trams. I picture this game having the wild frontier as well as a civilized society, the question is where you the player ends up. How do you play? Are you a trader, soldier, explorer or are you surviving on a cold, icy barren world living off the land. Give us options to play the way we want to! Npc's will be a huge help for paving the way to a realistic universe. Right now we can raid frigates, what will they bring next? Trading? Hiring mercs? Working for farmers, security, government? So many cool things that would make this game stand out among its peers. Eleon can make the tools and we'll develop the worlds. Im already constructing a massive metropolis that uses 1 device per each structure to limit the lag. I am getting a decent framerate and will start a thread soon once i get so of the framework built for it. These suggestions would make building a metropolis so much easier and enriching the players experience in game so much more
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  20. michaelhartman89

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    Oct 2, 2016
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    Been a long time since we have seen any new building features. Is there anything new on the horizon?

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