Temperature System Revisit

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Shadex Demarr, Dec 31, 2021.

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    The temp system really could use a revisit as there are a lot of illogical elements and real frustrations. Planetary temperatures that are killing players in a mater of minutes are within the ambient temperatures of some current Earth cities where people function perfectly fine every day. I live in Phoenix AZ and we walk around just fine in jeans and shirts when it is 118F outside. We are not immediately going into heatstroke and dying in 2 minutes.

    The hot and cold food systems need to have temp change maxes. I died of frostbite, which is not a lethal condition by the way, because I drank a bunch of water while running around on a jungle planet that was 115F. Running, in the jungle, 115F, died of frostbite.

    The tent really should have a temperature effect like the portable heater does. It could just have the same AOE effect the heater does to a smaller degree. I saw the medical system got a revisit recently and I hope to see the temp system get one as well soon. Just way too frustrating as it is now. Thanks.
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