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    Hello Galactic Survivalists!

    Welcome to version 1.5 public release! As we detailed in the announcement and the blog posts, this is a code-heavy release, but it has a lot of nice additions to offer for builders, explorers, mission runners and beyond. Check out the version 1.5 Dev Blogs over here: https://empyriononline.com/forums/news-announcements.6/

    Without further ado, please carefully read through the changelog below.

    As always please note:
    Report bugs and issues for the public release right over here:

    For those that followed the EXP version:
    Fixed bugs for the Experimental branch can be found here:
    Fixed Experimental version bugs can be found there:

    For discussing the new and updated features, please head over to the Experimental Feedback forum: https://empyriononline.com/forums/experimental-features-discussion.35/

    Have fun! :)
    Empyrion Dev Team.

    Mandatory maintenance: Due to changes in the game configs (additions, changes,..) everyone using CUSTOM config files (locally or for published scenarios) needs to update their custom files to these changes!

    IMPORTANT: Scenario/local versions of ItemsConfig.ecf require at least the settings of the following entry to be added, otherwise scenarios might not start: “+Item Id: 549, Name: MeleeHunter”

    Change log:


    AI Changes:

    - Updated: Temperate Starter now uses new AI for Raptors, Alien Insect and Parasaur + new behavior for alien creatures in radiated & radiated fog biomes.

    New start:

    - Escape Pod now lands automatically (You can still look around)
    - Items and devices removed from Escape Pod and Player inventory; Survival Tool and Flashlight are dropped around the Escape Pod.
    - Added (skippable) tutorial mission (Robinson Protocol I + II) auto-activating on game start, helping new players to learn basic survival and building mechanics

    Global Changes on game start and related settings
    - Escape Pod can be set to land automatically in the playfield_static.yaml (FixedPlayerStart section); Uses new particle and impact effects as well.
    - Items can be set to be dropped around the Escape Pod in the playfield_static.yaml (FixedPlayerStart section)
    - Removed player ability to sleep in the Escape Pod
    - Survival Tent (and all beds) can now be used for sleeping at any time of the day
    - Survival Tool now automatically picks up mined ores to the player inventory
    - Survival Tool Resources mode can harvest plants and trees for fiber and wood logs (before this function was tied to Defense mode)

    Weapon Reworks:

    - New models for Pistol, Assault Rifle & Shotgun


    PDA Additions:
    - PDA: Added optional and ordered Actions
    - PDA: removed "Cannot activate chapter because..." message for not activatable chapters with chapter activation set up
    - Added PDA playfield op "StructPower"
    - PDA UI: Improved ordered action text by showing the ">" char next to the checkbox (not fixed on left side as before)
    - PDA clr <chapter-num> now also removes chapter from rewarded chapters


    - Added: Brotherhood of Farr faction, POIs and vessels (initial integration. More tbd; thx to a LOT of builders + spanj!)
    - Added: Farr Homeworld
    - Added: Interest planets: Arid/Desert are MAIN interest worlds (large settlements/presence); Temperate/TemperatePlateau/TemperateSwamp/Barren nare SECONDARY interest worlds (lower presence)
    - Changed: reconfigured naming of internal folders of npc faction homeworlds and related playfields
    - Updated playfield example files with info about new parameter 'FactionTerritory'
    - Added 'FactionTerritory' (list of strings) to playfield.yaml and space_dynamic.yaml to allow specifying a list of faction territories a POI can spawn in.
    - Changed: Legacy laser turrets changed to proper green variant (TurretAlien)
    - Added new turret color and projectile variants for NPC factions diversification.
    - Added Posters now available at the GIN Store (Available at each GIN console in trading stations and alike)



