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    ePDA - Empyrion PDA helper
    Your one-stop for all PDA related editing/creation.

    Google Drive Mirror
    Altnative Mirror

    Create/edit/delete Chapters, Tasks and actions in a friendly interface, helping you best utilize the functions of the PDA system.

    Features two views:
    -The bubble view, primarily intended for beginners: Offers a more fun, and gentle approach to the subject, where you can mess around a little, if you lack inspiration.
    -The PDA view: Shows you a rough estimate of how it will look ingame.

    Smooth chapter editing:
    With right side changing for Tasks, and actions

    Intelligent checks under actions, to help you pick out what you need.
    -Datamines all playfields for POIs, used NPCs, Ressources, etc.
    -Only shows relevant types for you to pick.
    -Allows manual entry, if you want something outside of the list.

    Google Drive Mirror
    Altnative Mirror

    -WinRar / 7zip / other software that can read a .rar file
    -A browser. Firefox is recommended. It may not work properly in other browsers

    How to install
    1. Download the latest version from the link above
    2. Go to your "Empyrion - Galactic Survival" folder in steam. (For instance "D:\APPS\steamapps\common\Empyrion - Galactic Survival")

    3. Pick any folder *ABOVE* "Empyrion - Galactic Survival"

    (For instance APPS in this case)

    4. Extract the files into this folder [You need some software to extract the files. WinRar, 7zip or the like]

    (Extracted files is marked with yellow)

    5. Configuration
    1. Open the file "Emp_config.txt" in your favorite editor (notepad for instance).
    2. Your file should look something like this:
    note, that there might be more/different/less options in the future. This image is from v0.996

    3. Edit atleast "fullUrl", and Scenario
    -Paste the path from step 2 here: (in this example, D:\APPS\steamapps\common\Empyrion - Galactic Survival) so that the line reads:
    "FullUrl":"D:\APPS\steamapps\common\Empyrion - Galactic Survival",
    -The scenario parameter is used to specify if you are editing a scenario. If so, specify the name of the scenario folder here. Otherwise leave it blank, for default Empyrion.

    4. Edit other variables if you want. Above each setting is a line with __comment. This explains what the setting does.

    5. Save the file
    1. Open configuration.html in your browser (recommended: Firefox)
    2. Go through each step of it, and configure what you want
    -Atleast edit the "FullUrl" under "EmpyrionPath"


    3. When you are done editing variables, click the Save button, and

    3a: Overwrite the current emp_config.txt, with the one that pops up for download
    3b: Manually copy and paste everything from the text-box that appears
    You can use any text editor to do so. Simply select all on the config page, copy it, open the emp_config.txt, and paste it there.

    Your emp_config.txt file should look something like this:

    6. Using it
    You can choose to either use the executable, or running it solely in your browser.
    The downside to using the browser-only version, is that you have to manually save the PDA files. These are saved automatically when using the executable. Using the executable is also convenient, and will keep backups.

    If you are using an operating system other than Windows, you can not use the executable, and have to use the browser only version.

    0. You might want to check your configurations for the executable section of the config part. This is optional.
    1. Doubleclick "emp_launcher.exe"
    2. Two windows will open:
    -One in your browser
    -One in windows; An application called 'Emp helper server'

    3. DO NOT close the application. You need this to save, if you have put the configuration "ShouldSave" to true.
    -If you close it. Launch the "emp_server.exe" file in the "emp_assets" folder.

    4. Use the tool. Click "Save" in the browser window to save your progress.
    1. Open "emp_main.html" in your browser (recommended: firefox)
    2. Use the tool. Click "Save" in the browser window to save your progress.
    3. Two windows will open

    4. Open one of the windows, copy everything in there
    -Go to the PDA folder of the scenario you are editing
    -Open the file
    -Copy everything from the browser tab
    -Delete everything in the file
    -Paste what you copied into the file
    -Save the file
    Repeat for the other file.

    NOTE: This method DOES NOT automatically save. You HAVE TO follow step 4 EVERY TIME you wish to save your progress.

    Thank you

    RexXxuS for invaluable help "deciphering" the PDA format. Also for your work past 0.993, with among other things, the design!


    Q: How do I do X
    A: It should be fairly obvious. Incase you are unsure of something, hover the mouse over what you are unsure about, and a black popup should show, telling you what it does.
    In the bubbleView/PDAview, hover over the "hint" in the menu. This will also produce a popup.

