Feedback Required Three things you absolutely DISlike about Empyrion

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Hummel-o-War, Jul 9, 2020.

  1. imlarry425

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    Jan 10, 2019
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    My dislikes about the game (3K+ hrs) all fall into the category of arbitrary limitations to create "game balance" in order to mask issues with design decisions and implementation choices. These sorts of special case rules don't really add to the fun of playing the game and more often than not adding them creates a whole new problem.

    Many of these are already described in this thread but these two stand out for me:

    1) The "starter class" concept creates arbitrary limitations that don't add and actually detract from the enjoyment of building things in the game. By implementing simple physics restraints of stress, weight, and ground effect on a superclass of hover/small/capitol/base you could greatly simplify the underlying model.

    It should take scary amounts of energy to lift a ton with nothing but vectored thrust out of ground effect- a HV mode would naturally use much less energy than an SV/CV and the reason a "CV" would use more is because it is heavier. A warp drive could use a logarithmic curve to calculate pentaxid required and the mass of pentaxid would limit small ships to short jumps.

    It would rattle most buildings apart if you strapped an engine to them and tried to take them into space- but if you built the same structure in space you should be able to move it around with an engine. Accelerating it would subject it to the same sorts of integrity stresses it would experience on the ground as would course changes.

    Elimination of the starter class concept unleashes real "purpose built" creativity and the game balancing changes would be applied consistently to the whole system.

    2) Despite massive numbers of planets "these Western towns all seem the same." The predictability and late game ennui can be directly attributed to a lack of diversity in ecosystems and behaviors from place to place. As soon as a player knows that they need to grab a honey plant to deal with the VW-sized bug that just puked on them a lot of the excitement dies. Early game is much more fun because of limitations but artificially limiting the player to try and keep them stuck in a state of desperation isn't how to make things more fun.

    Each planet should require remapping behaviors in some way to keep things fresh- the UI should support letting the player retain that info in game vs. on sticky notes but having some weighted "the way things evolved here" logic to procedurally create a consistent environment that is nonetheless diverse and unpredictable would be a big win. Same story with creature/npc behaviors.
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    Jan 25, 2017
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    Multiplayer, because some people don't want to play with others (I've had some bad experiences that I will NOT talk about). And might not be able to afford getting a Dedicated Server.

    Mass/Volume is only HALF implemented. it limits only by VOLUME. If it could only be limited by 1 thing, then it should have been weight. 5 Concrete Blocks weigh more than a TON, yet I can do this even without a suit of armor equipped.

    CPU. All of which have been discussed above.
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  3. jadefalcon

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    Jan 30, 2018
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    I intensely dislike the way the locking system works in space. It locks on fine. But instead of directing me to turn, for example, 10 degrees right, it suggests that in fact I should turn 350 degrees left.

    CPU again.
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  4. Robot Shark

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    Jul 3, 2016
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    1. That the player is the only one important, enemy factions will ignore each other but focus on the player.
    2. It takes to long to dismantle POI's.
    3. Too many generic/neutral POI's are registered to the Polaris faction.
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  5. boo

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    May 8, 2019
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    this is a12 resumed with one sentence :

    "connection to playfields server lost "
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  6. jones99306

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    Aug 29, 2018
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    1) Spotlights for ships creates volumetric fog rather than simply illuminating. If I'm flying in space, I shouldn't blot out my vision with reflected fog when I turn on my lights. Same goes for planetside when it's night but not foggy.

    2) Crosshair is miniscule and changes color. For those of us colorblind folks, it may as well completely vanish. It's impossible to see. Let us change its size and color behavior.

    3) Building materials suck CPU. Makes no sense that concrete takes CPU, or a metal strut for that matter. This one thing encourages players to make multiple small creations, rather than just one, thus actually increasing server load.

    4) Creative mode uses stacks. Why? Give me a concrete block and let me use it as much as I need. It's creative mode. Don't restrict me to stacks that I need to continuously refill.

    5) Creative mode has no method to test for weights and flight characteristics. I want to be able to test my ships in various environments: high G, fully loaded, nominal, etc. I should have an option to alter gravity and enable weights and volume for the purpose of testing. I hate being forced to create a new survival game, go into the .yaml and change gravity to what I need, then load it up to discover that I've designed wrong and need to make changes.

    6) Wifi range is too short. Many buried POIs have final rooms beyond the range of a vessel parked on the surface, making looting the juicy containers difficult and unwieldy. Perhaps multiple wifi could extend the range?

