We Need Motivation, please! ("End Game" conversation)

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    Hello there, fellow galactic travelers!

    As I mentioned in my last post, I really enjoy this game very much. I'm mostly a "builder type", though. I really enjoy everything else to the extent that it supports my main interest of building stuff.

    With this being said, something which I find lacking, and which I see others also mention, is the question of motivation past the early game. Now, I know some of this will come off negatively. Please, please understand that it's just meant to be discussion point and not in any way intended to be whiny. I'm hoping to offer suggestions, not to cast aspersions. Sometimes new ideas can help.

    Let's get to it!

    I have noticed that I lack motivation to move on out into space. I really enjoy the game, and the planets, and it's all so beautiful. That is definitely not the problem. The challenge for me is that, "Once I've seen a nascent moon, I've seen a nascent moon." So why would I go exploring once I know what's out there?

    We need a reason to go to those POIs. Something beyond, "It's fun." Something which impacts the game at large. When I go into a POI, I'm getting the same things I can get elsewhere. Or I already have it. Now, I think that decay / necessity for repair was intended to address this. I don't think you could change damage taken by, say, heavy armor, at this point in the game. People will squawk. Loudly. :p

    I believe that the answer should be a progression of temporary, short-term items found in increasingly harder POIs. Right now, that is "epics" but (and I say this fearfully because like everyone, I'm a bit entrenched in my ways), those are too easy to get already. What is my motivation to go to a POI on the Legacy homeworld? I get the same loot as I got in the abandoned POI on the desert planet I took a liking to... and it's going to last me a while. So the question becomes, "for why should I work harder?"

    This is something that EGS is missing. That push into further and harder. The risk / reward ratio is out of balance.

    Now, I sometimes will offer my "complaints" without suggestions that go along with them. This time, though, I'd like to make some suggestions. There should be some 'permanent' very rare and interesting things that you REALLY want. At the same time, there should be some perks along the way that make you think things might be better the higher you go in difficulty.

    I had this idea. Feel free to tweak it, use it, or tell me to go pound sand. :p

    I thought of teirs like this:

    1. Starter area POIs should give you the things to go out into space to begin with. (This is in place)
    2. Once in space, you get your Zas and Ere, and make your CV. (This is in place)
    3. Next, you will get medium armor in the crates of POIs you discover and raid.
    4. You will then get Heavy armor in the next level of POIs.
    5. You will then get a (level 1) temporary item of some kind in the next step up. A "one use" short term boost to your shield, for example. Perhaps a speed boost. Maybe a gun boost. Also, you will get the ability to make heavy armor.
    6. This level of POI will be tweaked to make the person need the temporary items from rank 5. You will get the ability to make, let's say, a rank 2 armor boost for your heavy armor. This may either provide more armor, or reduces the penalties. You will sometimes find a (level 2) temporary boost item for your shield. This allows you to engage with the next level.
    7. This rank will allow you to sometimes find, say, epic sentry guns for your SV. Which is good, because you'll need it for the next rank...
    8. This rank allows you to sometimes find (level 2) temporary gun damage boost. This allows you to dominate the previous rank POIs, and to gear up your SV to hit the next rank of POIs...
    9. This rank of POIs starts your CV upgrade, so that you can take on big ships in space.

    Anyway, I hope that helps to get the idea across... Each level of difficulty should have improved loots. Right now, that's not the case. I don't want to go do "difficulty: 6" planets or POIs because let's be honest... I can get everything I need and want already. Okay, sure, if I'm bored and want to be frustrated for a few hours for no apparent reason, I can tackle the super hard POIs... but most of us aren't super self-motivated.

    We really need the DEVS to motivate us to go visit and engage with the rest of the game. Giving us better loot will help. And making SOME permanent and SOME temporary or short term or with a pretty fast "item degradation" will motivate us to go get more of them.

    Unfortunately, given human nature, I would NOT mess with what's there already. But start thinking in terms of a constant sense of improving one's self and one's odds of fighting tough POIs.

    Give us gun turrets with longer range, but only in difficult POIs. (as another example)

    Please make me want to go do the wonderful POIs and quests you're making! Motivate me. Reward me! (Gosh, now I sound like a puppy, but for real... rewards are good!)
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