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Hey Galactic Survivalists!

Today we are releasing Alpha 5.1 to the public. Initially planned as a small bug fixing and polishing update, 5.1 turned into a massive update with many new cool features and improvements as documented in the long changelog below.

Please note that this update will not break your savegame or server world, but if you want to make use of the new defaults like the resource additions and loot distribution changes, these will only work with playfields that were not visited ahead of the update.

Again, we would like to thank all players that gave us valuable feedback and helped in tracking down bugs while version 5.1 was on the experimental branch.

Without further ado, please dive into 5.1, review the changes and new additions and, of course, report and help us to fix remaining bugs and issues right here: http://empyriononline.com/threads/bug-reports-alpha-5-1-x.9183

First and foremost: have fun playing!

Empyrion Dev Team

P.S. Here is an overview of symbols and icons that are supported on our LCD panels/signs: http://www.wingamestore.com/misc/egs-lcd-symbols (thanks to Frigidman for generating this table)

Changelog: Alpha 5.1 (Build 811)

Resources & Mining:
- Added turret drill for CV
- Added Voxel asteroids of all resources (iron, copper, promethium, gold etc) => they can be placed via playfield.yaml
- Added larger variety of Voxel resource asteroids to space
- Added Blue Crystal (Pentaxid) terrain resource texture => currently not yet used in default setup of Empyrion but you can integrate Pentaxid deposits similar to other resources in playfield.yaml
- Renamed Blue Crystal into Pentaxid (raw)

Turret drill for CVs:

Asteroid mining in space:

New Loot Distribution:
- Updated loot: the loot distribution is now much more fine-grained and almost each container has an own "theme" (e.g. food in fridge, etc)

It will now be a lot more rewarding and interesting to explore POIs because you can find more diverse loot depending on the container you are opening:

Reload Animations:
- Added first...
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UPDATE: Alpha 5.0.4 (Build 797)

Minor Update:
- Added more debug outputs to track some bugs for Alpha 5.1 release


UPDATE: Server hotfix released: Alpha 5.0.4 (Build 796)

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed problem that players obtain duplicate IDs in certain circumstances

We recommend updating your server to Build 796 if you experience the following problems:
- Players see each other twice
- Player cannot access their structures anymore

Both issues are caused by players obtaining duplicate IDs in certain circumstances


Hi Galactic Survivalists,

We just released another hotfix for Alpha 5.0 which fixes a major exploit (container content duplication) and several other bugs.

Changelog: Alpha 5.0.4 (Build 795)

- Changed underlying network communication

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Duplication exploit with container content
- Fixed: Problem that changes of colors in Player Menu did not affect the in-game player avatar
- Fixed: Problem that homing rockets did not shoot at crosshair
- Fixed: "Sequence number mismatch" error by using improved networking
- Fixed: Exception in Resume Game menu
- Fixed: Problem that requesting client logs by server host did not work
- Fixed: Several internal exceptions reported on support email

Here are another two teaser screenshots that show some more goodies that are waiting for you in the upcoming Alpha 5.1. Have a guess what these features are...:)



Alpha 5.1 will hit the Experimental branch in a couple of days. Keep your eyes open to check it out.

Empyrion Dev Team
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Hi Galactic Survivalists,

With great excitement we followed the voting for the '2016 Indie of the Year Awards' on IndieDB. Today, the results are in: "Empyrion - Galactic Survival" made it to place NUMBER 4 in the Top 100 votings of the 'Indie of the Year' main category: http://www.indiedb.com/features/players-choice-indie-of-the-year-2016

Thanks a lot to all our supporters that brought us here. :)

Big things are lying ahead of us. 2017 will be an exciting year for Empyrion, for the dev team and first and foremost for all of our new and veteran players.

Have an awesome rest-of-the-year-party and have a happy NEW year 2017!

