tried SP game with volume/weight turned on....

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    I didn't mind so much with CV's.. easy to add alot of extensions for decent carry capacity... although energy use per extension for cv/bases needs to be lowered (ALOT). I absoluetly HATED the carry capacity for my SV builds.. hated, I mean H A T E D.. I don't like building huge SV's but even being able to bring back a small haul of loot from a poi is impossible now w/o a size TWENTY sv lol.. Devs needs to increase SV cargo extensions #'s by at least a factor of 10. As it stands now, if volume check is required on a server -- I will not play on that server. I love the logistics system for moving items but seriously HATE the weight/volume system.. I stop'd playing fallout 76 due to tiny storage space -- spending more time trying to keep my char's weight down and doing inventory mangement in a HEAVY LOOT game..

    oh and seriously WTF? golf clap on changes to block HP.. all builds but borg cubes are wet paper bags doing even small poi's. Someone smoking crack on the dev team lately? Talk about taking a fun to play again and wrecking it :(
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    That would make SVs vastly, overwhelmingly superior for storage compared to CV/BA. I'm also unsure why you would need a size class 20 SV to haul the loot from 1 POI. What kind of POI were you hauling so much loot from? I want some of that!
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    You're not meant to haul massive CV devices in an SV. That's like trying to stick a building on the back of a pickup truck. It's just ain't gonna fly; Both figuratively and literally.
    Nothing's stopping you from making a dedicated 18-wheeler of an SV using ultra-light materials and minimalist design for hauling the big stuff. But don't expect it to be any use in a fight.
    Gone are the days of a do-everything fighter with the carrying capacity of an aircraft carrier. Where you make one SV and you're done making ships for good.
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    I'm currently playing my first game with weights and volumes enabled.

    Early game was...well, largely unchanged once I realised the player inventory has no weight limit. Mining resources at this early stage wasn't a problem either. I've always tended to get just enough to get me started of each Ore, and I managed that without issue.

    Once I built my first HV and linked the storage, this transformed my Ore mining ability of course. So, my first HV felt even more useful than it did before - a nice feeling of progression.

    Where I did notice the capacity - both volume and weight - limitations more was when I began looting and salvaging wrecks. Many items take up MUCH more volume than their actual dimensions would suggest, so while blocks or devices might have the exact same 2x2x2 metre dimensions, they can take up VASTLY different volumes, which I wasn't expecting. I'm guessing some sort of sci-fi "cargo compression" is going out else why would a heavy block of a given size take up more volume than a light one of the exact same dimensions?

    Anyway, it was when looting the all important Thrusters from a crashed CV that I had to hugely expand my HV's cargo volume and lifting capacity. So, as a result, I've created quite a monster of a Hauler HV, which I actually find quite cool lol.

    So, I've had a bit of pain getting what I need to build my first CV, but once I have it my hauling options improve hugely. It's a bit of a learning curve, and there are still a few issues to be ironed out, but I'm liking what volumes and weights (yes, I know it's really mass, but that's what Eleon called it) adds to the game.

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    Ask me about the ability of SV to carry Big things... given .. I built my first and only Transport a bit too big but it does it job - The pictures shows it still able to fly and maneuver reasonably and with about 188to lift off weight (118to empty)

    Novo Provinces_2019-02-08_08-47-16.png
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