    - Story: Updated Tales of the Past (new tasks/locations/dialogues)
    - Story: Updated Crashed Birds (formerly Human Remains) with new story elements, directions and tasks
    - Story: Updated Totally Overpowered (changed mission start)
    - Story: Updated A Glacial Grave (formerly Offworld Grave) with certain details and bugfixes
    - Story: Updated Ancient Revelations (added proper guiding to mission; updated POI to make it easier to navigate; nerved the enemy count a bit)
    - Story: Updated Uncertain Outcomes (smaller task flow changes)
    - Story missions are now spread over the starter system.
    - Story: Updated story chapters 1-6 PDA (F1) detail info with info on how to proceed (clarified/updated info given)
    - Changed: Sigma Fulcrum approach dialogue now points towards speaking to traders instead of barkeepers (only speaking to traders will advance the search for Yarod)
    - Sigma Fulcrum (mission) station is now civilian and all NPC with a gun will now shoot at you (easier to identify the threats + accidentally shooting other NPC does not lead to the station turning against you anymore)
    - Sigma Fulcrum (station) now has a GIN console. Being neutral ground there is now a way to turn in credibility seals at any time at the SF station.
    - Updated Story POI: Ilmarinen, Sigma Fulcrum (thx to ravien & escarli)
    - Updated: Updated Story POI on Arid and Snow starter. PLEASE retest story chapter 1+2 on those starters (Robinson Protocol will not work there)

    - Added Farr: Temple Prime and Farr Crash Site to Farr Homeworld (unique POIs; thx to spanj & Co)
    - Added Satellites: Deep Space Telescope, NavSat17 (thx to don2k7, -AKEVA-BANSHEE-)
    - Added UCH Trading Station , Protea Station (thx to don2k7, -AKEVA-BANSHEE-)
    - Added new Tribal Defense Tower for Talon (thx to vermillion; added around Tribal Ziggurat)
    - Added Colonist OPV '[JLN] MAC Cargo' (thx to RtBucco)
    - Updated: Tribal Ziggurat (Talon), Xenu Spaceports (Starter and normal version), Theta Labs (adjusted starter version); thx to vermillion
    - Added: Colonist Trading Station (thx to JupiterVesselCorp)
    - Updated: Abandoned Bunker (vermillion), FarrHQ (spanj)
    - Updated Solar Plant (Pirates; thx to suluscacor)
    - Added: Com, Exploration & Spy Satellites (Mechastophiles/Germanicus/Arthmoor)
    - Added Colonists: Legionaire (RtBucco), Polar Outpost & Procyon Lab (-AKEVA-BANSHEE-)
    - Added UCH: Trading station (-AKEVA-BANSHEE-)
    - Added Pirates: Satellite Uplink stations & Water Purification Plant (oldladysheck; updated by sulusdacor)
    - Change: Trading Stations (planet and space) are set to regenerate (for MP; no effect in SP default)
    - Added: TESCH Tracker (OPV) and Pentaxid Defense (BAO) ; thx to Escarli
    - Added Tugboats to Junkard AsteroidFields (thx to Robot Shark & others)
    - Added more OPV & POIs to Brotherhood of Farr + some updates (thx to spanj & others)
    - Added Tresari orbital defense and Skaar ground defense (both Warlord faction; thx to Escarli)
    - Updated Abandoned Dojo (thx to vermillion), Croesus HQ (thx to Kaeser & ravien)
    - Added: Brotherhood of Farr > Drone Base, Castle of Farr, updated Bank of Farr; thx to Don2k7, Semp_, goldwingknight)
    - Added: Pirates > Orbital Bar & Base Type 101 (thx to sulusdacor)
    - Added: Various com/mil/science satellites (thx to DarkestWarrior, Don2k7, stubert812)
    - Added: UCH > Jensons Hope (thx to -AKEVA-BANSHEE-)
    - Added Warlord OPV: Hoplite, Kasagi, Tianlong
    - Added Abyssal POI: Resource Nexus, Floating Defense T3
    - Added Pirates POI: Hyper City, Solar Plant
    - Added Tesch OPV/POI: Defense T1, Utility S6
    - Thanks to contributors: HeckenDiver, 鯨鯨鯨, styLmntz, TiwBras, Fractalite, sulusdacor, Escarli
    - Added: SandCrawler base (Pirates), thx to theScriptHD
    - Added: Magpie (OPVWarlord > Helios Foundation [HF]), thx to Kithid (modified by Escarli)
    - Added TESCH faction OPVs: Formatter (Battleship) and Resetter (Dreadnought), thx to Escarli
    - Added: OPV Rutile (Warlord faction) thx to Finsterwolf, modified by Escarli
    - Added: OPV Advanced Vector (Tesch faction) thx to Escarli
    - Updated/added: Epsilon Hangar, Serdu Defense I-III (thx to vermillion)
    - Updated: Kriel Subjugator (thx to Siege Inc.)
    - Added/updated Legacy OPVS: Decimator, Devastator, Eradicator (thx to vermillion)
    - Added new TESCH OPV: Spike (thx to Escarli)
    - Added new Warlord OPV: Eternal Torment (Tresari faction; thx to Escarli)
    - Added: AbandonedDojo (BA)
    - Added: Kriel Nexus (BAO)
    - Added: New set of Epsilon T0 POIs (BA)
    - Added OPVs: Val'ruun Courser (Pirates), Skaar-Scimitar (Warlord), Skaar-Makar (Warlord), Outrunner (Warlord; original creator: Vreenak), Valiant (Warlord; original creator: Dadrick), Dreadmaw (Pirates; original creator: Triconflict)
    - Updated Small Settlement (Talon) with new Player POI Spawner
    - Thx to all creators & contributors: filbertfarmer, theScriptHD, Fractalite, Escarli, sulusdacor
    - Updated: POI group updates on Test Scenario.
    - Updated Warlord, Tesch and Pirate faction OPVs
    - Fixed several Pirate OPVs (thx to sulusdacor)
    - Fixes on BP prefabs DD Lokrum and Velebit Luxuries bases
    - Upd: Removed Abyssal Small Science vessel from spawngroups for now.
    - Added: GAL subfaction OPVs and BAOs (Warlord; thx to sulusdacor)
    - Added: Eagle Claw Outpost ( space dock, Warlord, Thx to Tim88 & Escarli)
    - Added: Tresari orbital defense (thx to Escarli)
    - Added: ARC Splinter & Planetary defense towers ( Warlord, thx to HeckenDiver)
    - Added Stock Blueprint: T2 Rocket Tank (L10) (Thx to sulusdacor)
    - Updated: Quin Merac and Deadmaw (Pirates OPV, thx to suluscador & ravien_ff)
    - Updated: Xenu Fortress P1 now has signal logic for destroying the admin core (thx to Escarli)
    - Updated: Kriel Subjugator OPV (thx to Escarli)
    - Updated Stock Blueprints: Blue Dart, HV Tier 1a, HV Tier 6c, KVE Aetheria LTS, Polaris Scout, SV Tier 3a, SV Tier 5 (thx to sulusdacor)

