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Update May 19, 2018: Hotfix (Build 1636)

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Problem that RadarVesselT1 did not show up in Constructor
- Fixed: Portable Constructor could be sometimes stuck in crafting an ingot
- Fixed: Removed hotspot spawn zone around Junk T2
- Fixed: When exiting from open SV cockpit\passenger seat the player can get stuck in the ship
- Fixed: Exit points of Open Cockpit show strange requirement for free block spaces
- Fixed: Random exception when moving on terrain (Support Email: #EE8C4)


Hi Galactic Survivalists!

Alpha Experimental 8.0 is progressing nicely thanks to your dedicated and wholehearted feedback!

In Phase 5 we not only squashed more bugs, but also added a first iteration what will address one remaining challenge that came with the up to 64x increased playfield sizes: How do you find a Ore deposit or a POI with so much space in between? With a Detector!

The Detector that will be available with this update is pretty much NOT a device that will pinpoint the exact location. It is also not a ‘track-all-your-foes-in-a-distance’ device - it is explicitly only tracking ore deposits (SSOR and Voxel) and POI. The current T1 Detector will give you an approximate direction and a hint how many contacts you can expect when walking into this direction, serving as the most-requested helper for ‘getting a direction where you could run into something interesting’.

For feedback on this brand new and still ‘work-in-progress’ feature, please join the thread over here for more info and discussions: https://empyriononline.com/threads/alpha-8-0-exp-radar-t1.37772/

Beyond that, we again added new POIs, new game parameters, made a lot of fine tuning, for example on the new status effect system and the occasions where you can run into those, loot tables, weapon and NPC balancing, as well as on smaller and larger changes on planets, playfields and other major features like Repair-2-Template and AI.

Check out all the changes and additions below and please make sure that you are using the available discussion threads for the main topics and contribute your feedback!

As always: First play, then Feedback! :)

All feature discussion threads pinned: https://empyriononline.com/forums/experimental-features-discussion.35/

Note: If you are NEW to Alpha 8.0 please read the individual feedback thread starters as they contain valuable information of the new gameplay mechanics!...
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Update May 12, 2018: Hotfix (Build 1623)

Starter Planet (Temperate) Update:
- Reduced tree density in forest biomes to improve FPS
- Removed strong temperature reduction for several biomes (Forest, DeepForest, Marsh)
- Replaced some 3d models with grass meshes to reduce draw calls and improve FPS

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: 'Shadow jumping' every 10 game minutes
- Fixed: FPS drop in dense vegetation during dusk and dawn (ie sun is flat)
- Fixed: Several internal exception found in output logs


Hello Galactic Survivalists!

Welcome to Alpha Experimental 8.0 - Part 4! We are making good progress and are getting close to the final polishing and bug fixing phase.

- Please start a new save game in EXP 4 since we changed the naming of some yaml parameters (you can load old save games but the terrain might have changed)
- You might need to reset keybindings to default once again (sorry!)
- Please also make sure you do NOT use custom config.ecf when playing the Experimental version, as this can cause issues when items or their composition or template is changed. To ensure that, go to ..\Empyrion - Galactic Survival\Content\Configuration and rename or remove any config.ecf file (You can keep the Config_Example.ecf).
- Survival Constructor is now ‘Portable Constructor’ and former Suit Constructor is now ‘Survival Constructor’!

Phase 4 has again added a few more gameplay elements, like the Mobile Heater/Cooler that can directly be crafted from the Survival Constructor. This should further resolve issues with temperature - of course at the cost that you need to stay close to it.

Apart from changes to the Repair-System, we added a few more features that you will see growing in the next updates, like POI are now allowed to float, several updates on gameplay mechanics, visuals and loads of other changes and improvements!

As always: First play, then Feedback! :)

Alpha 8.0 EXP: New Planets

Alpha 8.0 EXP: Solar System Generator - Doku & Feedback

Alpha 8.0 EXP: AI Behavior

Alpha 8.0 EXP: Repair Template & Repair-to-Template...
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Hi Galactic Survivalists!

While Experimental Phase 2 addressed most of the Survival Start issues, Phase 3 will concentrate on some of the other features - but of course add more refinements to the Game Start! For example the Stamina-rebuild, reducing your food points is now tied to the difficulty setting (See details below). We also increased the output for the crushed-stones-to-ore reprocessing.

Repair-2-Template has seen a few changes as well and, beyond that, we changed the way how repairs are handled in general. Up to now, repairing a damaged block was for free - this has changed. Repairing a damaged block now uses Iron Ingots as a resource (100 HP demand 1 iron ingot). To make this work with the new Repair-2-Template method and to avoid having to manage different devices for the same tasks, we further unified the two features of the repair feature (Repair blocks + Repair-2-template) so you can always use it from one console.

