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    First draft of player skills allowing to change item properties (for now only Damage, more properties will come soon):
    • For now this is only usable with the Dialogue system. There you set up skills with e.g. Player.Skills['yourSkill'] = 1.5.
    • That skill (yourSkill = 1.5) can then be used in the ItemsConfig.ecf to modify the 4 properties you see below (Damage, BulletSpread, etc. If you think other values make sense too, please let us know. BlocksConfig.ecf comes next to change RangeLY for WarpDrive etc.).
    • Example for your Pistol: Mod.Damage: "Damage + Player.Skills['yourSkill'] * 2"
    • That way, properties are different handled per player - depending if the player skilled it or not.
    - Modded item properties via player skills: added BulletSpread, ReloadDelay, Recoil
    - BlocksConfig: added MarketPrice property
    - Added console command 'itemmods' to show the active modifications of the held item of the local player.
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    Not able to get this part working:
    Adding Mod.RangeLY: "RangeLY + Player.Skills['Eden_WarpRange'] * 2" to the warp drive block gives a CoQ on load. Not sure if I'm doing it right.

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