    7) Docking SV/HV. I love the concept and am glad to have it in the game. However, I was looking forward to flying in with an SV, grabbing an HV and flying away. However, currently you must exit the SV and somehow latch on with the HV for the docking maneuver, then exit the HV and get back into the SV. I wish I could simply flick a switch to attach or detach (using docking pads of course). Perhaps it's a coding issue, and I understand that, but it is something I wish I could change.
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  7. EternalHeathen

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    Feb 15, 2019
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    1. Top speed capped by mass. It isn't logical, realistic, or fun for gameplay.

    2. ... Top speed capped by mass.

    3. Not able to rearrange hotbar for vessels, or add my custom signals to said hotbar for more efficient control of my ship during combat. Out of combat having to open the p menu can be a bit annoying, but in combat it's downright deadly.

    4. Turret targeting.
    • They seem to have picked up a nasty delay in A12, I figure that'll get fixed eventually.
    • The inability to set more accurate targeting priorities, so my turrets aren't constantly wasting ammo on every random legacy labled golem.
    • Line of sight targeting for turrets is also a much needed change, both to do away with the cheesy exploits of burying useless turrets and generators behind layers of armor, and for more player engagement when piloting vessels armed exclusively with turrets.
      • Piloting a tank with just turrets, I end up just spinning in a circle around a POI or enemy. In a CV, the only weapons that work planetside are turrets, so either I'm just sitting there letting them fire... or spinning in a circle. If turrets fired by line of sight, then as the pilot I could make use of attack angles and movement to take down the more dangerous enemy targets first.
    5. Can't walk on moving ships

    6. No ships cat. It doesn't need to walk around or anything, I just want a cat, in it's scratching post bed, behind my captains chair, purring away and clawing at my head when it's hungry.

    7. Top speed capped by mass. Seriously, this is probably my only HARD dislike.
  8. Kassonnade

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    May 13, 2017
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    1- the building grid limits - I would actually prefer some block merging, some multi-block shapes (to allow large, smooth curves for example) to save on block count and allow much larger builds. There could be block merging for slopes and corners, for example, as these are almost uniform across all builds with not much variation, and these add lots of blocks for no real benefit.

    2- lack of animations for NPC, mostly humanoid enemies that are too static. I wish they could behave more like sentient beings, having several "idle" animations and interactions between groups to make the game come alive, especially for foot combat, which brings players in close range of these living statues...

    3- Network problems, mostly synchronizing combat and flight

    Edit : one thing I could add is that comprehensive documentation and instructions are hard to find, although it can be found of course. Right now it relies way too much on community members, and that can be a problem if they leave...
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  9. IndigoWyrd

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    Jun 19, 2018
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    1. That a block, regardless of its shape, occupies a 1x1x1 space in regards to what can be placed next to it, that is, a thin wall cannot have objects placed next to it on one side, because the block "occupies" that space.

    2. The Flatten and Fill modes of the drill. The results are, at best, wildly unpredictable.

    3. Mechanical and Laser Drills do not collect non-voxel-based resources.
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  10. Dreuseff

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    Jan 13, 2017
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    Top speed mass penalty

    Limits on number of placed blocks

    Tiny Crosshair

    Survival elements are too easy

    RPG elements are too simple

    Can't walk on moving ships

    Offline friends are left behind
  11. KRanKO5

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    Oct 17, 2019
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    I'll start answering this one but, don't get me wrong, I absolutely love empyrion

    1. Being unable to crouch while zirax don't stop doing it just to piss me off.

    2. The lack of events/things going on in the universe appart from what player/s do.

    3. It gets to a point in every game when you start coming across the same stuff all the time, same creatures, npcs, same plants, same environments, etc. Having such a vast universe... Some extra variety would be great
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  12. ion_storm

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    Jan 6, 2017
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    Everything else is pretty much covered by others, so I'll put the one that's not, and drives me crazy the most at the moment...
    BP saving changes - I don't know what changed, when, and why, but now Alt+O only works at certain distances and angles, producing less informative screenshots...
    On top of that, the screenshot is taken too early and captures the fading menu, resulting in even uglier screenshots...
  13. Mars Volta

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    Jul 10, 2020
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    1. The predictable repetiveness of resource distribution and NPC faction locations.

