Feedback Required Version 1.5: Invader vs Defender

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    For version 1.5 many changes got made in Invader vs Defender.
    We started to implent more mission content, f.ex Credibility Seals can be looted to fix the reputation.
    Station Hacking is partly implented aswell

    With more to come :D

    We love to hear what players think on those changes

    Update Log:
    - Merged Dialogues.ecf & Dialogues.csv with Default SinglePlayer
    - Merged TokenConfig.ecf with Default SinglePlayer
    - Merged TraderNPCConfig.ecf with Default SinglePlayer
    - Add RepMatrix to DefRepuration.ecf
    - Removed Default PDA Pictures as they are read from Default Content Directory
    - Set Sun to SunRandom in Sectors.yaml
    - Update PDA > Add new Empyrionpedia Entries about the Game
    - Updated Many Space Playfields to new AI Vessel & Drone Config
    - Reworked BlackHole from FixedGen to RandomGen
    - Added ErestrumResource to Terrain.ecf on Alpol
    - Reworked Alpol from FixedGen to RandomGen
    - Reworked AtlonSector from FixedGen to RandomGen
    - Removed GrassGreen02D from Playfields due to Grass v2
    - Add Containers.ecf
    - Add CredibilitySeals as very Low Drop to some NPCs due to not haveing Default SinglePlayer Missions
    - Fixed Terrain Layer 15 on Taldor   

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