What are your hopes for 10.0?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by spacefarmer, Jan 9, 2019.

  1. Supay

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    Feb 23, 2019
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    -Dynamic displays (One screen or multiple screens that shows current Fuel,Ammo, etc...)
    -Remote control Modules for SV and or Drop ships. (These would else let you set way points to be picked up at or remote piloting of the craft for pick up.)
    -Stealth for SV's and think they should be limited to small class SV's for covert ops and avoiding bad odd fights.
    -Giant Faction Check points in space around planets conquered or home worlds to alien factions. These would require good faction to go by unharmed. You can also stealth by them and this would open up covert op's type quests to do for each faction of the opposite side. You can also just bring a buttload of friends to knock them out and take over the planet.
    -Combat Medic kits that let you heal people in multiplayer
    -Temporary playing fields that have some crazy event going on and spawn randomly and last for a random time. These would be like a planet that is being terra-formed. Black hole sucking up a star or planet. Super nova is set to happen and you have a limited time to get to a planet to do something and get out before it goes.
    -Pre-fab Mechs, as in something like the motorcycle but mechs with power up modules and weapon/tool upgrades.

    Not really sure what 10 will bring but the game is fun currently and love the things that have been added. My biggest hope is for build-able submarines(AV?) and water worlds with their own under water weather effects like changing currents.
  2. Eric Peterson

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    Aug 5, 2016
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    Deployable solar panel systems for SVs. They could be damaged or destroyed if the ship hits atmosphere while they're deployed.
    Deployable solar panel systems for CVs. Same note.
    Generalized batteries. If we've got solar batts, no reason they couldn't store energy generated by non-solar sources as well. Maybe ships could be inherently less detectable when running on batts....
    Speaking of being less detectable, cloking devices. Power hungry, built from unobtainiums, top tier.
    Stealthy armor.
    Super heavy armor that needs fuel, with built-in weapons, and longer jump loiter.
    T2 batteries etc.
    Permanent solar panels for CVs -- for ships not expected to hit atmosphere. Automatically destroyed if the ship hits atmosphere.
    Another series or three of progressively rarer elements needed for advanced/larger features.
    Reactionless thrusters ... and perhaps the rendering ineffective -- or self-explosive -- of conventional thrusters when their exhausts are blocked. ( Sorry -- just bugs the heck out of me to see exhausts plugged by blocks. )
    Larger thrusters. MUCH larger thrusters. XXLs just don't cut it when a ship is half a kilometer long.
    T3 generators ... maybe reactors that are hot, radioactive, and huge.... with corresponding power capabilities.
    Larger refrigerators.
    Another tier or two of constructor.
    Earth/soil blocks that could be used for landscaping. Exposed or upper/designated surfaces might grow grass.
    Water feature blocks.
    Larger and more efficient fuel tanks... T3, T4, etc.
    Larger and more efficient O2 tanks.
    T3 and T4 CV RCS.
    Hotkey shape swaps while in build mode.
    Weapons that fire underwater, and more interesting water predators.
    Airborne predators.
    CVs docking with CVs. While we're into docking, how about generalized docking based on relative mass/size/class? You ought to be able to carry a tiny SV on an HV, or a tiny HV on a big SV, or a 50-meter CV on a half-kilometer CV.
  3. Eric Peterson

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    Aug 5, 2016
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    Oh... and some much bigger and longer range guns for really massive ships. Battleships ought to be able to shoot at each other from further away than less than their own length.
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  4. michaelhartman89

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    Oct 2, 2016
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    Crews and employees, mission log, quest designer, programmable consoles and computer terminals, dialogue editors
  5. MidasGunhazard

    MidasGunhazard Captain

    Jul 3, 2017
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    More than anything else, I want to see HVs get an overhaul. I want to see their movement fixed on uneven terrain and more stability overall when mining. I want to see them get better nose rotation for aiming, (and mining). I want to see more fixed weapons for HVs so they aren't so dependent on AI-controlled turrets (which is kinda boring). I want to see turret AI improved, with possible some kind of targeting or priority system to make them more accurate and target focused.