Beyond these two topics, nearly every feature, from AI to Planets to Zirax Weapon balancing, got additions and refinements as well. So please check out the full changelog below for all the updates and, as always, please report your feedback directly to our dedicated feedback threads:

Alpha 8.0 EXP: New Planets

Alpha 8.0 EXP: Solar System Generator - Doku & Feedback

Alpha 8.0 EXP: AI Behavior

Alpha 8.0 EXP: Repair Template & Repair-to-Template

Alpha 8.0 EXP: Suit- and Survival Mechanics

Alpha 8.0 EXP: New food and food-item drop system

Alpha 8.0 EXP: New Status Effects / Diseases

Dungeon Feedback: Derelict Mining Ship

Note: If you are NEW to Alpha 8.0 please read the individual feedback thread starters as they contain valuable information of...
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Hotfix: April 28, 2018 (Build 1598)

- Animals do not follow player into water anymore
- Repair Console can now also be placed on a CV
- Re-arranged Repair Bay / Console in TechTree
- Now using sectors.yaml to determine default starter planets for Creative Mode
- Updated textures for Land Claim Device
- Added possibility to teleport using sector map (shift-right click when hovering over sector body)
- Added missing loca text for igmNoRepairBay
- Land Claim Device is now in "Equipment" group in Control Panel

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Invisible SV/HV thrusters
- Fixed: Drones sometimes not reacting to the players presence - especially in MP
- Fixed: Drone from a wave when close to a base sometimes did not attack the base but instead was diving on the ground and did nothing (you need to start a new game to ensure that the fix works)


Hello Galactic Survivalists!

First of all: thanks for the overwhelming amount of feedback and responses to our first iteration of Alpha EXPERIMENTAL 8.0! :)

Although the Experimental Phase I was possibly a bit rough at some edges and a lot has changed compared to all the versions before, we’ve seen lots and lots of positive feedback on the now more survival-focused and possibly “harder” game start.

As promised, we picked up a lot of your feedback on that topic - and all others - and made some first improvements, like adding back more POIs to discover (Please tell us what you think of the amount and types!) and, of course, tried improving the Temperature-Food-Stamina topic, that possibly made even the Easy game start a bit too harsh at times (depending on the seed).

Check the changelog below for all the updates and, as always, please report your feedback directly to our main dedicated feedback threads:

Alpha 8.0 EXP: New Planets

Alpha 8.0 EXP: Solar System Generator - Doku & Feedback

Alpha 8.0 EXP: AI Behavior

Alpha 8.0 EXP: Repair Template & Repair-to-Template

Alpha 8.0 EXP: Suit- and Survival Mechanics...
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Hi Galactic Survivalists!

Today, we are very excited to announce the release of the first EXPERIMENTAL version of Alpha 8!

You’ve been patiently waiting for this day, following nearly half a dozen dev blogs and various teasers about the new features coming with Alpha 8.0. Now it is your turn to play and give us feedback! :)

Be aware that this is still a very rough version - so expect bugs and unpolished features. We wanted to release Alpha EXP 8.0 as early as possible to get your feedback!


CHANGELOG: Alpha Experimental 8.0.0 (Build 1591)


Instead of detailing all the features, we just highlight the main Alpha 8 features and recommend reading the feedback threads below for more details.

1. Larger Planets:
Increased size from the current 8x4km (32km²) up to 64x32km (2048km²) playfields, i.e. the planets in Alpha 8 will be up to 64x larger than in Alpha 7!

We would like to give you an idea of how big these planets are. Do you see the spire base on the other side?

It looks quite far away - right? However, if you look at the map, it seems to be just in front of you:
- Actual size of a planet will also be reflected in the orbit
- Tilted planet axis so that the day/night ratio depends where you are on the planet (eg longer days and shorter nights on the northern hemisphere and vice versa on the southern hemisphere)
- Improved outside view of the planets in the orbit

2. Random Generation of Solar System:
- Each time you start a new game, a new solar system is generated with a different amount of planets and POIs
- You can control the generation process via a configuration file (number and type of planets, POIs, extension of solar system etc)
The above screenshot shows the new 3d sector map of a random solar system

3. Procedural Terrain Generation:
Procedural terrain generation is back - no fixed heightmap planets anymore

4. More Diverse Biomes:
Realistic biome distribution based on humidity and temperature:

By changing Temperature, Humidity and the Seed, we obtain a very varied biome distribution:

5. Underground Layers...
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Hi Galactic Survivalists!

The Experimental version is nearly around the corner! We have already started to refine some of the features that should be playable in the first iteration of the Alpha 8.0 public testing version. In addition, we are currently fixing the remaining major bugs to get the Experimental version ready for release.