    Q: I got an error in the browser
    A: Read the error. It is most likely due to one of three things:
    -You didn't place the files properly. Note, that they MAY NOT be in any subfolders, and should appear exactly, as step 4 in the "How to install" section shows.
    -You didn't configure the config.txt file properly. Please refer to step 5 in the "How to install" section.
    -Your PDA files are corrupt. Make sure that the PDA.yaml file *atleast* contain these two lines at the top

    Creator: "Eleon Game Studios (RexXxuS)"
    Q: I'm still having a hard time getting it to work
    A: Please read over the "How to install" section again. If you are still having trouble, please send your PDA.yaml, PDA.csv, and config.txt file, together with an image showing where you extracted the files to. Also make sure to include your Empyrion path.

    Q: An update occured: How do I get the newest version?
    A: Follow the download link in this post, and download the new version. First thing you should do, is check the emp_changelog.txt, under the folder emp_assets/. If there have been an update to the configuration file since your version, you have to replace *all* the current files with the new ones. If there have not been one, you can replace *all* the current files *except* the emp_config.txt, to keep your current configuration. [Remember to update the config.txt, if you overwrite it][Unsure about your current version? It's stated, when you open the emp_main.html, in your browser, as the title]


    If you like the tool, please feel free to contribute in one of the following ways:
    -Keep an eye out for bugs, and report them
    -See if there's anything that doesn't belong in the checks section, or if something is missing.
    -Suggest other wordings. English is my second language, so you might be able to explain some of the things better than it currently is.
    -In the checks section, re-test what is commented, and notice if it have changed ingame. [Most notes are from A6]
    -Donate: If you feel generous, I won't say no to your money. It will help me to assign more time for future updates (If you want, you can donate here: Donate via Paypal . (Please note, that I do not care for your address, etc, but paypal requires it))
    -Give feedback. Let me know what could be better, or what you would like to see in the future


    You are free to use this tool for personal projects. If you intend on selling the pda entries, contact me, and we can work something out [Eleon is excluded from this rule].
    You are free to share anything you create using this tool, aslong as you don't sell it.
    You are free to modify the sourcecode for personal use only
    You may not redistribute the tool, or any modified version of it.
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    v1.291 released


    -Fixed issue where default value for tasks' startdelay weren't being used in the UI. (Thank you Rexxxus <3)

    -Fixed issue if imported csv contains '"'. Will be removed. Clearly someone have decided the default strings should contain them now..
    -Added 'WellFed', 'RadiationImmunity', 'PoisonAntidote' to effects list
    -Fixed import issue of ecf file, if '}# Container Blocks' happens ... (all comments are now purged)
    -Added new 'Default.jpg', as the default 'to show', if no task/chapter-image was specified. Given it exists.
    -Changed visual of 'Reward items on completion:'. Now the KEY of the item will also be searchable, aswell as appear in the entered data. (So same behaviour as when using items for action-conditions). This both for 'chapterrewards', 'chapterskiprewards' and 'taskrewards'.
    -Added 'Reputation' as a parameter for rewards on chapters and tasks, with accepted value between 1 and 30000.
    -On import, will split 'Faction' into multiple entries (If both 'zirax' and 'talon' were on same, it will create two entries, instead of having the same on one). This is to easier edit, and because the usecases where you'd want both to the same value is few at best.
    -Added import of 'factions' found in the PDA entries. Untill the 'custom factions' is finalised, this should suffice, together with the three defaults 'Talon', 'Polaris', 'Zirax' (Used to define what is pick-able for faction selection for reputation for rewards)
    -(Also added exception for 'min-max' check for rewards, in the case of reputation, as they support negative numbers)
    -Fixed issue with 'rewards' count not being properly maxed, if being 'special' (UP/XP/). It should now properly have a max value, despite already being added to the list.
    -Added F button, to the 'rewards' picker. Use it to pick faction reputation reward is associated with. F will be replaced by faction name, once picked.
    -Fully implemented 'Reputation' and 'ReputationTarget' for reward-conditions
    -Reputation entries with blank factions will be ignored for input and output
    -Fixed numbers for reward-count not being properly initialised, if reward already existed
    -Fixed an error with pasting
    -Added new categories, aswell as an auto-append for future factions, with category name <FactionName>Mission
    -Added 'ByReputation' to 'Visibility'
    -Added 'ByReputation' to 'Activatable'
    -Added 'ReputationLevel' field to main chapter. It is visible if Visibility or Activatable is set to ByReputation
    -Fixed issue with 'Visibility' and 'Activatable' that would be treated as names (ie. given a translation key), rather than a fixed value, when imported by pasting.

