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    Hello Galactic Survivalists!

    Autumn is here and the forests are becoming a little more colorful again. "Colorful" is also one of the keywords for the current EXPERIMENTAL version of update v1.8.10!

    While the programming team has focused on bug fixing, Art & Design have set out to make Empyrion even more colorful in some details - or rather to give YOU the possibilities to do so. For example, you can now use the Color & Texture tool to paint the thruster flares independently of the actual thruster block. The same applies to deco consoles with hologram elements!


    By the way, you can now also copy colors and textures with the tool. And if you have a block in your hand you can copy complete blocks in CREATIVE mode.

    For the current version, the content team has looked into the feedback of the game start tutorial and made first adjustments. Among other things, the 'Info Count' in the Escape Pod area has been reduced. Also, there is now a mini-tutorial at game start, in case you activate the Robinson protocol. To further reduce the popup count, information that was previously given in some pop ups has been moved directly to the hover info cards of the respective devices and items.


    All changes can be found in the changelog below.
    In general, as always:
    1. Please submit bugs and errors here:
    2. Issues fixed for this release are shown here:
    3. Please post feedback on specific topics (e.g. tutorial, coloring etc) here in the pinned threads:

    Have fun with the EXPERIMENTAL version!
    We are looking forward to your feedback!
    Empyrion Dev Team


    - Thruster ‘flames’ can now be colored via the color & texture tool. To do this first select a color then aim the color & texture tool at the flame of the thruster to change the color independently from the rest of the thruster block.


    - Holographic deco blocks can now have the holo display color changed
    - Ctrl-RMB now copies the block attributes if the current slot has a stack of blocks. In Creative Mode the block type is also copied.
    - TextureColorTool: now you can select texture/color with CTRL-RMB when pointing at a block

    - HtmlWindow: added a new tag %CONTENT_DIR% that will get replaced with the directory of the Content folder so you can access ingame data. %CONTENT_DIR% can be used much like %SHARED_DATA%
    - Volumetric lights are now connected to Atmosphere fog & weather
    - Added ‘TribalAnvil’ to Tribal Deco block group
    - Added missing database variables to Dialogues Example File
    - Added info about new shield parameters to blocksconfig and intemsconfig.
    - Updated BlocksConfig with info about new Dialogue setting: DialogueSingleUserAccess: true

    Content Updates (Default Scenario):
    - Updated hover info cards stats: coloring highlights, eg Airtight: No = No is now red
    - Updated hover info cards description texts info content and visuals (Start items, Surivial Constructor items, devices/items relevant for HV/BA microtorials)
    - Changed wording of Exploration Token message when finding iron, copper, silicon the first time to reduce confusion of new players about ET usage.
    - Changed: Akua: Only Survival Tool and Flashlight drop around the escape pod (the other items are placed in the players inventory); No change to Skillon, Masperon and Ningues
    - Changed: Picking up the Survival Tool does not autostart a video anymore. (Video Manual added as consumable item)
    - Changed: ‘Getting Started’ Video does not start automatically anymore (see below)
    - Changed: Deactivated text-intensive popups for PDA, Techtree and Inventory (basic info are move to startup mission)
    - Changed: Added short linear mission on game start when accepting Robinson Protocol
    - Changed: deactivated dialogue popup pointing player towards the Obelisk
    - Changed: deactivated auto-start of HV and BA building Tutorials. Player is now given a ‘consumable’ item to start both tutorials whenever he wants. (No changes made to actual micro-tutorials yet)

    - 00188: Resource icon of Carbon does not display on map side panels
    - 08079: Light barrier distance slider resets itself if the size is setup to =<4
    - 00208: Players can run underwater whilst holding weapons/tools.
    - 08286: Camera shaking while crouching whilst the jetpack is on in space
    - 00338: POIs taken over by players still have dialogues on it
    - 00337: Blocks with Dialogue Class in config always show popup on PlayerStructure
    - 00348: Spotlight slope have wrong collision model
    - 00336: Blueprints with "cockpit 6, cockpit 6 (armored), cockpit 6 (Legacy)" will be missing a cockpit when spawned in <- You will need to place a new cockpit in the BP then overwrite it for this to work
    - 00372: Large Minigun Drones weapon can get stuck
    - 08169: Pressing a number key while in turret view results in CoQ loop
    - Fixed: Some Stock Prefabs spawned without Cockpit (cockpit 6)
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    Aug 10, 2016
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  3. Myrmidon

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    Would be nice if the color of the thruster exhausts was fuel type depended.
  4. AlterDraconis

    AlterDraconis Ensign

    Sep 2, 2019
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    Can you add more textures?
  5. The Big Brzezinski

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    Nov 4, 2019
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    External lighting and paint schemes are going to become an even bigger deal.
  6. CyberMech

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    Jun 23, 2018
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    Painting the engine exhaust and consoles is a good idea. However, I would like you to finally solve 3 long-standing and significant problems:

    1. Increase the number of solar panels from 15 to 16, because the number 15 is not divisible into 4 sides, as a result of which it is not possible to beautifully and symmetrically arrange the panels around the base.

    2. Increase the efficiency of the solar panels themselves by 15-30%, so that they generally make sense to put them on the bases for players who have reached level 15+, because. idle energy consumption after this level is already increasing significantly due to the increase in storage and production capacity an base.

    3. You added railguns and a laser to the HV, which made it possible to make tanks, but at the same time you completely forgot to increase the maximum CPU value for the HV ... And so. 4 railguns = ~12k CPU, with a total CPU value of just a measly 100k, we end up with...a PLASTIC TANK!!!
    And before that, the HV had a significant shortage of CPU, as a result of which the players simply stopped building this type of ship and completely focused on building the SV. To date, the HV class can be safely considered dead, because.
    no one uses it, with the exception of completely new and still not understanding beginners, and then up to level 5, because after that the meaning in this type of vessel is completely lost.
    From here, I once again draw your attention to the fact that the TANK should BE a tank, which means
    that the CPU limit for HV needs to be increased finally to sane and adequate values = 150-200k. Only with this CPU limit is it possible to assemble an adequate armored steel tank with a wall thickness of 2-3 blocks and with a full set of turrets and 4 rail guns. Right now, what you collect at the current CPU limit for HV will be destroyed in 2 minutes by 1 military SV without any risk or difficulty at all.

    Please pay attention to this, as you have already devastated the PVP servers by completely allowing players to make PVE scenarios like RE. Do not bury the game completely! It hurts to look at obvious problems and illogical things!!!
  7. AlterMann64

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    Jun 2, 2022
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    Oh colour in thrusters...i saw it in another great game where you must buy for it! ... nice add but not necessary
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  8. Máethorel

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    Dec 23, 2019
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    This is awesome; been waiting to see something like this! Hoping we will see changeable colours for the emissive energy on other devices (e.g. weapons, gravity generators, cpus, etc.)
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