    Models & Devices:

    - Added separate glass material copies for use with heavy windows - assigned them to the heavy windows. Changed the Inv/inside window tint opacity to make sure it's more transparent.- Added: Talon charged laser crossbow
    - Added Non-device Player Spawner for BA-POIs (has no model so it can be fit wherever you want; Preview mode like for NPC Spawner)
    - Added: Heavy Windows (patterned); No preview-icons yet. PLEASE TEST for symmetry, painting etc.
    - Added: Toilet (modern) available from deco furnishings group (no preview icon yet)
    - Shield can now be active again when warping
    - Changed: reduced range of handheld detector to 650m/1250m (planet/space)

    Invader vs Defender update:

    - Merged Dialogues.ecf & Dialogues.csv with Default SinglePlayer
    - Merged TokenConfig.ecf with Default SinglePlayer
    - Merged TraderNPCConfig.ecf with Default SinglePlayer
    - Add RepMatrix to DefRepuration.ecf
    - Removed Default PDA Pictures as they are read from Default Content Directory
    - Set Sun to SunRandom in Sectors.yaml
    - Update PDA > Add new Empyrionpedia Entries about the Game
    - Updated Many Space Playfields to new AI Vessel & Drone Config
    - Reworked BlackHole from FixedGen to RandomGen
    - Added ErestrumResource to Terrain.ecf on Alpol
    - Reworked Alpol from FixedGeneration to RandomGenenration
    - Reworked AtlonSector from FixedGen to RandomGen
    - Removed GrassGreen02D from Playfields due to Grass v2
    - Add Containers.ecf
    - Add CredibilitySeals as very Low Drop to some NPCs due to not haveing Default SinglePlayer Missions

