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Update: April 8, 2017: Hotfix (10 PM)

Changelog: Alpha Experimental 6.0.5 (Build 946)

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Problems with crashing playfields on a dedicated server and resulting connection problems.

Known Issues:
- We temporarily deactivated the troops transport

Update: April 8, 2017: Hotfix (1 AM)

Changelog: Alpha Experimental 6.0.4 (Build 944)

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Problem on a dedicated server that you could not connect anymore in certain use cases
- Fixed: Scrolling did not work when cursor is in a gap or on an active element

- Updated Fuel / Oxygen tank texture in CP


Update: April 7, 2017: Hotfix

Changelog: Alpha Experimental 6.0.3 (Build 943)

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Problem that game was freezing frequently
- Fixed: RAD resistance / protection broken
- Fixed: Error occurring on second new game start with auto-activated PDA chapter
- Fixed: O2 level is 0 if player was dying from suffocation
- Fixed: PDA missing in multiplayer games
- Fixed: Problem that CV starter was not craft-able anymore
- Fixed: Motion sensor trigger area overlapping with other trigger areas
- Fixed: Problem that resource meteorites (those with InitialDelay) were spawning in a stack when loading a dormant playfield
- Possible fix: FPS drops when shooting full-auto weapons on a target or in the air
- Fixed: Walkway blocks placed inside "Xenu Vehicle Port MKI" were not displayed correctly
- Small fix for Structural Integrity SI
- Fixed: Problem that rain sometimes penetrated structures (BA, CV)
- Fixed: Problem with gaps in armored door BA / CV

- O2 debug orbs do not cast shadows anymore
- Radiated fog is less strong and needs longer to build up
- No radiated fog on Akua anymore
- Added possibility to have indestructible terrain (configured in playfield.yaml via "IndestructibleTerrain: True")
- Added scratches to cockpits 1 and 3 (only for damage states)
- Obsolete constructors are not allowed in BPs anymore (to avoid exploits)
- Added better info (with warning) to re-spawn menu
- Reduced sound of motion sensor and light barrier
- Increased emissive strength of displays in new cockpits
- Improved...
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Hi Galactic Survivalists,

Just to make it clear, the announcement about the purchasable in-game pets yesterday was an April Fools' Day prank. However, the announcement about implementing dynamic weather into the game was not a joke :)

In the upcoming Experimental release you will be able to experience dynamic weather in Empyrion. Here are already some teaser screenshots.

Radiated fog on Skillon:

Mist in the tropical forest on Akua:

Sunny weather on Akua:

Thunderstorm on Akua:

A sunny day on Ningues:

Snow fall on Ningues:

A sunny day on Omicron:

Morning mist on Omicron:

We are planning to release "Alpha Experimental 6.0 - Part II" the upcoming week.

Stay tuned and have a great day


Empyrion Dev Team
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Greetings Galactic Survivalists!

We have a very special announcement for you today! We know you might get lonely surviving in the big wide Empyrion universe alone, so coming in Alpha 6.0, we are introducing purchasable in-game pets!

As a first iteration, for just the low price of $59.95, you can get this adorable little Dragon to follow you around, and protect you from enemies and environmental hazards.


They even come in multiple colors!


You even get an egg, and can observe how they hatch:

The dragon may look cute and innocent but once it smells a Zirax, it transforms into fearless killing machine. We observed how it slaughtered a Zirax in less than 10 seconds....very impressive!

We hope you enjoy these new companions to accompany your adventures. Enjoy!

EDIT (April 2, 2017): In case you already pictured yourself to discover the mysteries of the Empyrion universe together with your little dragon companion, unfortunately we have to disappoint you - it was an April Fools' Day prank ;-)
However, this does not mean that we will not add AI companions one day to the game (not for Alpha 6.0 though).
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Update: March 26, 2017

Changelog: Alpha Experimental 6.0.1 (Build 923)

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Problem that O2 and Radiation was not correctly calculated in some use cases
- Fixed problem with oxygenation in large structures and resulting "stackoverflow"
- Fixed: Problem that several Patrol Vessels were deactivated
- Fixed: Problem that no planet vessel was on Omicron
- Fixed: Stored items in Armor Locker gone when restarting the game
- Fixed: Armor locker was blocked by user who first accessed it (MP only)
- Fixed: Armor Locker was accepting any Item Type (now only Armor/Boost Items)
- Fixed: No sound when using SV & HV o2 station
- Fixed: SV & HV fuel tank no longer light up
- Fixed: Problem that teleport in space (via console) did not take into account Y coordinate
- Fixed: y rotation jump when spawning
- Fixed: Problem with saving correct state of lever position
- Fixed Quick Access/Hotbar "0" Slot Key
- Fixed: No shift-click to drag items from inventory to quick access

- Increased animation speed of lever
- Increased Armor Locker Container to 5x3 Dimensions/Slots
- Added possibility to set the teleport target as follows: "[email protected]:NamePlayfield"
- Removed double open sound when opening map


Initial Post: March 25, 2017

Hi Galactic Survivalists!

