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Update: January 16, 2018:

Changelog: Alpha 7.5.9 (Build 1448)

- Fixed: Several internal exceptions found in log files - Part II


Update: January 12, 2018:

Changelog: Alpha 7.5.9 (Build 1447)

- Fixed: Several internal exceptions found in log files


Hi Galactic Survivalists,

We continue with our bug fixing / stabilizing updates on the Alpha 7.5 branch. However, in parallel, our team is already working hard on Alpha 8. Soon we will let you know more - stay tuned :)

Changelog: Alpha 7.5.9 (Build 1446)

- Deactivated X-Mas update special items: X-Mas Tree (if you used the tree in your builds, it is still there but it does not appear in deco group anymore) and Akua Wine (can still be crafted but has no Status Effect anymore)
- Improved performance / RAM consumption on dedicated servers
- Added alternative terrain for Aitis (NewLava2_V2): see above screenshot
- Updated Default Scenario Robinson Protocol mission: decreased placement amount of solar panels
- Allow more characters by default and widened input field in several dialog boxes
- Removed character limit for input dialog for Teleporter target
- Added info about ingame time vs realtime to PlanetExample.yaml
- Updated Orbital Thermica Station (color updates, added solar power energy, updated devices): thanks to zztong

Updated Loot:
- Added specific loot for different Zirax classes (more appropriate for their weapon class)
- Adjusted Assault Cyborg loot drops
- Swamp, Ice and Desert Golem: Loot now focuses on basic and rare ores + a special material item + Crushed Stones
- Wood Walker: added Seeds and some biological items
- Armored Golem: Loot now focuses on Weapon Kits, Components and
- NPC: slightly reduced total amount of loot
- NPC: Added a few new drop items (e.g. for DesertGolem)
- Devices: reduced total amount of loot
"Do you have any suggestions on how to change or enrich the dropped items, especially for NPCs? Let us know!"

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Vessel unable to dock to BA in certain situations
- Fixed: Resolution changes back to native monitor resolution when Alt-Tab out of and back to game when using full screen mode
- Fixed: Terrain texture issues (dark areas) with cutout area of POIs
- Fixed: Sometimes a solar panel won't turn on after being placed on a structure.
- Fixed: Solar panels...
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Hi Galactic Survivalists,

Happy New Year to all of you - we hope you had a great time with your family and friends over Christmas and New Year! We are back in full throttle and just released the first bug fixing patch of 2018.
We have the feeling that 2018 will be the year of Empyrion! So many goodies are in the pipeline....

Changelog: Alpha 7.5.8 (Build 1438)

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Problem that reloading game while on Zeyhines, another seed is used
- Fixed: Problem that Parasaur Baby turned into adult version when being killed
- Fixed: Problem that alt camera look in a cockpit/passenger seat was reset every time another player attached or detached
- Fixed: Problem that speed was not displayed accurately when being passenger in a ship
- Fixed: Problem that nights were too dark on several playfields
- Fixed: SVs do not dock to CVs anymore in certain situations
- Fixed: Prevent docked HV Turrets to shoot
- Fixed: NPC Trader Buy / Sell buttons not immediately in sync with stock list
- Fixed: Playfield crash after entering Ningues atmosphere
- Fixed: Blueprint spawning exploit
- Fixed: Exception from warping as a passenger
- Fixed: Problem that when warping as a passenger the position was wrong for several seconds
- Fixed: Decoration "MoundzTree" has broken collision system
- Fixed: Problem that underwater it became too dark
- Fixed: Not showing other players sitting in seats when connecting to new game
- Fixed: POI's 'BA_CrashedCV_DSE_Part1' & 'BA_CrashedCV_DSE_Part2' have vertical shutters that are giving back 'Window Blocks S' when disassembling them
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Hi Galactic Survivalists,

Early December, we started our Feature Survey 2018 and now it is time to reveal the results!

Survey Statistics:
- We have received more than 11.000 completed surveys in about 2.5 weeks (the last survey in 2016 took more than 2 months for the same amount of replies!)
- We have received more than 8500 feedback comments with the survey (which we are still evaluating)

Global Gameplay / Group Preferences:
- The average player has played Empyrion for about 101-250 hours.
- Most of the multiplayer groups consist of 3 members.
- The average size of the default multiplayer "group of friends" is between 3 and 5
- Most players that participated in the survey prefer to play PvE, i.e. fight against the environment (combined single player and PvE players in multiplayer)

Thanks to your overwhelming participation, we now have a very good overview about the features we should prioritize when planning the Alpha 8 and 9 features for early next year.