    - SinglePlayer mode: protect player while a dialog window is open by deactivating/pausing the following game mechanics:
    - player status drop (food, health, etc.)
    - environmental hazards (effect of temperature, radiation)
    - timed affliction (buff) progress
    - AI (NPCs/creatures/turrets don't attack)
    - Added: BlocksConfig/Dialogues documentation about using Skills in dialogues and in conjunction with modifying available block/device parameters
    - Added: BlocksConfig parameters > Added info about 'ExecuteOnActivate: YourDialogState' and 'ExecuteOnCollide: YourDialogState' to head area of blocksconfig.ecf
    - Added: Dialogue function > Added info about new function 'CallLater(Seconds,FunctionName)' to head area of dialogues-config-and-examples.txt
    - Dialogue System: Added 'OpenDevice' to easily access the device whose window is currently open
    - Dialogue System: Added IModApi's IApplication, use Application.xyz to use its functionality

    Console & Configs:
    - Add property 'RepairToTemplate' to BlocksConfig.ecf to allow excluding (rare or special) blocks from repairing to template to avoid exploits.
    - Updated StatusEffects.ecf with new parameter 'NextIsWorse' for status effects that get worse (indicate a direction)
    - Added file name to error message if space dynamic yaml has syntax errors.
    - Console command 'destroy': added '-dead' as 2nd parameter to show death model, if not specified the entity will get removed immediately
    - Added possibility to load a playfield from a scenario using console command "lpf <template name> -scenario '<scenario name>'".
    - Updated BlocksConfig.ecf and ItemsConfig.ecf inline docu about new parameter 'ShieldMultiplier' and weapons damage in general
    - Added server-side anti-cheat feature "short session monitoring" - this is configurable in dedicated.yaml under "ServerConfig:
        ShortSessionMinutes: 0 #how many minutes of a client play session are regarded as "short session" (0 = disable short session feature completely)
        ShortSessionCountToLog: 0 #after how many consecutive short sessions write a warning line in server log (0 = disable log feature)
        ShortSessionCountToBan: 0 #after how many consecutive short sessions ban the player (0 = disable ban feature)
    Solar System and Playfields:
    - Playfield.yaml: added property AllowSavingBlueprints (default True) to disallow saving of BPs in playfields (f.e. in PvP playfields)
    - SolarSystemGen: added possibility to have solar systems with two stars (2nd star only decoration) by specifying a "CompanionStarClass" (f.e. CompanionStarClass: M) in GalaxyConfig.ecf
    - Solar System Generation Space: added possibility to specify a GroupName for space_dynamic.yaml POIs (instead of only a POI list); if a GroupName is specified and no DisplayName then the DisplayName is taken from the blueprint's DisplayName
    - Added entity 'Generic' to allow specifying decoration entities, f.e. gas clouds in space playfields (also for modders, will post information how to use it soon on the forums)
    - Added ShowInDistance and LOD0Distance to playfield yaml and dynamic space yaml to allow drawing decoration entities in the distance as well (more information will come soon)
    - Updated +ExampleSpace with new setting for AI space vessels avoiding area configuration.
    - Planets without atmosphere now use the same sun color as its orbit (only if OrbitUsesLightColor is NOT set) to make orbit/planet transition closer
    - Planet outside view: improvements for sharper visuals (f.e. on moons)
    - Grass: if YScale is specified, the XZScale now uses the exact same scaling
    - Set splat map stamps in tga format to not compressed as the alternative tga loader wants it that way
    - Added PfServerWeight to space_dynamic.yaml to be copied over to playfield.yaml

