What do you like most about Empyrion?

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by EleonGameStudios, Nov 29, 2016.

  1. grepet

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    Nov 15, 2016
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    What I love about the game and you guys is that the devs listen to their player base and act according to our satisfaction.

    Now with that being said, I hope you guys implement roaming NPC ships friendly/hostile soon so we can have more fun late game. :)
  2. Gatt

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    Sep 28, 2016
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    I like that this game doesn't try to be a super hardcore ultra realistic space and physics simulation. While of course it needs a few tweaks, flying and combat it this game is fun and feels right. I love to build ships that can look cool and still work well without having to worry about if they are realistic or not. I like that this game runs well in multiplayer and i can build and fight alongside my friends, what's the point of making a awesome ship if no one every gets to see it. I also like that there is just enough survival to keep things interesting without it being the main focus. Empyrion has become my favorite game, and for all the small things that it lacks now, i see that they are putting in the groundwork to add everything that will make this game truly amazing.
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  3. stimdealer0001

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    Sep 14, 2015
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    When friends ask me what game I play, and I say Empyrion, usually they haven't heard of it. So I tell them "It's basically minecraft in space with better graphics."

    It saddens me to say this, because the truth is Emp is SOOO much more of a game than that! The biggest thing I like about this game, however, is the speed and efficiency at which the devs push out patches and updates, including critical bug fixes.
  4. AstroGamer1742

    AstroGamer1742 Lieutenant

    Oct 18, 2016
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    Things i like most on Empyrion is Building stuff and Mining mechanics. I love mining and building in this game. In other survial
    Games, i have seen that we have to break down rocks to get ores, but in this game you can dig down and get the ores !!!!!
    Building in this game is soooo Awesome !!
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  5. polochom

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    Sep 26, 2016
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    1. Its easy and fun to play in multiplayer;
    2. The Devs are work their "arsses" of in this project and listen to this comunity;
    3. Cause its SPACE!!!! WWWWwwwwiiiiiiiiiiii
  6. Tyrax Lightning

    Tyrax Lightning Rear Admiral

    Jan 20, 2016
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    Plus at least many of them may be Placeholders until Features those Deco would be used to Operate get Implemented so those Deco can become actually able to do their job. For example, i've pondered the possibility of the Capacitor Deco becoming a Energy Weapon equivalent of a Ammo Box in the future & wondered how that could work out.
  7. banksman45

    banksman45 Rear Admiral

    Jun 6, 2016
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    I agree and from a builders stand point a game needs deco blocks because some people like to add details to their ships and give it that Triple A game look to it. I love having enough deco blocks to build something that belongs in a major space game like Star Citizen or something. The deco blocks helps out with that big time. I hope they add more Deco blocks and textures because I'm one of those players that can spend a month in Creative mode building a large CV . Two months ago I didn't play survival once because i was in creative mode the whole time building a ship and I enjoyed it. That is a another reason why I love this game because I can spend a whole month messing around in creative and then I can jump back into single player survival or multiplayer.
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    FUE DENIS Lieutenant

    Sep 15, 2015
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    Putain des Taliban de l'espace :eek:

    Pour le reste le bébé avance doucement , reste encore de gros manque dans les planètes, le comportement des IA, la stabilité des serveurs, etc...
    Encore du taf les gars ;)
  9. Marty

    Marty Lieutenant

    May 31, 2016
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    Much of why I love this game has already been said.
    1. The ability to build up things out of shaped blocks, being creative
    2. Space! As a space fan, WOOT!
    3. The nice graphics it has by now compared to other games in that class
    4. The dev team working very hard and very close to the comunity. I can't stress that enough!

    What I would like to see (although a lot of people will stone me) is some kind of scripting system for the game.
    A script system, where simple search, tartget aquiring, target priority for turrets could be coded.
    Or behavior of lights dependent on time of day. Or route programming for ships.