Please find more stats and graphs below!








As you all know, we are monitoring our forums for feedback and we have started to add several major discussion topics in the last weeks - which we will continue on a regular basis.

These feedback threads are especially important since the results of the survey are manifold. So it is very important to make use of the forums and suggestion threads in the next weeks to add more context to these results!

The same applies to our Steam forums and of course the reviews on our Steam Store page: http://store.steampowered.com/app/383120/Empyrion__Galactic_Survival
If you enjoy playing Empyrion, please do not forget to add a Review - thumbs up or down. We will read your feedback and take it serious.

Said that, please enjoy the most recent update Alpha 7.5 and Happy Holidays from all of us at Empyrion Galactic Survival! :)
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Update: December 24, 2017:

Changelog: Alpha 7.5.7 (Build 1433)

Please note that if you have resumed a game in the previous build B1432 (which was public only during 1h), the ready-to-spawn blueprints in your factory were lost unfortunately. We are sorry for the inconveniences. If you did not update to B1432, everything should be fine.

Bug fixes:
- Fixed: Problem with picking up and dropping items and playfield loading


Update: December 24, 2017:

Changelog: Alpha 7.5.6 (Build 1431)

Bug fixes:

- Fixed: HUD name tag of structure still on screen after being disassembled & is being repositioned constantly.
- Fixed: More use cases with playfield non-stop disconnects


Update: December 23, 2017:

Changelog: Alpha 7.5.6 (Build 1430)

Bug fixes:

- Fixed: Playfield non-stop disconnects
- Fixed: Problem that sometimes the game hung up
- Fixed: Location of the Sun changes after changing playfields.


Update: December 22, 2017:

Changelog: Alpha 7.5.6 (Build 1428)

- Solar panels with stand are not airtight anymore
- Updated wreckage POI "Old Base"

Bug fixes:
- Battery is being drained when returning to save game.
- Most structures on a playfield are deleted on load/unload
- Problem that no resources were spawning on planet Kayam in scenario Shadows of Starlight


Changelog: Alpha 7.5.5 (Build 1427)

PDA Update:
- Added dedicated missions for Akua and Omicron.
(You will only see the one which matches the playfield you start your game)
- The Omicron Mission has additional steps (sealing a room, managing oxygen supply, etc) and will gift you a Multitool, O2 Bottles and a Ventilator for demonstration purposes (usually you need to level up and craft them, but these devices are also a reward for playing the Robinson Protocol Mission on Omicron)
- Both missions will reward you with a Motorbike and an additional Fiber Plant
- The Robinson Protocol only works when starting the SINGLEPLAYER DEFAULT survival scenario
- This is only a starter-guide and does NOT replace the recommendation to play the TUTORIAL.
- The mission is not mandatory. You can always skip it.

Added solar power to starter wreckage structures:
- Replaced Generator/Fuel with Solarpanel/Capacitor
- Removed "Convenience" devices (Fridge, Ammobox, Container) to make it a real shelter
> Please tell us what you...
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If you like Empyrion, please do not forget to vote for us on IndieDB: http://www.indiedb.com/groups/2017-indie-of-the-year-awards/top100#vote35016

Update December 20, 2017: Alpha 7.5.4 (Build 1423)

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Problem that some save game could not be resumed any more
- Fixed: Problem that blueprint with solar panels lead to an error when spawning it
- Fixed: Problem that sometimes Solar Panels switched off
- Fixed: Several internal exceptions

- Large windows can now be crafted in Survival Constructor
- Trader-NPC: Disabled stock-dependent pricing as its application didn't meet the expectations of the players


Hi Galactic Survivalists,

We released another patch for Alpha 7.5.

Please report bugs and issues right here: https://empyriononline.com/threads/bug-reports-alpha-7-5.34598/

Our Feature Survey 2018 is still active and can be voted here: http://survey.empyriongame.com
(we will publish the results very soon)

Changelog: Alpha 7.5.3 (Build 1422)

Trader Update:
- increased price calculation precision
- fixed price rounding error
- fixed double re-stocking on first two times opening a trader's window
- fixed that equipped item count could exceed max stock count

PDA Localization:
- Added JAPANESE (Metapo)
- Added GREEK (partially; Gabriel)

Main Localization:
- Added GREEK (partially, Gabriel)

- Made kill-timeout for booting playfield servers configurable via dedicated.yaml
- Added underwater darkening

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Switching back and forth between STATISTICS and MAIN Control Panel removes info of Solar Panels from STATISTIC
- Fixed: Some localization is missing in the Difficulty settings
- Fixed: Cutout of terrain under deco
- Fixed: Several internal exceptions reported on support email
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Update December 18, 2017: Alpha 7.5.2 (Build 1421) - Hotfix 4

- Changed mode from PvP to PvE on Mato in scenario: Invader-vs-Defender
- Added some checks to detect invalid data in NPC-Trader config file


Update December 17, 2017: Alpha 7.5.1 (Build 1420) - Hotfix 3

Changes for NPC Traders:
1. The item price is now re-calculated after each transaction (not only when closing and re-opening the trader window)
2. The "Buy" and "Sell" column prices are valid for the next single item bought or sold
3. If you buy or sell multiple items (Quantity > 1) the total price is calculated as if you would buy / sell the items one by one in a row

Bug Fixes:
- Possible Fix: Problem that some playfield server did not correctly start (temporarily disabled booting playfield server timeout kills)
- Fixed NPC-Trader:
* re-open exploit: re-open trader window until good random prices are offered
* bulk trade exploit: first buy then sell multiple items
* price calculation error when stock of an item is higher than half max stock


Update December 17, 2017: Alpha 7.5.1 (Build 1418) - Hotfix 2

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Problem that some players could not connect to a dedicated server anymore
- Fixed: Problem that some save games could not be resumed anymore
- Fixed: Exceptions caused when trying to use the multitool change & rotate option
- Fixed: Several errors related to solar panels


Update December 16, 2017: Alpha 7.5.1 (Build 1417) - Hotfix

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Problem with connecting to a dedicated server
- Fixed: Templates in Config.ecf could not have an input item count of zero (now you can set item count to zero to remove an item from a template)
- Fixed: Problem that players could open the control panel of enemy & admin structures
- Fixed: Exception when a player exits a vessel's cockpit without holding a weapon or tool in the hand
- Fixed: Exception when opening the faction window.
- Fixed: Exception when player changes playfield


Hi Galactic Survivalists!

After a lively Experimental phase (thanks for all your feedback!), we are excited to release a quite substantial update just before Christmas: Alpha 7.5 is out now!

For those who did not follow the Experimental phase, a few quick notes....
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Hi Galactic Survivalists,

Today, we do not release another update but something equally important: our new "Feature Survey 2018"!

Please head over to the survey page, vote and rank your most-wanted features and tell us which global game features you prefer:


The available answers in the survey consist of features that we already discussed internally, thus they can be labeled as "theoretically doable". But as you all know, sometimes seemingly easy additions can turn into real challenges. ;)

Apart from that, it is most important for us that the results of the survey will give us dedicated feedback about the global direction of features YOU want to have added to the game!

Thanks a lot in advance for taking the time for completing the Feature Survey and do not forget to also vote for us at the INDIE OF THE YEAR AWARDS 2017!


Empyrion Dev team

PS: Are you missing a feature from the survey answers that has been discussed in the forums? Stay tuned for the feature reveal of Alpha 7.5 next week ;-)
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Update: November 28, 2017

Hi guys,
We had to revert Unity back to 2017.1 because we received several reports that players had problems with 2017.2. Sorry for the inconveniences.

If you experience crashes in the game (eg "d3d11: failed to create buffer" error), please note that Alpha 7.3.3 built with Unity 2017.2 remains on the Experiemental branch.

Changelog: Alpha 7.3.3 (Build 1375)
- We are using Unity 2017.1 again
- Fixed: Problem that there was no trading station on Masperon and that teleporter in Masperon Orbital Station did teleport into void (MP Default setting)
- Fixed: AutominerDepletion and GroundedStructureSpawn were not correctly set from Dedicated.yaml on a Dedicated Server


Hi Galactic Survivalists!

We updated Unity to version 2017.2, which might solve certain crashes linked to the game engine. If you experience crashes in the game (eg "d3d11: failed to create buffer" error), please let us know if the patch solved these crashes.

Please continue to report bugs over here: https://empyriononline.com/threads/bug-reports-alpha-7-3.28284/

Thanks a lot!