    -Fixed overlooked issue with pasting
    -Removed some debug lines from pasting & importing

    -Added mimetypes someplaces in the hope of making the error log a little cleaner.
    -Fixed paste issues:
    --When pasting text that contains an escaped colon, it would break the importer.
    --If for whatever reason, a key under a task was invalid, it would break the importer.
    --If for whatever reason, a key under an action was invalid, it would break the importer.
    -Added GuidingDistance to Guiding-able actions, with a default of 300.

    -Fixed bug introduced in 1.26, with colons behaving weird.

    -Fixed issue with new CSV not always properly detecting the delimeter. (Corrupt import). Should be fixed now.
    -Fixed issue with missing Sectors file causing trouble.

    -Updated emp_launcher.exe to better handle JSON (Now supports spaces inline, before: "AttemptWithPathing":"0", now can have spaces on either side of the : aswell).
    -Fixed issue with STARTMESSAGE and COMPLETEDMESSAGE not being imported / corrected properly. It should now behave as expected again.
    -Added new A8 tag PlayfieldTypeEntered (Note, that this is a reference to the FOLDER that created the playfield, where PlayfieldEntered is for the playfields name. If you use randomly generated names, you should use this one)

    -Fixed minor issue, with 'show/hide' tasks not always showing when supposed to.
    -Fixed issue with exclusively using task complete: UP/XP/Level didn't get saved, and occasionally resulted in a failed save alltogether.
    -Implemented check for image dimensions
    -Disabled check for image dimensions. PDA documentation lies. You can use any size image..
    -Fixed issue when copying entire PDA, data would be outputted in wrong format.
    -Reimplemented image dimension check, as a warning. (mostly relevant when doing PDA's that's going to be shared)
    -Added a super aggressive tag-finder and fixer, due to the new PDA.. This will now make sure that EVERYTHING (text-related) is a CSV reference.
    -When saving, will ALWAYS, no matter if it have been open in an editor, output csv with \n, rather than newlines, for inline-content.
    -Reworked data-mining of playfields to better support A8.. Note, that you will not be able to use it with the default folders (need sectors/sectors.yaml to operate at all)
    -Added data-mining of biomes to the datamining.
    -Implemented VisibleOnStartPlayfields to chapters. Allows you to search playfield-specific biomes, or just display all.
    -Added preset data for biomes, incase none were able to be datamined.

    -Fixed issue with buildnumbers not resolving to features properly.

    -Improved compatibility for new playfield format (some..)
    -Made ecf importer ever so slightly more flexible.
    -Now assuming, that the supplied localization file (from the game) is corrupt. (So that if it is, the tool should still work, but without new language strings)
    -Implemented new chapter functionality: 'HideTasks' (8.0+) (Radiobutton under 'preamble' textbox)
    -Fixed 'infinite loop' issue, if using two .ecf files.
    -Fixed issue with 'stacksize' not always being overwritten (wrong min-max for rewards could occur)
    -Now buildnumbers should autoresolve to gameversion (for feature-determination)

    -Added loading gif, for when the initial data-load is done. You can use it before this, but not all data will be availible. (Purely visual aid)
    -Improved performance slightly, by removing duplicates from helper-lists. This should be minor.
    -Reworked localization checks slightly, to streamline the process, and have data availible even before .ecf file(s) have loaded.
    -Added new chapter functionality: 'RewardsOnSkip' (8.0+)
    -Fixed typo 'chapter' (should've been 'task'), in tooltip, when adding task-reward.