    Hey, this could be a good application for the computer deco :).
  10. Flotenk

    Flotenk Ensign

    Dec 15, 2015
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    It's all good !!! But I would like to see in a co-op game)) the Multiplayer is not so interesting for her )
  11. markoredflag

    markoredflag Ensign

    Oct 26, 2016
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    Salute my friends, i never whrite before, i love this game. i like to work on art, and build everything. especially Craft , and all machines.
    i woud like you introduce to lover of art a Mediun SV. this way i can to make cargo ships, and other flying machines.
    i hope you make rounded blocks, and conics rounded blocks too. i can make everything i can with this help.
    but i dont like that last change on drill t2. you make mining boring. we need time to built, and mine is stoped criative moment to me.
    please, dont make same error of noman Sky. dont make play be boring. the players will go out of game if you make this bad choice.
    perhaps you can create drill t3. it will be loved to us, lover of art.
    and you could make a new political on game,like very others games do.
    A new Neutral federation of busynees men and craftworkers. not all of gamers like to fight, but work on art. and this way, we coud make aliance with all faction, without be killed for noone more. we will be responsible to mining , builting , buy and sell resources on neutral situation. we could be a building bases, and ships, to sell to all players.
    actually we, who love work on art, cant move to nowhere, because we are pacifists and worker.
    this kind of civilian worker is not planned in the mechanics of the game yet.
    what about you to think fondly about the civilian workers of the game?
    that is my sugestion. thank you for the excellent game ever made. i love all you . forgive me for my bad english. i not speak english.
    thanks a lot, your fan : markoredflag.
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  12. DJPTiger

    DJPTiger Ensign

    Jan 19, 2016
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    Was ist am Spiel mag?

    Mmmmh fällt mir schwer, bis Version 3 die Mischung von allem.

    Aber mit den neueren Versionen wo jetzt Flügel, Schubdüsen, Waffenbegrenzung noch mehr Blocksysteme angefangen worden sind und nicht vernünftig zuende geführt worden sind. Sehe ich bei mir kaum noch Hoffnung für das Spiel bei mir.

    Waffenlimitierung geht zu lasten des Singelplays, man will die Spieler zwingen auf Server und in Gruppen zu spielen!!!

    Viele Blocksystem sind gut aber dann auch bitte mit allen Übergangsstücken und nicht nur alles anreißen, ich Baue gerne Weich und nicht Kantig aber Übergangsstücke wieder Kanten!!!

    Flügel und Schubdüsen bedeutet wieder einmal ein Eingriff in die Bauvielfallt. Da die Flügel und Schubdüsen nur dann sinn machen wenn Funktionen drauf sind, weil Bautechnisch konnte man sich die ganze Zeit welche Basteln. Sprich auf lange sicht wird wohl das Fliegen bei ohne Flügel nicht Funktionieren.

    Es wird viel zu viel auf andere Spiele geschaut und abgekupfert und verliehrt die eigendliche Linie des Spiels.

    Sorry wenn es Hart klingt.
  13. Alo

    Alo Captain

    Oct 20, 2015
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    What he said. Though I'd love it if somehow we could prevent people to build flying bricks, now THAT would make it perfect.
  14. Moonsugar

    Moonsugar Captain

    May 25, 2016
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    Introduce wind resistance to the flight model ans thats it. Could be a "little" CPU eating, though. And when we are about burning our CPU: What about introducing gravity fields (moons, stars, asteroids) into space flight? (just kidding...;))
  15. Neal

    Neal Captain

    Nov 23, 2016
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    Not playing Empyrion for very long, so what i write could change in the future.
    What i like about Empyrion is:

    - Building the ships, i love. And see them coming "alive" when flying them.
    - Landing on planets and explore them.
    - Building a "home" base (whether it is planet based or in space).
    - Building the ships i love. (can't mention this enough. :))
    - The fact that this is only a glimpse of how the game will be in the future.
    - The fact that i can play alone vs. AI, without any other ppl distracting.

    To me empyrion is like being a child again and having limitless LEGO and see the space ships i was creating, doing all the things i imagined them doing when i was a child.

    I really, really hope for more refined sci fi stuff in the future, like Energy shields, weapons and engine systems. And then be able to explore a vast galaxy. (without having to fight constantly like in some other games)
    Maybe someday, we can create AI factions and assign previous build ships to them. So we could encounter them on our journeys here and there.

