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    I am looking for a water planet using mostly deep water biome, with 3-5 land masses, evenly spaced about.

    The idea is to provide a suitable environment for strictly water going vehicles.

    I am making boats, and they work thanks to a trick i use that lets me ride at 3.0m hover height at full speed but with at least 1 foot of the vehicles hull in the water.

    This is achieved using 2 sets of hover thrusters that are spaced apart by 5 blocks vertically.

    I hope to run a transport operation using boats from 1 island to another, shipping resources, and having at least 1 or 2 other smaller island that an enemy faction can use to stage attacks on the water going cargo transport.

    If anybody is willing to create this for me I would greatly appreciate it, i will host it on my current server and you can come and try it in action :)
    In the meantime I am busy making boats, I dont know how to use all this latest playfield creation stuff yet.
    I am hoping that what I am asking for is a simple matter for someone who knows what they are doing with playfields.

    A planet just with the islands is fine but if you are able to do the following also that would be a bonus, but not essential.

    The initial island would contain deposits of all resource except gold, the size of the island itself i can only say, look at the huge lakes on the starter planet, I need island as big as one of those lakes.

    The target delivery island will require no resources ( the idea is the colony have used it all) and its island would also need to be as big as one of those starter planet lakes.

    The 2 or 3 extra random islands may contain no more than basic starter planet resources and be much smaller in size like the old Oscutune land masses.

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