Zirax Occupation Starter...Experienced Hardstarters Wanted!

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    The Cauldron: Zirax Occupation Server - Hard PVP Start or Easy PVE Start.

    Compact PVP Galaxy full of Roswells, Skynets and tons of loot!

    Starter PVPs are large and you are tasked with first surviving, and second, finding the Ancient Sphinx for additional gear and 25 autominer cores.

    On the PVE starters, you spawn at a semi-captured Skynet in the sky and must make your way down to the Ancient Sphinx below. Hint: Don't go into the Pyramids or Mayan Temple until your well armed.

    None of the Zirax buildings will respawn, so even though they are heavily defended, they will suffer the fate of attrition. Some complexes are worth the effort. The Zirax's long supply lines are your greatest ally.

    Fast Server, fast connection content fps balanced - running since 2016. Admin playing Empyrion since Pre Alpha 1.3. Looking for no lag is my bag

    Survival - where you are the little mouse - at first anyway.

    Target Rich Environment

    PVE Starter with treasure and terrors waiting below
    20190110204001_1.jpg 20190121195329_1.jpg
    Randomly crashed ships with loot and more loot!

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