Cu there! :)

Changelog: Alpha 5.0.3 (Build 792)

We have another small patch for you:

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed problem that particle effect of drill turret HV was broken after login (we changed the particle effect temporarily as a workaround)
- Fixed problem that Mission "Clans of Akua" could not be fulfilled
- Possible fix for problem that sometimes removed terrain suddenly re-appeared
- Fixed internal exception

Last but not least, here is a little teaser that shows some cool features that are waiting for you in the upcoming Alpha 5.1 release:
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UPDATE: December 29, 2016. Release of Build 790

Alpha 5.0.3: Build 790

Server-side update only:
- Fixed internal exception that occurred on playfield servers: System.ArgumentException


Hi guys,

All good things come in threes: we just released the third patch for Alpha 5.0 :)

Merry Christmas!

Changelog: Alpha 5.0.3 (Build 789)

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed problem that no drones were present on Akua, Omicron and Masperon after starting a new Survival game in Alpha 5.0.1 and 5.0.2
- Fixed problem that HV drill and HV turret did not take anti grief zone into account
- Fixed exception on playfield server if parameter "Infinite" was used for drone waves
- Fixed marketplace problem that after wiping the pending goods can nowhere be claimed: now every Trading Station can claim "virtual" offers

Changes / Improvements:
- Updated models for Medic Station and Clone Chamber
- Reduced bloom intensity in space
- Implemented sending of client log files to dedi if requested by server host
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I just want to wish you guys and girls and your family a wonderful Christmas or Holiday / Other Traditions, and a Happy New Year. Please remember to not drink and drive and if you are not sure what is going to happen that night then leave your keys behind and take a taxi to the event. We want to see all of you back here in tip top shape!

2016 was beyond an amazing year for Empyrion and I personally can't wait for 2016. These are some the most finest and dedicated developers I have seen in the gaming industry. You guys will have a plate and a cold glass of ale at my table this Christmas.

I want to wish the Developers and you guys and girls who make Empyrion so amazing a safe and productive 2017!

Empyrion Online had over 3 Million Page Views in 2016.
We hope your experience here has been a stable and pleasant one. We have also removed all ads and don't plan on ever bring them back.

Empyrion is also 50% off and makes an amazing gift for your friends and family!

Join our Holiday Themed Screenshots/Media Thread Here:
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Hi Galactic Survivalists,

We have just released the second patch for Alpha 5.0.

Changelog: Alpha 5.0.2 (Build 784)

Changes / Improvements:
- Added lines to starmap to indicate when two sectors are sufficiently close to be reached by a warp jump (<25AU)
- Added possibility to pickup grow-able plants with your Multitool: sprout of the plant will be placed in inventory (mode "disassemble" on private or faction structures)
- Drone Base: Added parameter "Infinite" to playfield.yaml to ensure infinite drone waves (added "Infinite" to Akua, Omicron, Masperon). Note: if the drone base is not set to infinite, the drone waves stop when the stock of drones is exhausted
- Tweaked color of warp arrow to make it better visible
- Added better muzzle fire on pistols
- Added better particle effect, hit effect and sound for drill turret
- Tweaked red laser shot of alien laser turrets
- Changed: Player drone cannot open cargo boxes anymore (to avoid sneaking into POIs and emptying cargo boxes without being attacked)
- Updated Trading Stations on Ningues and Zeyhines (thanks to Frigidman)

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Error when upgrading an Auto Miner of an empty resource
- Fixed: Marketplace exploit - it was possible to by every item from yourself
- Fixed: Problem with Food Processor that crafting process was blocked when creating nutrient solution with crushed stone
- Fixed several other internal exceptions reported on support email (thanks for the bug reports - keep them coming)
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Hi Galactic Survivalists,

We just released the first patch that fixes several issues from Alpha 5.0 and incorporates some of your feedback. We are currently working on another small patch that will be released very soon.

We were very excited to hear that after the Alpha 5.0 release some of the servers out there had reached the limit of 128 (simultaneous) online players! When we implemented this limit a long time ago, we thought that it would be enough but we were wrong ;) You never cease to amaze us! We now increased the player limit to 256. Let's see when you break it...