    I would love to see Eleon just do a full pass on each vessel in sequence across major updates: HV mobility and weapons. > SVs possibly picking up turrets and being able to carry HVs. > CVs docking to CVs and a possibly revisit of what CVs should be able to use in atmosphere, and/or the addition of new weapons for atmospheric use. > BA utility, maybe a teleporter network that ensures the BA is always valid when you leave the planet. Improvements to the solar grid because it's still confusing, clunky, and unreliable.
  6. Psukhomanteia

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    Feb 11, 2019
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    One minor thing I would like to see is Auto-Miners have Wireless connections. Maybe restrict it to T3 only, or even a new T4 miner. This way you can just fly near it and unload it and refuel it.
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  7. michaelhartman89

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    Oct 2, 2016
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    No hands on work lol, not sure how that would help prolong the game time unless trade becomes more important
  8. Mr. Bator

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    Feb 26, 2019
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    Most of all I would like to see some infantry weapon changes. Would be perfect to be able to build our weapons block by block sort of like the way you build weapons in From the Depths, the more feeders you put on the faster your RoF, the more barrel enhancers the larger your bullet all while managing size and weight.

    Barring that, Having some different flavor weapons where you can switch out a part or two would add some depth since so much time is spend exploring POI with on foot or 1x1 poi SV.

    Having some point to going into space would be nice, I have a bunch of CV weapons I can't for any reasonable purpose.

    I would love to have an reason to actually defend my base.
  9. Agent0024

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    Jun 4, 2016
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    More and more, fighting is playing a larger role in the game. As a result I think it's time we see crouch and lean added. I'd also like to see some form of grenades. Modular weapons would be great but I can see the coming later on in future updates.

    I'm nervous about implementation of weight and mass and op enemies in npc raids making a bad time and people quitting. I won't, and many of you in here won't, but I hear people talking like this already. I hope that there's a solid balance found here. Obviously you can't please everyone, but I am excited and a little apprehensive.

    Another nice addition would be the ability to have control over the order that weapons load into the hotbar on vehicles. Having the ability to create custom firing groups would be great as well. Being able to bind specific turrets to the hotbar would be wonderful. When used, you should lose control of the vessel to the turret as it is now, this just makes getting to the turret quicker.

    I'd assume that the control over the Map menu's is handled by the game and isn't really controlled by a server admin on MP servers. On the current server I play on, the map and it's functions are quite counter-intuitive. You open the map in space using M, and are shown the orbit map that you are in. You then switch using the tab at the top to the galaxy map and have to click on a planet, click the Planet Info toggle in the upper left to get details on the planet you've selected. The whole system feels very clunky and is timely to navigate through. Optimizations to this would be very nice to have, even at this early a stage in the game.

    I think it would be beneficial to have an option to cap depletion of a deposit. Many of the MP servers out there allow AMD's and disable their depletion. They then set a soft rule to not deplete the deposit with manual mining below 10% so AMD's will continue to function. This of course never works due to ignorance in some cases and ball-baggery in others. Giving the option for server admins to set a hard cap at 10% would fix this.

    I can't wait to see what 10 brings us! Keep up the great work Eleon!
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  10. Trigger82

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    Mar 1, 2019
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    Something Simple for me at the moment,
    Volume and Mass in Creative
  11. Robot Shark

    Robot Shark Rear Admiral

    Jul 2, 2016
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    Just a thought for a quick enhancement.

    Have the multi-turrets "harvest" the contents of containers when you disassemble them.
    No more drop containers floating in space while you are scrapping a derelict vessel.
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  12. GTv

    GTv Rear Admiral

    Feb 28, 2017
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    New block types and shapes.
    Blocks that can be textured and colored differently on each side instead of just some sides.
    Elevator Cars.
    Fire and fireplaces.
    More Furnishings or the ability to mod our own.
    Chairs that can be slid around the hit box so it can be near a table or near a back wall.
    More colors per palette (double or triple the existing palette.
    Moving NPCs on ships (dancing npcs get left behind when the ship moves).
    Player movement on ships in motion.
    Birds and fish.