1. Planet Update
In the current public version, when you dig into the ground, the textures do not change a lot. This was one of the downsides of the fixed heightmaps as the terrain shader was not very flexible with respect to textures.

In Alpha 8, the 'underground layers' are coming back. Creators will have the possibility to set up to 7 different consecutive layers for their planetary playfields.


2. AI Behavior Update

For the upcoming Experimental phase, we are developing a new AI technology, which will be used mainly for the AI of animals on the planets. We will be primarily using it on few animals on the starter planet.

2.1. Technology
We will be using a new Behaviour Tree technology for the animals. It is a visual tool, in which we can design the behaviour from small AI modules. This helps us to easily create prototypes and reuse the modules between animals.


To make the animal behaviour more natural we are using some new tools.
- Vision sensor - it will simulate vision of the animal. If you get in range and field of view, it will inform other systems of your presence
- Noise system - similar to vision sensor. This system is gathering some of the noises in game and feeding them in to the AI
- Alert level - If the animal can hear or see you, it can get alerted - it can be just a slight disturbance or a strong rage, depends on the alert source strength, was it just a rustle, or a shot in the back? You can now try to go stealthy, slowly and not using items. You can see the animals react by changing their behaviour. Learn to read the posture ;-)

- Fear sensor - similar to alert level, animal has also a fear level. The fear is increased with noises or damage, and decreased by time (as time heals everything) and friends. So if you see aggressive creature in big group, be careful!

2.2. New behaviours

Friendly herbivore:
A friendly herbivore will be eating grass (or maybe rocks, depends on their taste) and roam around the world...
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Hi Galactic Survivalists!

The Alpha 8.0 Experimental version is already shimmering on the horizon - time to update you on our progress again!

1. Solar System Generator
The "SSG" is making good progress. The most recent version now includes a full preview for planets, orbits and the solar system!


For planets and orbits, we not only added indicators of ore deposits/asteroids and POIs, but you can now also see all NPC spawn points as well!
(each little dot represents a spawn point and the red area is the new starter biome)

2. Planets
In the past week we made three major improvements:
2.1 New terrain with considerably increased view distance
(left: new, right: old)

We still have to decide about the actual view distance from a gameplay perspective. As you can see, the new terrain would allow for a VERY huge view distance)

2.2 Red and green wall removal
We improved the removal of the red and green walls (still needs testing). In the below screenshot, we are in the far north (actually the sun never sets here) beyond the former red wall and we are looking north. Pre-Alpha 8, this area was blocked. If you continue in this direction you will actually cross the north pole.

2.3 The outside view of the planets in the orbit now looks much better
...and also the 3d planet map has better visuals:

3. New food and item drop system
As promised, we can now have a more closer look on the new food and item-drop system, you will test in the upcoming Experimental version.

3a. New item drop groups
As explained in the last dev blog we changed the single-purpose food & item drops system into a basic set of groups.

- PlantProtein
- NaturalSweetener
- Grain
- Berries
- Fruit
- Mushroom
- NaturalStimulant
- Vegetables
- Spice

Each harvestable plant in the game, that is relevant to a food item or meal, will drop an item that is named like one of these groups. For example: Corn and Wheat plants will get you GRAIN.

There are other plants, that did not see a change yet, like Varon Root still drops Varon Roots, but this might change as we explore categories and new food groups in the future! We are of course open to any...
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Hi Galactic Survivalists!

Weekend is coming, so time again for another progress report on Alpha 8.0! :)

We are still working full throttle on our Alpha 8.0 main topic "larger planets", but we can now say that the finish line is already visible. Said that, it might take still some time until the first Experimental version will hit. One of the reasons is, that the new planet generation leads to the need of rebuilding a major portion of all the adjacent mechanics, from placing plants down to temperature scaling - which needs to be readjusted from the ground up again. Same applies to the SolarSystemGenerator (SSG-editor), as these two topics are closely entangled with each other.

While the new planets become more and more tangible, we made progress in a lot of other areas as well.

1. New Game start
In the last dev Blog, you had a lot of questions about the new game start, suit constructor and sleeping. We will try to answer some of those, although this is still a work-in-progress topic.

- Sleeping -

Q: Are there limitations, like not being able to sleep when I am followed by enemies?
A: We are currently working on the details - especially on those conditionals what will or will not work or happen while you sleep. We'll update the details in a dev blog as soon as they are set in stone.

Q: How does sleeping work and where can I sleep?
A: For now only the Escape Pod has this feature. If this mechanic works, we can (and will) add the feature to other devices, like beds.