    -Added copy button next to chapter delete
    -Added copy button next to task delete
    -Added copy button before Task: <taskname> in chapter overview
    -Fixed inconsistency in the naming in chapter overview-> Tasks, where some would have Task: <taskname>, and others just <taskname>. The first is appropriate.
    -Fixed action description creation, if invalid or missing.
    -Purged === entries from csv, from earlier versions mis-acting on this, and creating a key, rather than an entry.
    -Added copy button to actions in chapter overview
    -Added copy button next to action delete
    -Purges === entries, if created by accident, on save.
    -Added copy button where 'levelreq' would usually be in pdaview (level is still there)
    -Fixed minor inconsistensy in spacing by the levelreq in pdaview, aswell as one case where the number wouldn't be visually displayed
    -Added copy button next to task names in pdaview
    -Added copy button next to action names, when having a task open in pdaview
    -Added copy button to menu-bar, after 'save' (copies everything)
    -Added copy functionality, from using copy-buttons (see above for locations)
    -Added smart-guessing for import, to the editor (it will attempt to guess where you want the content pasted into if it can)
    -Added paste functionality, so when you do not have an 'active' select / textfield / inputfield, it will attempt to paste
    -Rewritten PDA load and CSV load functionalities. Please report errors.
    -Added UI components, if the importer is unsure what 'chapter' and/or 'task' you are trying to insert into
    -Added import for chapters, tasks, actions [please note, that for chapters, it DOES NOT include linking (rewarded chapters are NOT copied)]
    -Added support to multi-import (ie. several may be imported at once)
    -Added smart-guessing for import, to pdaview.
    -Added collision checker for importer, when using the paste-into feature. (ie. if two are using the same csv-reference, they will now be updated to prevent this. (for instance, having a title: 'tasktitle7', and a description: 'tasktitle7', the latter will become 'tasktitle7_description')). Entries you have manually made in the yaml is not touched, as you (assumingly) wanted them to connect if you have done so.
    -When using pdaview, the paste-chapter will now respect the tab you currently have open (ie. if you copy a solomission, and paste it under factionmission, it will *change* the category to factionmission, and paste it)
    -When pasting, it should now mark the new paste as 'active' in pdaview (fixes visual bugs, and should help 'scroll annoyances')
    -Fixed issue when posting actions into a newly copied chapter
    -Fixed issue in pdaview, when first opening it, no chapter was set to 'active', but chapter was opened to the right
    -Fixed issue in pdaview, when changing tabs, the 'active' chapter was not updated
    -Fixed issue with imports causing collisions, where it would re-do every chapter that was collided, rather than just rename the new one.
    -Added arrows to the top of pdaview: Last chapter, Next chapter, Next task, Prev task, Prev chapter, First chapter.
    -Reworked import checks, to better handle regular use of keywords like 'Chapters', etc.
    -Fixed issue where 0-index of chapters,tasks,actions wouldn't always get copied
    -Added csv to output (on copy)
    -Fixed issue with old-formatted startmessages, completedmessages not getting outputted (on copy)
    -Added config setting 'OnImportPrefixChapter' (full/partial/none), to determine wether to prepend the chaptertitle to all csv-tags on import. (recommended to use 'full'. Only use others as experienced pda-creators)
    -Added csv to import (it will use the 'supplied csv' before the current, if present (see syntax, when copying anything from the tool))
    -Added OnImportPrefixChapter config option to emp_configuration.html
    -Added configs under EmpyrionPath for 'EcfConfigExampleName' (default 'config_example.ecf'), 'EcfConfigCustomName' (default 'config.ecf'), for referencing which file to read game-data from. (looks in folder '<empyironpath>/Content/Configuration/')
    -Added EcfConfigExampleName, EcfConfigCustomName to emp_configuration.html
    -Improved import function with several changes, including several renaming glitches, and odd behaviours
    -Added 'heal-broken-tags' to import (It will convert stuff like === into a tag for instance, to prevent weird behaviour)
    -Fixed issue with Game Ops sections 'spawn drone', where it would not load the specified POI, if behaviour was set to 'attack specific poi'
    -Added internal variable 'currentgameversion', to determine what features should be unlocked. Should only be used by testers. (to avoid corrupting your yaml..)
    -Added new game op 'DeviceUnlock' (8.0+)
    -Added new game op 'DevicePower' (8.0+)
    -Extended internal variable to be definer for browser-title number.
    -For new gameops, extended title in UI, to include both <device> and <poi>, for easier telling what's happening.
    -For new gameops, fixed saving issue, where they would get saved in incorrect order (wrong format)
    -For new gameop 'DeviceUnlock' fixed issue where you could specify <4 or >4 length for code. (if code is invalid (not '----' or 0000-9999), it will be changed to 0000 in UI, aswell as output.)
    -Added ecf loading from webworker (as it is quite a ressource-intensive task, it's being done outside the main thread)
    -Dynamically merging official localization.csv file, with the helper file, consolidating the data
    -Changed statuseffects and gameops to being 'hardcode'-imported for now, in the hope that they eventually will be exposed in ecf files.
    -Added loading of main ecf, and optional ecf file, that will be consolidated with the localization files.
    -Moved processing of ecf => loca into a webworker, as it takes a chunk of time, and isn't 'critical' for base-functionality. (It should be expected loaded in after roughly 5-10s after bubbles are done.. This should not lead to any weird behaviour, as it is unlikely the user have opened anything dependent on the lists, before that. Even so, the list will be pre-populated by then, so it should be minor inconveniences at most (such as wrong stacksizes, or lack of 'hidden' items/blocks))
    -Added locecfhandler.js, to handle the importing. This file contains all interpretations.