We also prepared a short video about the main features that were introduced in Alpha 5.0:

Please report all remaining issues over here: Bug Reports: Alpha 5.0.x

Changelog: Alpha 5.0.1 (Build 782)

Changes / Improvements:
- Drill module and drill turret can now also be used to mine resource meteorites
- Increased player limit on a multiplayer server from 128 to 256
- Adapted weapon hold of all pistols + color / texture tool
- Updated 3d model of console used for e.g. Trading Station
- Female eyelashes now appear only in player previews - looked bad with in game lighting
- Slightly increased length of barrel of minigun turret (BA, CV)
- Marketplace: Slightly improved GUI

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Days not displayed in Marketplace Duration column for durations >= 1 day
- Fixed: Problem that picking up blocks from pre-Alpha and pre-block-separation could not be used in blueprint factory
- Fixed: Problem that T2 Drill in flatten mode had no reload sound
- Fixed: Problem with wrong info on CV Flak which said it can also be used on a planet
- Fixed several internal exceptions sent to support email (thanks for your reports)
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Hi Galactic Survivalists,

Welcome to our big Christmas update! We have added a lot of new goodies and stuff, that should not only improve your game experience, but also adds new ways of enjoyment. Like the new HV drill modules and turret!

Before digging holes in any planet, please read through the full changelog below, because some game mechanics changed as well. For example you now have a real MULTI-tool with several working modes! Just hit right-mouse-button (RMB) and set it to the mode you need. Other tools that had the same function were removed. More changes can be found in the changelog below.

In addition, we made another step in making the worlds of Empyrion more vivid: the new civil POIs provide shelter (doors are set to public) and basic loot for all our explorers and survivors!

Said that, we want to thank all the testers and builders that helped to make 5.0 awesome. In particular, we want to thank all players who tested the Experimental release and reported bugs and gave feedback. Last but not least, a big thank you to all the awesome creators who contributed with their creations to this release!

Please report all remaining issues over here: Bug Reports: Alpha 5.0.x

Server Wipe
As always for major releases, please note that we will wipe our official server in about 12h on December 20, 2016 at 8pm CET.

Have a great time with 5.0!

Empyrion Dev Team


Changelog: Alpha 5.0 (Build 780)

Character Customization and New Armor:

- Added possibility to customize character (face, hair, beard, body type etc) [​IMG]
- Improved first-person arms
- Added a new armor for character

- Added better textures for faces

Vehicle-Based Drilling:

- Added HV mechanical drill module
- Added HV drill turret
- Added harvest container: ores that are mined with the above devices will be placed into this container
- Harvester module: harvested wood is now placed also into harvest container not into Harvester module itself
- Added new group for Control Panel: “Harvest”

Here is a short tutorial video of how to use the new HV drill module and turret:

Alliances and...
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Hi Galactic Survivalists,

We just released a small patch that fixes two major exploits and one annoying bug.

Please report remaining bugs over here: http://empyriononline.com/threads/bug-reports-alpha-4-4-x.8298/

Changelog: Alpha 4.4.3 (Build 740)
- Fixed exploit that vessels whose weapons have hacked/cheated magazine sizes could be spawned in Survival mode
- Fixed exploit that hull blocks with 500 HP could be used for SV / HV
- Fixed problem that crashing with a large CV into trees could lead to ship teleporting back and forth until all touching trees are destroyed
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Hi Galactic Survivalists!

When talking to the press, we always get asked what's unique about Empyrion, what we aim to achieve and which elements of the game are the most exciting ones.

How would YOU answer these questions?

Tell us in the comments below what YOU like most about Empyrion (feature, gameplay, whatever) and/or SHOW us your most awesome in-game moments in a video (cut scenes, short video).

Thanks in advance for your feedback.


Empyrion Dev Team

P.S. Here is a sneak preview of the upcoming character customization: