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    Build: v1.9.1
    Mode: survival
    Mode: IvD

    SERVER NAME: Eleon Game Studios - Official US Server

    Reproducibility: Unknown
    Severity: High

    Type: Desync

    My friends were looting a ship and I was still in our ship. There was a marker on a Kriel Overseer ship about 5km away. Suddenly our ship was being shot but we couldn't find anything shooting us. I flew away. My friends were outside the ship at this time and they were killed by Overseer.
    They respawned in the area and were killed again by the overseer. I looked at the area from a distance and there was no enemies nearby.
    They respawned on the ship and we made our way back in to get the backpacks. The Overseer was still about 5km away from the location. It's marker did have an Exclamation mark on it though.
    Suddenly our ship was being shot at again.

    We nearly lost the entire ship and we were unable to retrieve the backpacks and some explorer tokens. Sad way to lose a finite resource...

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    This is a very prevalent bug since 1.7 Only way to see if what is shooting at you in these cases is a relog or go to where the ship "Appears" to be. When you go there the ship location will re-sync.

    What may be happening here. When an enemy OPV leave render it keeps moving, but on the player side it looks like it is standing still. Somewhere during de-render the server stops sending the client updated info on its movements when its out of render. The busier the playfield the bigger the possibility this bug can happen.

    Reproductability about 2% of the time. Best OPV to test this bug with is Toveras

    Steps to reproduce
    1) Spawn in UCH Titan for the Player ship
    2) On the oposite side of the playfield Spawn in about 10 NPC stations don't need to faction them. Then spawn in a few OPVs and set them to colonist.
    3) Go back to the place you spawned the UCH Titan and spawn in a Tovera nearby and set it to Zirax
    4) Instead of fighting it drift in and out of render staying out of render each time long enough for it to move about 1km.
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    This has happened to me frequently in 1.7.
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