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    We are the Realms of Asgard A gaming community. We support many games and currently offer servers for SE, 7 days to die, Rust, Minecraft and Empyrion. We are always looking to explore new games to host! We offer a experience like no other! Performance is our goal and we have the server and power to bring you just that. A smooth experience for all players on a 10gig symmetrical line, With a Ryzen 9 3950X OC'ed on top of 128 GB ECC ram.

    State of the art data center located in NY, NY with 99.97 uptime. We only pay colocation fees our server this is owned by TROA! We have the specs to host whatever we want. Come visit our growing server list and worlds! We have twitch streamers who stream our servers daily! With active admins and average of 30+ travelers online daily. Come build and explore the worlds of TROA!

    We are currently seeking to expand our admins and mods with in our community to learn more please join our discord and speak with a TROA admin!

    At TRAO we have a vision: Our vision is you work long hours you take care of family and take care of your stuff. Our community is all about friends and family! We all work long hours and coming online and having some fun and speaking with friends is what we are about! IRL happens at TROA

    Our Website: - Fast fluid design!

    Our Discord: - When you joined the discord don't be a stranger say hi!

    Our Servers:

    IP: – Nexus Cluster Lobby - SE

    Asgard, Valhalla, Deep Space

    IP: - Midgard RP (Role Play)
    IP: - SE: Vanilla
    IP: – Empyrion – Reforged with customization
    IP: – 7 Days To Die – Modded
    IP: – MineCraft
    IP: – Valheim – Modded
    IP: – DayZ – Modded
    IP: - FIVE M (GTA - PVP)
    IP: - SCUM

    More coming soon

    Current Openings:

    Admin -

    Mod -

    Be sure to pick your roles when you enter our discord! Say hi do not be a stranger and leave :)

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