    -Updated the localization.csv to 7.5.9
    -Fixed bug with task,action-indexing not always working properly, if 'unfriendlyname' had several numbers.
    -Fixed bug with actions-indexing, not always being counted properly.
    -Fixed bug with inputs having spaces in ChapterTitle, TaskTitle, ActionTitle, it would break it's edit-ability in the tool. These entries will have their spaces replaced with _.
    -Added 'NoSkip' flag to chapters.
    -Fixed bug with creating both new task, and action in the same chapter, without reopening, would result in error.
    -Fixed bug relating to deleting a chapter, and then using the PDAview to create new chapters.
    -Fixed issue related to deleting a chapter, and then using the PDAvieew to create a new task under an existing chapter.
    -Fixed visual bug with highlighting in pdaview related to tasks.
    -Fixed issue with PDAview, after deleting a chapter, and creating tasks from it, would return in error.
    -Fixed various issues with PDAview's naming of tasks, after deleting a chapter.
    -Fixed issue with PDAview, when creating new actions, the naming would be off, after deleting a chapter.
    -Fixed issue with PDAview, with created tasks, the indexing would fail, after deleting a chapter.
    -Fixed an issue, where chapters would not be created with the proper category, when using PDAview.
    -Added a feature, so that the last tab you had open in the PDAview, will be what newly created chapters category will use.
    -Fixed bug with chapters-indexing.
    -Fixed bug with skippable readings true/false not being registered, because boolean.
    -Implemented advanced messages for task-completedmessage, task-startmessage, and action-completedmessage.
    -For above, it will respect an existing tag, and import from that, into the new format.
    -Added UP, XP, Levels as rewards.
    -Added startDelay to tasks.
    -Added PlayerOPs [effect, boost, status] on task [active,deactive,complete]
    -Fixed bug in emp_configuration.html that didn't save input fields to output.
    -Reworked how checks are stored, to make it easier to implement new parts in the future.
    -Added requiredNames to checks
    -Removed deletion of task-completedmessages (used to create CoQ. Now is valid.)
    -Added feature for deleting unconnectedCSV. Note that it is experimental. Please report issues.
    -Added setting 'RemoveUnconnectedCSV' to emp_config.txt (Default 'false')
    -Added setting 'RemoveUnconnectedCSV' to 'emp_configuration.html' along with a warning.
    -Fixed bug with completed tags being added even with no content. Also made the messaging more durable against input-error. (Please note, that no tag is being generated => Nothing is saved, if the time-it-will-exist is 0 or less, or the text-field is left blank.)
    -Added stacksize to *some* of the blocks. But they are likely going to change a lot, so just be wary, that the 999 stack might no longer be right. The tech is in the tool, but it will require someone to keep the localization updated properly ;)
    -Updated playerops, to support decimal numbers (and autoresolve , to .), aswell as supporting max (if interval min-max is given, it will appear when you hover over the input boxes)
    -Updated messageformat to make it clearer, that logs is a category, and improved userfriendlyness, by making entire box around select also trigger as a click
    -Removed levels, added leveltarget, and levelincrease for reward-options
    -Updated message-boxes to support the new color-formatting (before [c][hex]text[-][/c] now [hex]text[-]. Both is still supported. It outputs in the old format, as that one is more durable.)
    -Added RepeatConditions to chapter
    -Added 'nothing' picture to chapters, and tasks, if no image is specified (instead of broken image). If the reference is not found in the PDA folder, it will still display a broken image, to indicate 'something is wrong'
    -Added updator for old feature 'VisibleOnStartPlayfield' => This becomes 'VisibleOnStartPlayfields'
    -Edited 'bound to' (visibleonstartplayfield) to support multiple. Updated autostart aswell, to fail on multiple.
    -Updated new editor to support formatting properly.
    -Updated PDAview to support multiple starting playfields
    -In PDAview, when having picked a start-planet to view from, auto-started chapters is marked with a *
    -Updated PDAview chapter, task, to have 'nothing.jpg' if no image is specified, like the normal pda editor.
    -Updated messageview to delete tag entirely if not in use.
    -Updated messageview to not delete tag entirely, but replace with "" <.<
    -Added GameOps [SpawnEnemy, SpawnDrone] on task [active,deactive,complete]
    -Fixed issue with the tokensinputs (suggested inputs). When allowed to specify your own, while some suggestion were there, it would pick that. If you press ctrl (left) + enter, it enters EXACTLY what is written.
    -Updated various placeholder to not output completedmessages by default.
    -Deprecated check 'DevicePowered'. Content will be moved to 'DeviceNamePowered'.
    -Reordered checklist to be more logical.. maybe..
    -Updated checks heavily
    -Improved support for new reward-types, and deprecated 'levels'
    -Updated rewards to now better handle items that were not found in localized data.
    -Added importer & exporter for rewards, to go from 'type:' to 'item:' and back.
    -Fixed not always removing last entry in task gameops.
    -Added new check 'WindowClosed'

