Unlock exotic construction options through exploration

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Ben Veater, Jul 13, 2019.

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    It occurs to me that in survival mode it is quite simple to level up to max level and unlock everything. It is also possible to look at the complete skill tree and decide you want to unlock from level 0. When you have unlocked everything and have built a capital vessel the impetus to keep playing fades because you have everything and there's nothing left to find. The urge to explore is all that's left at that point, the game has no loot rewards left. The process of progressing from running around on foot to flying a capital vessel from planet to planet is an exhilarating one. After you complete this phase the game loses something.

    A solution to this would be to unlock high level upgrades by deconstructing them in a deconstructor after you find them to add them as an unlock in the skill tree. Things like alien engines, fusion reactors, exotic ship weapons, Tardis storage, oxygen and fuel crates, and other such unique exotic items dotted around the world, which were not initially on your skill tree would be an extra incentive to keep exploring new and more hostile worlds. This could be isolated for end game by having a an exotic multi-tool reserved for end game and only available once all other skills had been unlocked. This exotic multi-tool could not be found and only built once you had completed the skill tree. The exotic multi-tool would be the only tool to be able to deconstruct exotic items whole and place them in a deconstructor for parts and an extra skill tree unlock for that exotic item. These exotic items could then be used to create the ultimate CV, SV, HV or BA

    What do you think?
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    I like the basic concept. My ideal would be a scanning mechanism similar to Subnautica, and to start de-emphasising the levelling a bit as a game mechanic. But the deconstructor would work too. The game has a great world to explore, so the more game mechanics can be embedded in that world the better!

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