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    Hello guys, I was seeing comments about the water, and I hope to try to help with something.
    I realized that the default brightness setting in the game is very high. in some angles it even dazzles the player, depending on the situation. I think this is interfering with the balance of water behavior, and even the atmosphere of the planets when viewed from a distance.
    I am posting some pictures to show this, from before, and after.
    JS (3).png JS (6).png JS (8).png JS (11).png JS (1).png JS (2).png JS (5).png
    You certainly know that, but for those who don't, I posted this:
    The behavior of the water varies according to the angle you look at, but it is very strong when looking at the sun.
    but even so, it’s not as strong as we’re seeing.
    The water usually shows three things: the reflection, the bottom, and the sky.
    Usually, the bottom is what we see most when we look at the horizon.
    But from the photos, we can see that the sky is what most influences the scenery.
    I think that by decreasing the brightness, everything was fine. I hope so, hugs.

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