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    Note: the files related to the faction system have information and info on how to use them.

    C:\games\Steam\steamapps\common\Empyrion - Galactic Survival\Content\Configuration

    - Factions.ecf
    - DefReputation.ecf
    - FactionWarfare.ecf

    - Faction.ecf: added new config file to allow defining your own factions in there
    - Factions.ecf: added 'Description' for NPC factions to display on the faction windows NPC tab.
    - Faction window: Localizing now all faction names on the reputation page
    - Factions.ecf: added hardcoded factions, please only change the color and maybe the Abbrev.
    - Factions.ecf: added OmitMapLegend to not show this faction in the map legend info
    - Factions.ecf: renamed "FriendlyToAllPlayers" to "Friendly". Added "Unfriendly". Added "HideAbbrev" to hide the faction abbreviation at certain locations in the game.
    - Added/updated docu to Factions.ecf
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