  13. WaspLV

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    Dec 18, 2016
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    Only thing I want is NETcode/Synchonization otimization and improvement. Because right now PVP is not playeble most of the time. It Lags hard even with only few people playing, but with 10+ players Lags and FPS drop is insane and compleatly unplayble. Everyone just teleport around the screen. CV/HV battles sometime can be toleratable because of turrets autoaim, but in SV I don't know how people play. Until NETcode fixed it's impossible to balance weapon and armor in PVP.
    Unfortunatly PVE become boring very fast. I would like to try PVP but game just unplayeble.
  14. GTv

    GTv Rear Admiral

    Feb 28, 2017
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    I have never experienced this phenomena so I can't say if it's anything needed or not.
  15. IndigoWyrd

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    Jun 18, 2018
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    The ability to Crouch.

    Submersible vehicles.

    More stuff to craft - many items of which we already have, but cannot otherwise make.

    Placeable, legal blocks - again many that we already have, like the Tribal blocks and decorative statues, obtainable from NPC merchants.

    More decorative items.

    And of course, more bug-fixes.
  16. jadefalcon

    jadefalcon Captain

    Jan 30, 2018
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    more options for starts:
    Selection of temperate, arid,desert,ocean as starter planets
    advanced or escape pod
    size:medium, large, huge (3,4,5)
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  17. SGP Corp

    SGP Corp Ensign

    Feb 12, 2019
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    1. Improved Personal Combat. Like many others mentioned, I would like to see crouch and lean added. Both should be implemented with an improved cover system that allows you to make effective use in hiding behind trees and using low walls. Better NPC response to events like sniping. Right now I can snipe a whole unit of aliens without evoking a response from them as their friends die.

    2. More unique, non-craftable items. These items should either be obtained via trader or POI in order to encourage interacting with alien traders and rewarding exploration 0f enemy POI. The epic level weapons are a nice start but maybe decos , rare plants, or even rare tech might be ideas to explore.

    3. More POI. Maybe include new variants of current POI. A handful of modifications to a standard template just to make them less predicable. Coming on the third Abandoned Power Station in row on map with the same lay and spawn points doesn't make for a lot of variety.

    4. Crew members. I don't know much about how the current ones function since I actually haven't had much opportunity to work with the ones you can purchase via the traders. They seem to be merely deco items for now. Maybe you could have Guards act like Sentry Guns or assigning one as farmer could have an area zone of effect on nearby plants causing them to mature quicker. One assigned as a medic could treat some illnesses when interacted with like you do with Medical devices. In the case of the new upcoming base attack they would all provide some firepower in defense.

    5. More deco. Creativity in design seem to be an area that the Devs are wanting as an important aspect of the game. More options in deco can always help. Artwork. furniture styles, and even increased options in texture and pattern for that tool.
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  18. Sephrajin

    Sephrajin Captain

    Dec 21, 2017
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    Feel free to build/modify some and upload them here: https://empyriononline.com/forums/building-and-blueprints.30/

    Yep, I still hope that someday we can 'rotate' textures 4 ways around…
    This would be my most important issue.
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  19. Ravis

    Ravis Commander

    May 17, 2017
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    Being able to upload poi to the workshop would be nice though. Being able to get it to down load pois at random would be nice. I mean it might take eons to download a new set per planet and would need a way to turn off to distinguish them from the regular story line but it would be nice.

    Also it would be nice to possibly have a ground block that similar to how filler blocks work that would turn into a block or in this case (or possibly a selection for more creative options) that would set the ground level for that poi so when brought in a servival game it would override whatever (sometimes incorrect) setting the poi has and be at the right hight.
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  20. Bollen

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    Mar 22, 2017
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    I only play SP, so here is my wishlist in order of priority:

    1.- Regulated speed i.e. increase/decrease speed gradually, so you can actually set a specific speed on a vehicle for docking or other activities

    2.- HUD display for Vehicles. Ideally with targetting, heading indicator and direction of movement (e.g. green forward, red backward)

    3.- Auto Pilot, for requesting your ship from anywhere on a planet and also for missions where you can board a ship that takes you somewhere to achieve a certain goal.

    3.- Crouching

    4.- Control equipment from belt when in cockpit. I'm particularly interested in the bloody Landing Gear! I want to control it manually! But turret access would also be a welcome addition (who doesn't hate having to go through the control panel for this...?)

    5.- A drone detector that can be sent around a planetary body to reveal ships, stations and ore asteroids.

    6.- Enemy SVs

    7.- Sleep at any time, depending on how long you've been awake. As a night owl I find it offensive I can only sleep at night!:p

    How wonderful it is to dream!
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