    -Fixed specific error related to only using one language in csv.

    -Fixed minor bug with invalid csv entries corrupting load of PDA.

    -Fixed super specific bug, if scenario folders name ended in 2, it wouldn't load properly.

    -Fixed bug relating to extended language-list and bubbleviews createchapter
    -Fixed PDAview not scrolling to the selected chapter (was quite a nuissance)

    -Improved csv-importing rules, to better take care of non-valid keys, with too many " for instance.

    -Added new csv-importing rules for merging of non-unique keys, and keys with spaces
    -Added support for translator one-click button

    -Added first iteration of NPC-playfield selector (notice: Does not include anything from POI spawners in list. Includes all from playfield otherwise)
    -Fixed executable making config file invalid, when using "attemptpathing".

    -First public release
    -Renamed configuration.html, to emp_configuration.html, to fit the others
    -Edited readme, to fit newer changes.

    -Added possibility to always launch the ePDA tool from any section and not only on the last one
    -Changed Reordered sections on the Config page with better logic
    -Changed Redesigned the areas for chapters, tasks and actions
    -Changed Redesigned the check area
    -Changed Redesigned the signal area
    -Changed some orderings and styles
    -Fixed wrong html properties and missing minimize button for Tasks > Actions UI view
    -Changed Better default config

    -Created save-to-drive for configuration.html (for ease of save)
    -Navigation additions to configuration.html
    -Added playfield narrowing function to check-section of actions

    -Added redesign and rework of configuration.html
    -Added additional styles to pdaView
    -Added option to go to config page straight from ePDA main page back and forth
    -Added temporary logo / favicon
    -Changed speed values for background animation

    -Fixed noBubbles related errors
    -Added new settings to configuration.html

    -Added noBubbles setting, to disable bubbles
    -Added setting for animated background

    -Fixed errors from new design
    -Fixed missing styling

    -Cleaned up the assets folder (reorganized)
    -Added design assets
    -Changed overall design, added icons, changed colors.

    -Added changelog
    -Fixed tooltip for select field on "Bound to". Wrong text.
    -Added amount slider for Itemspickedup check
    -Added manual input for all types,names in checks (before: only for some) to account for eventual missing data.
    -Fixed translation stars, to only output one, in the end. (before: Placeholder***, now Placeholder*)
    -Added validation of csv (no keys will be removed)
    -Changed behaviour of translation. If blank, will be left blank. Placeholders will not be added. Still appends a * if it is not blank.
    -Added "shortenOutput" to config (under Settings) (boolean). Allows for outputs to be shortened.
    -Added "inactiveBubbles" to config (under Settings) (integer). Will disable bubbles after amount to reduce lag on high chapter amount.
    -Fixed some missing creations of csv keys (completedmessage)
    -Fixed bug relating to creating several tasks and actions on same chapter. (Actions didn't always append properly to the correct task)
    -Fixed bug relating to amounts >10000 not getting properly added in rewards
    -In rewards, defaults to current value in popup (before was 1)
    -Added generic types "Animal","Hostile" to subjectKilled check
    -Updated list over WindowOpened conditions
    -Updated configuration.html, to support new options.
    -Added consolidate function to configuration.html. You can now import old config files, and have it merged with new settings.
    -Fixed some visuals in pdaview
    -Added sort-function to pdaview (sort chapters by dragndropping). This will affect the ingame order aswell.