Q: Does sleeping work in Multiplayer or Coop as well?
A: No, this will remain an exclusive feature for single player in the near future. As a side note: To make this feature work in Multiplayer, ALL player would need to go to "bed" at the same time, as we cannot advance time if a player is still "active". We might possibly find a solution for this in the future, maybe for small-groups MP like Coop, but until then, this will remain a single player only feature

Q: When forwarding time aka 'sleeping' in MP does not work, what about having a 'save logoff' instead?
A: Yes, we already considered 'saving' your re-entry by using a Clone Chamber or similar. This is already on the list for future updates, but not in the scope for the initial Alpha 8.0 as a lot of side-effects that result from this need to be taken into account (like what happens if the ship is destroyed or captured or the device is...
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A preview of our new terrain shader

Hi Galactic Survivalists!

We are a bit behind schedule with our blog post about the new Solar System Generator because we are currently reworking parts of it. Thus, we thought it does not make sense to reveal info which is already outdated in the very moment we post it.

However, don't worry - more info about the new tool for easily creating your very personal solar system will be published in the near future. For example on how to utilize the new "planet tilt" setting, which will allow for different day/night cycle length on the northern and southern hemisphere of a planet!

Instead of a walk-through of the "SSG" (Solar System Generator), we want to provide you with some quick info about our progress on some of the other, more gameplay-relevant features!

Let's roll :)

1. Game Start
  • If you start a new default game, the new SSG system will randomly pick names from a database of around 600 playfield names. So if you start a new game with a different seed, your planets will have different names!
  • You will be able to "sleep" in your escape pod to forward time and it will not despawn (SP only)
  • You will have a very limited "Suit Constructor" at your disposal (slow, only the very basic items like a food item, bandages etc)
  • We are planning to provide you with a much better survival experience as a game start. More details to come...
2. For Scenario Creators
  • You can still use the system with a fixed sectors.yaml and fixed planet names!
  • You will now have the possibility to place POIs and Ore Deposits BY BIOME![​IMG]
  • You will be able to preview the POI and resource distribution in the SSG [​IMG]
  • The PDA system now offers repeatable missions!
3. For Builders
  • You can now set Hotkeys for console commands. Having SI turned to off, godmode on, teleport and more can be activated at the same time with a simple hotkey click!
  • Automated doors now have an override priority for Sensors: if you add a sensor/signal to a door, the door-integrated auto-opening will not be triggered.
  • Devices with Sensor Input and Output fields can now send and receive signals. Before, SEND did not work as long as the device was set to listen/receive signals at the same time. Note: you cannot create blink-lights this way, because of an integrated...
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Hi Galactic Survivalists,

We released a small patch on the Alpha 7 branch. Please continue to report bugs and issues here: https://empyriononline.com/threads/bug-reports-alpha-7-6.36123

Next week, we will post another "Road to Alpha 8: Development Update" where we will provide more info about the upcoming Alpha 8 release - especially the Experimental phase.

Changelog: Alpha 7.6.1 (Build 1466)

- Optimized turrets to obtain a big performance gain when a lot of turrets are involved
- Removed the “last open“ mechanism in favor of “open log if mission is active“ if PDA is opened (e.g. open PDA with an active mission > show PDA log page)
- Changed the way how the "energy left" is calculated for a base: now we only take into account the current amount of energy in fuel tank + battery and divide it by the current consumption

Updated Akua + Omicron playfields:
- Trading Station is now further away from enemy POIs
- Omicron: resource deposits are placed around wreckage POI
- Akua: resource deposits are closer to wreckage POI

Tutorial Update:
- Added info on how to re-read messages to some of the message popups
- Adjusted wording of some messages
- Added Alien honey to Greenhouse2 fridge

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Problem with huge number of drones gathering at position (0,0,0)
- Fixed: HV's getting stuck under water after going through the green wall.
- Fixed: Survival Constructor 'Allow faction access' & 'Show on map' missing from UI.
- Fixed: End of stairs can create an invisible block
- Fixed: Problem that resource asteroids did not spawn when a low amount was configured in yaml
- Fixed: After removing the capacitor, the solar panel LED's remained on until the game was reloaded
- Fixed: Problem with "ManagerShipFighter Write unknown task" warning
- Fixed: Playfield server exception spam
- Fixed: Several other internal exceptions

Updated Empyrion Admin Helper (EAH) Tool
Patch notes -
- Added: Changed Player column "Cheat" to "Warning"
- Added: Backpack Backup working for remote slave
- Added: Config Discord: Send Auto-Chat's to discord
- Added: Deposit Check (only on local tools): For now it lists all deposits and their current status. The refresh function has to be delayed till A8.0
- Added: Feedback for GetShipDown
- Added: New Items
- Added: Structure limits: Added overall limits for CV/SV/HV Player/Faction
- Added: Admin Profile: Fill automatically...