    2. AI pathing. It's janky and unclean.

    3. The disregard to balance PvP and MP aspects. Furthermore, the lack of positive engagement with that part of the community. I am saddened to see the massive rift between this community and the devs. From my experience and point of view, I believe it is due to a lack of faith and trust from mostly PvP players. I would like to see them regain some faith, and likewise dev team to acknowledge their expansive hours and knowledge of the game, and work on engagement.
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  14. Robot Shark

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    Jul 3, 2016
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    4. Devices within the hull getting blasted by the splash damage from incoming fire while the hull itself remains intact.
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  15. Foofaspoon

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    Oct 28, 2019
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    I struggle to think of anything I hate, and pretty much everything I want changed is already on the to-do list - but if I had to pick some:

    1. Progression - moving away from the current way of doing it, to a more research based system is something I am keenly looking forward to (with perhaps some simple rpg-like progression for the character through experience as they level up)

    2. What feels much more pressing now with the galaxy map - that you can't take off-line players with you when you move. With a galaxy to explore, it would be brilliant if you could all share a ship without the danger of being left floating in space.

    3. My only real major annoyance. For the love of all that is holy, please fix turret targeting. By this, I don't just mean more options for targeting but things like line-of-sight targeting, and getting rid of the sometimes huge delay as turrets take a nice holiday from shooting anything. This last is especially annoying. Its bad when it happens to you as a player (it once took over 30 seconds for my turrets to start to fire at a POI!), but also takes some of the excitement out of POIs when they just don't shoot. Watched one of the you-tubers take on a Legacy ship. Ship was really tough, but the fight was much easier because the turrets just seemed to not shoot him for periods of time!
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  16. paulo.pontes

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    Jul 9, 2020
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    The universe feel empty
    The combat feel strange. like an 80's shooter.
    limited trade! I want to buy and sell entire ships!
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  17. Escarli

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    Dec 13, 2019
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    I dislike the fact that there's no research or random anomalies that litter the landscape.

    Brings nicely onto the next one in that the tech tree needs a rework, would be cool to have to research the tech instead of unlocking items.

    And lastly I dislike that it's not easy to add a workshop poi into a game without coding the playfield files. Many folks won't know how to do that or attempt to find out how to do so.
  18. cmguardia

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    Mar 4, 2018
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    2-Some ideas that do not have a defined direction or are not explained where they want to point. Example CPU and M / V. CPU is not defined which uses CPU and which should not use CPU. An ornament should not use CPU, something that is turned off should not use CPU. M / V is unsatisfactory when you try to plan what to load in the boxes and see that they do not fit, even the backpack can carry more things than a container extension (until the last time I played it with M / V turned on).
    Many things are not according to what they should weigh or have different volumes to what you see. I have stopped playing with CPU and M / V until it is better implemented.
    However I like both ideas! I really want to see them in the game!
    3-Changes that should not be made or that nobody expected. Like removing items or equipment (O2 and H2 generators for example), aesthetic changes in equipment that are not in themselves improvements in the game (changes in the constructors and the warp unit). They could leave the player to choose which to use. If they changed the aesthetics of the containers and you can use the old and new ones, why can't you do it with the rest?

    2-Algunas ideas que no tienen una dirección definida o no se explican a donde quieren apuntar. Ejemplo CPU y M/V. CPU no está definido que usa CPU y que no debe usar CPU. Un adorno no debe usar CPU, algo que está apagado no debe usar CPU. M/V es insatisfactorio cuando intentas planear que cargo en las cajas y ver que no caben, incluso la mochila puede cargar mas cosas que una extensión de contenedor (hasta la última vex que lo jugué con M/V encendido). Muchas cosas no están acorde a lo que deberian pesar o tienen volumenes dispares a lo que se ven. He dejado de jugar con CPU y M/V hasta que esté mejor implementado.
    Sin embargo ambas ideas me gustan! Quiero verlas realmente en el juego!
    3-Cambios que no deberían hacerse o que nadie esperaba. Como quitar elementos o equipos (generadores de O2 y H2 por ejemplo), cambios estéticos en equipos que no son en sí mejoras en el juego (cambios en los constructores y la unidad warp). Podrían dejar a elección del jugador cuales usar. Si cambiaron la estética de los contenedores y se pueden usar las viejas y nuevas ¿por qué no se puede con lo demas?.
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  19. Evolvei

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    Aug 23, 2016
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    1. The Shield Generator being 3x3 instead of 2x2 or at least 2x3

    2. The detectors taking up a toolbar space that we can't choose on the non customizable vessel toolbars instead of being a hotkey.

    3. Crosshair
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  20. Combat Wombat

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    Oct 10, 2017
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    Mass reducing max speed

    Entirely pointless CPU system that accomplishes nothing

    Complete lack of end game for PvE
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