Empyrion dev team

Changelog: Alpha 7.3.3 (Build 1374)

Updated Tutorial:
- Added French and Chinese translation: thanks to Spartan47 and Ken Guo
- Added additional marker for making sure where to place the Explosive Charges (Chapter 7)
- Fixed: SV Prefab did not complete Action (Chapter 7)

- Updated game engine to Unity 2017.2
- Shotgun and Sniper do not damage terrain anymore
- Removed Hydrogen Cell from POI loot
- Removed Laserkit from recipe of Laser Pistol T2
- EAC is now activated per default in dedicated.yaml

Update Empyrion Admin Helper (EAH):
- Added: Timetable: Toggle AllowCV
- Added: Delete old Tool-Logs after 10 days
- Added: many missing Items (you can now enable auto ban)
- Fixed: CSW bug fixes for missing SV's. Now they have to wait a minute after their last Warp, before they can do CSW
- Fixed: Structure Class Limit: Fixed Warnings being counted for all Structures

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Performance problem with heavy snow and hail weather
- Fixed: Abuse of Anti Grief Distance by long structures
- Fixed: Motorbike glitch / exploit by placing motorbike partially inside a structure
- Fixed: Corrupt player file in a savegame prevented the Resume Game window to be shown
- Fixed: Problem that sometimes player was standing up on...
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Changelog: Alpha 7.3.2 (Client Build 1364, Server Build 1366)

- Added map markers for POI bases in space

- Reduced complexity of recipe for Ore Scanner (no Cobalt needed anymore) + it can be crafted in Survival Constructor
- Reduced promethium requirements for most ammo templates
- Rocketlauncher T1 now has 4 shot magazine again

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Vessels were sometimes losing all fuel after playfield change (when entering atmosphere or after warping)
- Fixed: Could not connect to Server if first server in list was selected
- Fixed: Explosives cannot be placed in Anti-Grief Zones anymore
- Fixed: Drone bases & Planet Vessel base were not discovered when getting close to them and map marker did not stay on the map
- Fixed: Some Sentry gun turrets had not enough angle to shot if player is near
- Fixed: Graphical artifacts with seamless light texture
- Fixed: Problem that no sound was played when underground resource was destroyed (+ added better destruction sound)
- Fixed: Abandoned mine top level had misplaced automated door
- Fixed: Problem that Gravity Gen on platform in Creative Omicron Orbit was not active (player could not move)


Updated: Empyrion Admin Helper (EAH) - distributed with Server Build 1366
- Added: Structure Activity: Show all information in tool
- Added: Player Statistic: Included Notes
- Added: Player: Edit Information to edit Notes and forced Playfield
- Added: Player: Forced Playfield --> If set the player can't leave the Playfield
- Added: Items for A7.3.2
- Added: Config: Reload Player after logout (to keep accurate data in tool)
- Added: Config: Activate Structure Activity Log
- Added: Structure Log: Included 'What happened around here' function
- Fixed: Offline Job: Loop error bug fix
- Fixed: Timetable: Restart: Give more time until Game is stopped
- Fixed: Backpack Backup: Fix blocking freeze
- Fixed: Fixed: CB: Destroy not working
- Fixed: Latest Warnings: Less Error Messages
- Fixed: Spelling errors
More details: https://empyriononline.com/threads/tool-emp-admin-helper-eah-free-v1-40-0.5771/page-37


Game crashes?

We just released Alpha EXP 7.3.2 (Build 1367) on the Experimental branch where we updated Unity to version 2017.2. This version might solve certain crashes linked to the game engine:...
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Update: November 19, 2017 (Build 1360) - Client update

You can now publish your scenarios again.

Changelog: Alpha 7.3.1 (Build 1360)

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Error when trying to publish a scenario
- Fixed: Problem that some animals did not reliably attack player


Changelog: Alpha 7.3.1 (Build 1359)

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Error when turrets (eg Multiturret) were attacking a structure and blocks were falling due to collapse of the structure
- Fixed: Error when resuming a pre-Alpha 7.3 save game or entering a planet in a pre-Alpha 7.3 save game
- Fixed: Reconnecting to a server with already a Blueprint in the factory allowed starting production because no materials were needed
- Fixed: Zirax not firing at avatar when close to them
- Fixed: Problem that some enemy NPC (Turret Robot, Traders etc) had no color mask applied anymore (eg Turret Robot was black instead of blue)
- Fixed: Disassembling "Artificial Indoor Plant 4" returned Furnishing Deco
- Fixed: Possible to place NPC Engineer Main station into another NPC/block
- Fixed: POI Civil Farm was not O2 tight
- Fixed: Internal exception linked to Control Panel
- Fixed: Several exceptions reported on support email (Build 1357 #00000, #BC975, #F5034)

- Changed stats for Anniversary Cake (it now gives food and stamina but no health anymore) + removed cake from starter equipment
- Updated names of HumanNPCBlocks and AlienNPCBlocks to Crew (Human) and Crew (Alien)
- Updated tribal villages with A7 textures: thanks to Starwing6