    - Added IModAPI.IApplication.GetBlockAndItemMapping() - returns a dict with name to id mapping (especially important for the dynamically assigned block ids)- XRefActivate now supports negative logic for enabling a GameObject if device gets disabled

    - Added: Example files on how to use SolarSystemConfig_Defines (check folder ...\Content\RandomPresets )
    - Small optimization for the wipeinfo file: now the entities are read only if a wipeinfo file is present
    - Added better error message when there is an entity named wrong in EGroupsConfig.ecf
    - PDA - for mission creators: when in Logistics window the fuel or O2 tank is opened in the right grid the PDA can check for WindowOpened, use name as in Logistics window's dropdown (e.g. "[Fuel]")
    - Added 'DropOnDeath' property to BlocksConfig.ecf, ItemsConfig.ecf and TokenConfig.ecf. If set to 'False' then this item is not dropped on player death. Use for important story items that players shall not lose on death. Default is set to 'True'.
    - Added new loading screenshots (removed old ones) + added new loading screenshot texts
    - Added: new model for Color Texture Tool
    - Updated: Loading screen descriptions
    - Dialogue System: Added 'OpenDevicePos' to get the block position (inside the structure) of the device whose window is currently open
    - Updated Stock Blueprints: Blue Dart, HV Tier 1a, HV Tier 6c, KVE Aetheria LTS, Polaris Scout, SV Tier 3a, SV Tier 5 (thx to sulusdacor)
    - Changed: SV Prefab T5c renamed Manta Dropship
    - Changed: SV Prefab T6 renamed to Revolution Overture One
    - Changed: HV Tier 3 renamed to Walker
    - Changed: HV Prefab T1a renamed to Blue Mist
    - Changed: HV Prefab 6 renamed to Boxer Tank
    - Changed: HV Prefab 6b renamed to UCH Sentinel
    - Changed: HV Prefab 6c renamed to Desert Cat
    - Changed: (Crashed Birds) reduced detection trigger distance for commander Carver to not get triggered too early (and the marker vanishing)
    - Changed: (Crashed Birds) reduced detection trigger distance for commander Carver to not get triggered too early (and the marker vanishing)
    - Updated: Added info about new parameter 'DropOnDeath' to BlocksConfig, ItemsConfig and TokenConfig
    - Changed: Removed Minigun/Rocket drones and Raptors from standalone Tutorial scenario
    - Changed: Sanctuary (Starter Planet) > swapped TraderPaxPurgatory to Bertrams (+Flamethrower fuel)
    - Changed: Trading station (Starter System), Inferno Club & TOP Distillery changed to Colonists faction.
    - Changed: Escape alternatives in UCH Heidelberg updated
    - DialogueSystem: added workaround for strange compiler errors in some use cases

    - Exception when using projectiles loaded from an asset bundle, returning to main menu and resuming the game
    - Small fix to thruster particles so that particles do not stop from time to time without reason
    - Mounted weapons exploit
    - Fix for resource asteroids being transparent
    - Fixed: Credibility missions could not be completed, although destroyed cores were counted.
    - Fixed: Blocksmap.dat was not written in MP games, leading to problems if the order for blocks that have no id in the BlocksConfig.ecf changes
    - Possible fix for "temp allocator" warning message
    - Fix for harvesting is not putting items directly into inventory
    - Fixed: Ambassador Hyzanis vessel did not spawn in asteroid field
    - Fix for being able to use 'Proximity Log' button in registry although it was not allowed
    - SSG: fixed CoQ when the new resources (aluminium, ice, platin) were used
    - Truss blocks have no shadows
    - Fix for modded crosshairs bundle not getting loaded if vanilla game was loaded before
    - Driller: fixed problem that items got dropped twice when using the "retrieve blocks mode"
    - Fixed Sigma Fulcrum: Hostile Salurian troops now are using warlord faction instead of alien.
    - Console cmd lpf: small fix when used ingame
    - Items crafted in the survival constructor don't get stacked in the output cells
    - Fixed: issues with dialogues for GER loca.
    - Fixed Sigma Fulcrum: Hostile Salurian troops now are using warlord faction instead of alien.
    - Fixed issues of dialogues in GERMAN loca sometimes leading to a CoQ/Exception
    - Fixed: Thruster M (T2) only had 100 HP
    - Fixed: issues in dialogues config and csv leading to CoQ
    - Fixed: TSO_Variant2 had alien spawns (now "same as base")
    - Potential fix for modding API Event_Player_Info not sending ping information (please give feedback if it works)
    - Fixed “Explosive devices” not giving damage to shields


