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Discussion in 'Patch Notes' started by Pantera, Mar 1, 2022.

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    Hi Galactic Survivalists!

    In addition to the previous patch we have an important fix for an exception that was found.

    Report bugs and issues for the public release right over here:

    v1.7.7 B3718

    - Fixed a spamming exception that triggered when looking at a portal from an instance
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    Sep 22, 2016
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    It might not be specific to this hotfix, but an old minor bug appears to have resurface.

    Basically, I placed a CV starter block from a connected inventory and said block retained the green outline after being placed down. I made a save, but upon reloading the green outline was gone and all appeared well.

    However, when flying around I'll occasionally see ghostly green outlines of this block, hours (and reloads) later. See an example here, taken when I visited the starting planet's moon for the first time in the CV I'd built. I noticed this from quite a distance while exploring, so flew closer to get the screenshot.

    Note that I would of course upload a save showing this, except that saving then reloading is quite a reliable way for said ghosted blocks to vanish. Basically, I've found that I have to follow the listed actions before it appears. I don't know if I have to be flying the vessels I was constructing at the time to see this block, but that's what I've done this time.
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