    v1.29 released

    v1.285 released

    v1.28 released

    v1.27 released

    v1.26 released

    v1.25 released

    v1.24 released

    v1.23 released

    v1.22 released

    v1.21 released

    v1.2 released

    v1.1 released

    v1.07 released

    v1.06 released

    v1.05 released

    v1.04 released

    v1.03 released

    v1.01 released
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    If you want to start the ePDA Tool in Chrome or other Chromium based Browsers make sure to set the local file policy to it.
    Make sure to start the tool then from this shortcut.
    Please look here:


    1: Locate the browsers shortcut on your computer (usually in Start [c:/users/<yourusername>/AppData/Roaming/Microsoft/Windows/<StartMenu in your language>/<Programs in your language>/]). Alternatively, click windows+r, and paste %appdata%, this will get you to the Roaming folder directly.
    If you are using win10, you will find it here instead [c:/ProgramData/Microsoft/Windows/StartMenu/Programs]
    You can alternatively open the start-menu, right click on the chrome icon (if it's there), and pick "Open filefolder". This will also get you there.
    2: Right click the executable, and click Properties
    3: Go to the tab "Shortcut" (different in your language)
    4: In the input box "Destination" (different in your language), add this
    After the path, before the "
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  5. Hummel-o-War

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    Jun 15, 2015
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    .. /stickied
  6. Keith Hovey

    Keith Hovey Captain

    May 11, 2016
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    I am so excited to see this!! I am however not able to get it to function correctly. Different browsers have different issues too.

    Firefox: Launching with the Exe.


    It does not at all seem to be able to even see the config file.

    No idea what chrome's issues is at all. It opens fine but config shows almost nothing.


    But i do not get an error opening the main html, just shows nothing is available.

    Any idea what I may be doing wrong?
  7. RexXxuS

    RexXxuS Captain

    Jan 31, 2016
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    yeah I should have double mention it in the video instead of just skipping it but again the installation process is mandatory.
    In your case the sub folder Apps is wrong.


    It really has to be placed above so it can crawl the Empyrion folder recursively below.

  8. Keith Hovey

    Keith Hovey Captain

    May 11, 2016
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    Ahhhhhh ok. I had wondered lol. Thank you very much RexXxuS :)

    Still does not allow me to configure, still says it cant find its own config file or that its corrupt. Realizing some more info may be helpful.



    Still getting strange errors, using latest firefox just in case that matters. Maybe it requires a specific directory on a specific drive??
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  9. Exacute

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    Feb 17, 2017
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    Notice: v1.01 released.
    If you downloaded v1.0, and used the executable, this will fix your errors here. Please refresh your config.txt file, if you used the executable.
    Thank you @Keith Hovey for patience tracking it down!
    Last edited: Aug 8, 2017
  10. Keith Hovey

    Keith Hovey Captain

    May 11, 2016
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    Thank you as well for issuing a prompt fix. Im usually pretty good about making mental notes about what I do and do not edit. Thank you Yaml Files for all of those edits over the last 1500 hours of game play lol.
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  11. Exacute

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    Feb 17, 2017
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  12. steenhole

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    Feb 4, 2017
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    Hi. Thank you for your tool and the work that went into it.

    The issue I'm having is getting the custom PDA to pull up on a MP server. I've placed both the yaml and csv into the /extras/PDA folder. Any ideas?

    I tested it after a full wipe, of course.
  13. Exacute

    Exacute Rear Admiral

    Feb 17, 2017
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    Hi Steenhole,
    Glad you liked the tool (so far ;) )
    I don't have much experience with MP. Have you got it working in SP? (that's a good start). Which category are you using for the PDA entries?
    (you can easily check if it works in SP, by replacing the default PDA.yaml, and PDA.csv in the normal folder. I recommend making a backup of the actual ones, if you do play SP :p)
    If you can't get it working in SP, I will need your files to check what the problem might be.
    If you can get it working in SP, it's likely something about how to place it in a server. If so, let's see from there.