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  2. eLLe

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    Jun 17, 2017
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    And when is water physics planned? I know Empiryion is a unique game but I’m kind of losing the feeling that it can offer something new that would get me back to playing. The water and the world around it would round out the game as a whole and offer players with 1000+ hours of play a new reason to return to it.

    I know you make the game for new players. I know you need to make money because development costs but 1000+ players have been with you from the beginning and just like developers are involved in its development. Water physics opens up completely new possibilities for the game and certainly gives it at least 25% new content. After that you just need to polish the game and it can be said that the development is over. After that, you just add the content and the game will last for many years and the money will come to you as you deserve.
  3. XYZ

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    Jun 25, 2015
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    It's a great visual improvement, but you should really change the animation when you are flying in space without the jetpack. Because it looks like you are sprinting on the ground not flying in space. empyrion_Moment.jpg
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  4. Supay

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    Feb 23, 2019
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    I asked this every update! Water is desired and seemed to be ignored when it comes to features asked for. Starting to think they aren't able to add it in?
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  5. Primal Dragon

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    Jun 8, 2021
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    You mean buoyancy? So you can actually land a ship on water like in Cowboy Bebop?
    That would be cool, but even a game with much more detailed physics (Space Engineers) still don't have proper water, because that would absolutely murder PC performance. I kind of doubt Empyrion code can handle this any better, so the sad answer is... when PC's gonna be 100 times faster or so.
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  6. Hummel-o-War

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    Jun 15, 2015
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    That’s pretty much the issue .. performance. We still look into solutions, though.
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  7. ravien_ff

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    Oct 22, 2017
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    Congrats on the launch of 1.5!
  8. aardvark

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    May 23, 2016
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    How about the specifics on "these" changes, what and where? I really can't be arsed to go hunting through the forum for some random post where you've vaguely mentioned what you've changed and broken with my fucking save... AGAIN. -_-

    Or is this:
    "IMPORTANT: Scenario/local versions of ItemsConfig.ecf require at least the settings of the following entry to be added, otherwise scenarios might not start: “+Item Id: 549, Name: MeleeHunter”"
    the full extent of the necessary changes? I'd imagine there to be more since you say "at least".
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  9. ravien_ff

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    Oct 22, 2017
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    Nothing needs to be changed with your save game.

    This only applies to custom scenarios or mods, in which case you need to wait for the scenario or mod author to update.
    If you are the author, then you need to update it yourself. From what I'm hearing from others, it is enough to add that item to your configs to get your scenario to load properly, though you may encounter other issues if you don't include the other changes.

    It is the author's responsibility to update their configs.
    They can use whatever means to do so as they wish, whether that's using a file compare feature or plugin, or just copying over the new configs and re-applying their changes.
    A full list of changes can be obtained by using file compare on your custom configs versus the new configs and then applying any changes as neccesary.

    It is NOT the developer's responsibility to update custom scenarios.

    *edited to add* We've also had access to the new configs on experimental for almost a month giving scenario authors and servers plenty of time to get their updates ready.
  10. elmo

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    Sep 26, 2017
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    Well done Eleon guys and thank you.
  11. Robot Shark

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    Jul 3, 2016
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    Will do.
  12. Don2k7

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    Apr 27, 2021
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    so to be clear if I missed it if I have a default 1.4.xxxx save single player I can carry on as normal or start a new game.
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  13. ravien_ff

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    Oct 22, 2017
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    Correct. Old saves should work fine, but you'll be missing some of the new content like new missions, POIs, etc.
    It's always recommended to start a new save, but not required.

