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Discussion in 'Patch Notes' started by Pantera, Sep 22, 2021.

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    Full v1.6 patch notes can be found here: https://empyriononline.com/threads/v1-6.98777/

    Hi Galactic Survivalists!

    Here is the changelog for v1.6.1 with some fixes we have been working on. Have fun and please report bugs and problems as usual - thanks a lot!

    Hotfix: 2021-09-22 v1.6.1 (Build 3510)

    - Fix for color & texture tool rapidly rotating textures
    - Fixed an exploit

    Updated IvD scenario:
    - Add new changes to LoadingScreenConfig.yaml
    - Add second sun (Neutron Star) to Cygnus System
    - Add new changes to LoadingScreenConfig.yaml

    - Fixed Merdar Start PDA Mission
    - Fixed Trader Buy/Sell on Carbon Substrate (PlasticMaterial)
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    Thanks for continuing to update the game I love so much.

    With the recent changes to the game, it seems that the emissive textures took a hit to their radiance, and as a result they are less "glowy". As a builder, this does impact the effect of using them to generate things such as faux engine thrust radiance, radiated or molten surfaces, or a number of other illuminated surface ideas we like to use.

    Presumably Eleon is aware of this, perhaps this was done to increase performance? Or is there a revision or fix in the works?
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    In the words of Spanj..."Empyrion please fix".
    This update sucks...my game is now too dark to see even with the "brightness" turned up to 60 (it was at 0) I can not see the game. The update messed up the ability to see the environment so the listed updates of better textures and other fixes can not been seen. I CANT PLAY THE GAME. Nothing was done to the system BUT the update so it has to be the 1.6 update. I was just about to leave the starter planet and expand into the starter system and now I can not play. Also, I tried to mine some Silicon and 3 times went from being underground mining to over 500ft above the ground (in the miner) just suddenly. PLEASE fix this so I can see in the game.

    ADDING this I found out since posting the above Wednesday. I can not progress thru the missions. It will not let them progress or allow me to click them as completed and move on so I am stuck. no progress on my missions. IN this case I am unable to complete the "send and receive" it does not let me complete plugin in the antenna and I can not click it. I am going to run Steams file verification and see if that helps but none of this was going on before the update. On the above "being dark issue" I can only see things in the day time on the planet IF on the surface. In the base it is to dark unless I make and place light units all over the place. Like 4 -6 of them in each area. That is in addition to the ones that were there. In the Abandoned POI I am using as a base is multi level and has a lot of rooms, areas and as I rebuilt part of it into 2 hangers and landing areas needs more lights added to get the same basic lighting I had before the update.
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