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    - Filesource: archive34-public document; redacted version; permission A3-Alpha -


    Name: HYPERION
    Identifier: UCH-001
    Class: Experimental Vessel
    Commander: A. J. Tennar
    Construction date: 2452
    Mission: Classified
    L/W/H: [..Redacted..]
    Mass: [..Redacted..]
    Status: MIA

    The UCH-001 Hyperion was the first spaceship build after mankind has risen again from the ashes of the dark century and discovered the crashed alien ship in Antarctica. Its official mission has been to test all the devices, the scientists of UCH had rebuild, researched and developed following the research and discoveries made in the alien vessel.

    The Hyperion was designed by Dr. Varn "Vermillion" Ingrahm Forge (Son of the retired industrial tycoon Herman Forge) and build by a consortium of companies, which were given access to the secret UCH alien tech research facilities in Antarctica.

    The vessel was primarily build for science missions. Its outer structure consisted of a modular, streched design, with the (armored) command center at the front, followed by the small forward engine section. In case of an emergency, the ship could be split here and the forward compartment could be used as a lifeboat. The forward engine section was followed by several crew, working and storage compartements, as well as some smaller labs added along the hull. The labs could be split from the main vessel, either for experiments or if something would go wrong. The ring in the middle of the ship was offering additional big laboratories, which could be undocked and operate autonomously for some limited time. The back part of the ship consisted of a small hangar and the large, main engine section. The original design of the Hyperion ended with the engine section, although inofficial photos, made when the ship left for its last mission, showed a big, spherical structure on the rear end - which was presumed to hold an experimental [..Readacted..].

    The compartments were designed for easy maintenance and the possiblity to replace modules or damaged compartments in a short amount of time without the need of a shipyard. Most of the devices and machines on board were also set up 2-3 times redundant, to make sure the loss of one or several elements or even labs - which was the case quite often when conducting tests on experimental devices - would not let the overall mission fail all of a sudden. Although looking quite fragile from the distance, the Hyperion was extremely durable and could take several punches.

    The Hyperion Incident: (Approved Excerpt)
    On Mai 24, 2459 the Hyperion left the Apollon Orbital Military & Research facility for a routine test of a new generation of high-velocity thrusters, which included to trudge around some navpoints around [..Readacted..] and come back. The mission, including the stops and experiments, should not have taken longer than a few days - which, in case of success, would have cut down the travel time 4 times.

    When reaching the second-last navpoint on the farthest point of the mission, Captain Tennar reported the status of the ship was still fully operational. This has been the last officially documented report. The Hyperion did not report back on in its usual schedule and also not hours or days or weeks later.

    After one year of hearings and search operations, the Hyperion incident was put to the records. The final report states, that the vessel had been destroyed by an experiment with the new thrusters.

    Editors Note: The full report about the incident has been classified 5-Star-G1, which means they are not available outside of the UCH Space Administration board of directors.

    Additional Info:
    There have been rumors that the Hyperion Incident might have had different reasons, than the official report suggests. The rumors are nurtured by some leaked infos from private notes of UCH Space Administration member, Designer and Constructor of the Hyperion, Dr. Varn "Vermillion" Ingrahm Forge.

    According to the hearsay and according to his notes, the ship was not only to test new thrusters and an experimental gravity array at that day, but also to run a first test of the [..Redacted..] and make sure that [..Redacted..] could proceed as planned. Dr. Forge, who monitored the test on board of the vessel, as well as Captain Tennar and 25 scientists and engineers are said to be lost together with the experimental vessel. This has been questioned by many members of the Hyperion bereaved organization, as neither the flight recorder, nor a wreckage (or even parts of) are said to have been found.

    One of the investigators is said to have reported, Apollon Station Control would have received a distored message at the time the Hyperion would have reached the last nav point.

    At the same time, a doctor and of the science team, using the new Mount Wilson observatory in the hunt for the mysterious solar systems 'Planet 9', is said to have reported a spike in electromagnetic waves and wave-events coming from the outer solar system. Officials denied this had been the case and played down the correlations. The investigator is said to have misinterpreted the natural EM distortion, which might have been received by the Apollon station and the observatory, for a com signal. The investigator has been shifted to an unknown position.
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    that's a ship!
    It reminds me a bit at the ship they had in "Mission to Mars" :)
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    Interesting, lore. Even though I play this game, for yers now, without one, this is a refreshing addition. If missions would be tied to some kind of lore, I imagine finding this Hyperion could be one of them, whereas her location could be random among playfields.

    Jsut how I imagine things until now.
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    the ship was not only to test new thrusters and an experimental gravity array at that day, ;)
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    It is good to see some more lore!
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    Turn off the light, the movie has begon.
    *Grabs some chips and drinks & positions myself feet up.*
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    Forge Aerospace confirmed game canon; Myself confirmed billionaire industrialist.
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