    What he was asking about is stuff involving custom scenarios which needs to be dealt with by the scenario author.
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  14. Don2k7

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    Apr 27, 2021
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    ok thanks for the info
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  15. Nehoy

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    Jun 8, 2021
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    Not to be a Negative Nancy, but my God... EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I get into this game, an unexpected 1GB+ update bears its head EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. This wouldn't be a problem if my bandwidth wasn't atrocious, but it is.

    I spent the past 2 nights, about 5 hours in total, trying to get CO-OP to work with my friend. We finally got it to work and played 1 hour of Empyrion last night. I open Steam today to see there's a 2GB update. So now, I gotta wait about 12 more hours to play this game. Exciting stuff.

    This is pain. I really hope this update was worth it. I've spent more time trying to get online play to work correctly than I have actually playing this game. And every single time I get into it, BAM an update.

    Don't get me wrong. I do appreciate the updates. But Jeez. I could not believe literally only got 1 hour out of this game out of the 5 hours past the past week to immediately run into an update today. Well, here we go 100kbits/s, good luck me! (it's me living off the grid's fault, not actually ANYBODY'S fault; it just makes me a sad panda...)
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  16. Joij

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    Nov 24, 2019
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    What about increasing the maximum ship size? I heard that was something planned for a future update.
  17. krazzykid2006

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    Feb 28, 2017
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    The stable branch hasn't been updated for a while until the update today with 1.5

    So if you had updates before that is because you choose to opt into the experimental branch.
    You choose to join a branch that updates constantly. Lol

    Stable branch hasn't been updated for a month until today's update.
    So yeah, you choose to be on the experimental branch.
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  18. Myrmidon

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    Mar 26, 2016
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    One question. Any plans we get cloud saving?
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  19. aardvark

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    May 23, 2016
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    Running a modified versions of a custom scenario and mod on my server, since default midgame is nonexistent and the custom scenario had features my friends disagreed with, so yeah I'm in this boat.

    Cool, so a list of the other changes would still be great, to avoid the other issues stemming from the lack of other changes.

    Never claimed otherwise, did I?

    Full list of mandatory game critical changes could also be posted by the developers who made said changes, but sure lets have everyone do the detective work separately.

    Did not claim otherwise and completely agree.

    Not sure how you got the idea from my post that I thought the devs should update custom scenarios, but apologies for any confusion caused.

    Yeah, I don't pay attention to the experimental branch since I expect it to be, well, experimental and open to changes before going to the main branch, so I'd rather fix my shit once, when the changes are locked in, as opposed to potentially doing it multiple times.
    I probably should pay more attention to the experimental, but they left Early Access and went for the release version, ergo I don't consider myself their paying alpha tester any more.

    Anyhoo... As long as the damn thing would load, and have our built stuff in it, I think we'd tolerate any minor issues... Parts of our game have been wonky AF already anyway, due to having grandfathered it through several previous updates. We don't consider "start a new game and nuke hours upon hours worth of work" to be a valid solution, especially for a non-early access game.
    Though, from what I've gathered since my previous outburst, starting a new game seems to be utterly necessary for us at this point... our world is so full of band aids and workarounds that no amount of duct tape, happy thoughts, and bubblegum seems to be able to save it this time. Apparently that the boat we're on is in fact on a certain creek and we've lost the paddle.

    Unfortunate, because I really liked this game, it'll be a shame to abandon it. But it's really hard to conquer the whole galaxy if we keep needing to start over. The galaxy is like, really really big, and we only play occasionally, so updates breaking worlds is untenable to us.

    But don't mind me, I'll go back to sulking quietly in the corner again. Just got triggered by there being mandatory changes to be made, with only a vague hint as to what said mandatory changes actually would be.
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    Jun 8, 2021
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    Hi, will me and my friend have to start over?

    I have never opted into any experimental branch ever. I have always ran Empyrion from Steam's Play button and never touched the Betas or experimental branches.

    So you're saying that me simply running from "None" under BETAS tab is actually the experimental branch, and it's my fault?

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