  14. Keith Hovey

    Keith Hovey Captain

    May 11, 2016
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    are you using a scenario?
  15. steenhole

    steenhole Lieutenant

    Feb 4, 2017
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    No. Standard build.
  16. steenhole

    steenhole Lieutenant

    Feb 4, 2017
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    I'll test those in SP to confirm. I'll also toss an inquiry out in Hangar Bay to see if anyone knows offhand.
    Last edited: Aug 14, 2017
  17. Keith Hovey

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    May 11, 2016
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    A few ideas from past issues I have had.

    1. Verify at the bottom of your dedicated.Yaml that there is not a scenario selected! Just in case.
    2. Clear your game cache (Client caches the PDA files locally). Shut down the game go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Empyrion - Galactic Survival\Saves\Cache And delete all the files that are INSIDE of the cache folder while the client is NOT running. You need to do this EVERY time you make a change to the server PDA files!!
    3. Make sure to shut down the server before you write over or replace the PDA files.
  18. RexXxuS

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    Jan 31, 2016
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    First of all yes, PDA on MP is possible. I implemented it to the MP scenario Invader vs Defender and heavily on HWS of course.
    Your issue sounds most likely due your structure of files / folder etc.

    Try always to create your own scenario folder and never work in the default structure like Content/Playfields or Content/Extras or Content/Scenarios/Default MP etc.

    Just create a new folder in Content/Scenarios/steenhole MP and work there.
    The easiest way would be to duplicate the Invader vs Defender folder, put there everything you made into it and adjust the paths in your tools like ePDA, EPD, etc.
    Make sure you have set in your dedicated.yaml your "steenhole MP" as a scenario.


    Nope, you don't have to do this. Otherwise I would have been already an old grey man (;

    Also not really needed. There are no write permissions on these files. The Clients are just downloading it meanwhile. That is why there is the "pda readdata" command in the game.
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  19. Keith Hovey

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    May 11, 2016
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    Its definitely a heck of a lot easier in the end... Not everyone sees it as obvious though because the server defaults to the main folders on installation. Which makes no sense if its not intended to work that way. Why intend people to make so many changes that are poorly documented right off rip? Im sure glad they made multiplayer easier for randos to access and find.

    Also... There are minor differences between the scenario folder and the main content folder that may not be very apparent at first. Like the location of the vendor config file is not obvious until you look at the differences between an already created scenario folder and the main content folder. Also localization.csv does not need to be in the scenario folder. Thats why i didnt want to dive into all of that... A LOT of servers have not been set up "properly" because they just cant find documentation describing what proper is or even how half the darn thing works coherently. On top of that... Its a lot to be bombarded with and it doesnt make a lot of sense at first until you dig for a while.

    As for the PDA thing... I'll add that to my command list for sure. I had no idea that command even existed because until a week ago i never even bothered diving into the pda so no searching was done. To be honest in the entire time I have been playing this game Ive never even used it but once until very recently. It seemed to break immersion to me and the feature is like something out of a space game in the late 80's. I hope at some point that changes... But It's an Early Access game so who knows. Only reason im paying any mind to it now is because "in game" documentation is extremely helpful at the moment Plus having a popup on new player login is amazingly helpful. But editing it has been an absolute pain in the rear until this tool recently surfaced to do it. It was another poorly documented feature. Kind of like everything else for the dedicated server. If you dig a lot and experiment patiently for hours on end you MIGHT figure it out but dont expect much help.

    Im sure eventually that will change but in the meantime... It just is what it is.

    I realize that all kind of sounds harsh... But its a very frustrating issue. I freaking love playing this game.

    What do we do when people stop releasing and updating tools that simplify this stuff. Or when a tool is broken due to an update and just cant be updated quick and easy. Just seems like we are patching one problem to cover up another problem that may eventually end up just being another problem lol.
    Last edited: Aug 15, 2017
  20. steenhole

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    Feb 4, 2017
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    So, Empy always pulls from a scenario in MP? The default scenario being default multiplayer (which I thought to be a flag to pull from the master files)? If these elements are true, should I then create a scenario and completely copy or place any custom playfields and prefabs into the scenario, or will Empy draw from the default content/playfields etc?

    Quick additional question: Are save files linked to scenarios? So, let's say I create a scenari, Alpha, for a server that already has an active save file. Will the players be able to use the save when the scenario is set to Alpha or does there need to be a complete wipe of the save?

    Last edited: Aug 15, 2017

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