    This game has so much potential, i only hope that it doesn't go into a direction i don't like, like so many other games in the last decades.
    So many game developers put so much efford and energy in creating a "good" PvP environment, that their games became totally uninteresting to me anymore. I really hope Empyrion doesn't go into that direction.
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  16. Ulrich Proeller

    Aug 26, 2016
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    Empyrion is simply the best game I have ever seen in my more than 50 years. It's the first game for years, that is really catching me. I've been playing fore more than 400 hours on this game and it is still interesting and challenging.
    It is a real open world game with a wide range of possibilities.
    Especially the abillity to build own vehicles and bases with functional and aestectic aspects is great.

    The things, I miss at the moment are:
    • More shapes, expecially round shapes, which allow building large smooth rounded structures;
    • A visual hint, which of the available shapes smoothly fit to a selected location; This becomes more important, when we have more shapes
    • Far more textures! Perhaps it is possible to allow users to add their own texture packs...?
    • More and larger planets;
    • Different weather & seasons;
    • Pressurized vehicles and bases so that you can put off your helmet inside; Structural damage would cause pressure loss;
    • Not so important, but would be nice: Allow the player avatar to sit/lay down/sleep; Perhaps the necessity to sleep?
  17. Teladi

    Teladi Lieutenant

    Mar 12, 2016
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    I like the block system. There's only one type of block to build, so I can spam those, and I have dozens of shapes at my disposal!

    I want allied AI autopilots so I can have a fleet flying with me, I can give simple orders to, eg) follow, protect, attack, land, patrol, etc.
  18. LoSboccacc

    LoSboccacc Lieutenant

    Nov 28, 2015
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    So far I love how ever corner of every planet is interesting, there's plenty stuff to discover and destroy and an I can't wait for the overarching story that will drive explorer to the endgame.
  19. Wild_XIII

    Wild_XIII Captain

    Aug 10, 2016
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    For me the current state of Empyrion is like Minecraft/Lego in space. I've probably spent 60 hours out of 210 just tweaking (not actually building) my CV and SV's. The fact that everything you build has it's uses and can be used in nearly any way you want is simply amazing. Right now exploring the different planets and taking over bases is keeping me entertained while I also run through different scenarios and such in my head to build up inspiration for new ships. I play PVE with my friends online and being able to work together to take over bases and build epic creations keeps us coming back.

    The way I see it at the moment building is near enough perfect for me in this game, however once we get intelligent NPC's and the game starts getting more features and polish it'll probably get to my second most favourite game ever (sorry, but you're not knocking DOOM out of my heart! :p).

    All I can say to the devs is keep up the fantastic work! The fact that we can help and provide input/feedback for you means a lot as it suddenly feels like the game gets a personal touch from the community, or at least that's how I feel. :)
  20. Ceabras

    Ceabras Commander

    Oct 10, 2016
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    I was impressed by this quote from the devs in a PC Gamer article describing the game:

    Based on this design philosophy, I think that Empyrion has the potential to be--and in many ways already is--a truly great game that will set a standard for years to come.

    Unique features/things I like most:

    1. Empyrion gets building right - I like the fact that the shipbuilding is open-ended enough to allow players to build almost any ship they can imagine. Properties like mass and thruster placement have a noticeable effect on a ship's performance, but without requiring players to have a degree in Physics simply to get a ship off of the ground.

    2. Empyrion gets Steam Early Access right - The devs listen to the community and have been releasing frequent updates to deliver on the goals set for Early Access. Too many developers use Early Access as a way to make a quick profit on broken, unfinished games. Other games receive updates for a limited time but are eventually abandoned. I am optimistic that Empyrion will see a final release from Early Access in a reasonable time frame (that is, 2-3 years maximum).

    3. Steam Workshop support - One of Empyrion's greatest strengths is the thriving community of creators producing content via the Steam Workshop. I subscribe to new ships and bases almost daily.

    The biggest pitfall I see for Empyrion comes if multiplayer gets supported at the expense of singleplayer going forward. At this point I am willing to give the devs the benefit of the doubt that multiplayer has been a focus lately simply because multiplayer takes more time to polish. However, there eventually needs to be parity between the customization options available to Dedicated server admins and single-players.

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