Welcome to our first Experimental 6.0 release! We have teased you for some days - now it is your turn! ;-)

In contrast to earlier experimental releases where we released the first experimental version almost feature complete and quite stable, we decided to have a different approach this time: Given the fact that we integrated many new features, feature changes and game changers, we seek your feedback already at a very early state of the Alpha 6.0 development cycle. Thus, we released a very rough and literally “experimental” first version. Nearly all of the features are still Work-In-Progress! So please switch to the experimental branch only if you are willing to accept bugs, issues and un-balanced features.

Due to this work-in-progress status of the current experimental release and because of the multitude of new features, feature changes and game changers, we’d like to suggest a different testing and feedback approach for this experimental cycle:
  • Read through the FAQ. While the changelog below will give you a rough overview of the features,...
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Hi Galactic Survivalists,

We just released a patch that incorporates some of your feedback and fixes several issues from Alpha 5.5. For example, we fixed the problem that Structural Integrity (SI) was not working anymore or the problem with cockpits that changed their colors when entering with multitool.

IMPORTANT: All bases that were built during the 24h time period between Alpha 5.5.0 and Alpha 5.5.1 unfortunately did not save their SI value and can now easily collapse. We are sorry for the inconveniences. All bases built after Alpha 5.5.1 are not affected.

Changelog: Alpha 5.5.1 (Build 883)

- Tweaked Alien blocks:
* if used on a player structure, the corresponding Blueprint will not be spawn-able anymore (red color in Blueprint library)
* alien blocks now only placeable on BA, CV
- Improved grass shader: it now adapts better to the color of the terrain
- Added names of new Drone Bases to localization

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Problem that Structural Integrity SI was not working anymore
- Fixed: Problem that weapons and tools were using SI shader
- Fixed: Problem that cockpits changed color when entering with multitool


Edit: March 1, 2017 (9:50PM)

Changelog: Alpha 5.5.1 (Build 884)

Bug Fixes:
- Possible fix for problem that explosions sometimes turn blocks into other strange blocks
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Hi Galactic Survivalists!

Today we are releasing the final regular update for the 5.x version branch, adding visual and performance tweaks, more than three dozen updated POIs and structures, three new drone bases, new freighter routes and more. Moreover, we have added several new truss block shapes and updated some turret models.

Finally, we integrated a first set of optimizations by activating GPU instancing for all devices (windows, containers, thrusters, deco blocks, etc). This change can potentially have a huge performance improvement in playfields with a lot of structures. More optimizations to follow (decorations and grass).

For a list of all the changes please read the full changelog and let us know if you like the changes!

Please help us tracking down remaining bugs and report them over http://empyriononline.com/threads/bug-reports-alpha-5-5-x.10087


Empyrion Dev Team


ALPHA 6.0 Teaser:
We are working hard on Alpha 6.0, which will be one of the biggest updates since we released the game back in August 2015. Alpha 6.0 will be focused on gameplay improvements and the survival aspects of the game. We will introduce oxygenated rooms, different player armors (each with its own characteristics and upgrade possibilities), environmental hazards (heat / cold, radiation, acid rain, etc), AI controlled vessels on planets, more diversity in AI enemies and much more.

Given the content and scale of the Alpha 6.0 update, we decided to have a longer development cycle as usual. Thus, please do not expect the Alpha 6.0 release before 4-6 weeks (we are aiming for a release in the 2nd week of April - but this may be subject to change). In the meantime, enjoy Alpha 5.5 and keep an eye on the Experimental branch.

We are planning to regularly update you regarding the progress on Alpha 6.0 with a dev blog series "Road to Alpha 6.0".

Here are some screenshots from Alpha 6.0:
In the harsh and toxic environment of Aitis, you should wear your new medium armor to give you enough protection against heat & radiation.

In Alpha 6.0 you will be able to oxygenate your base and walk around with your interior suit (there is a little O2 icon when the room is oxygenated)


Changelog: Alpha 5.5.0 (Build 880)

Overall Turret...
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Hi Galactic Survivalists,

We just released Alpha 5.4, which is a relatively small update (for our standards). The reason for this “minor” update is that - in parallel - we are working hard on the Alpha 6.0 release. We will inform you very soon in more detail about the development progress and the content of A6.0.

For Alpha 5.4, we have worked on a few more bugfixes. As always, besides some tweaks and refinements, we also introduced something new: the reworked orbital starmap (M). This is now a real 3D map, giving you more control over your view angle and camera rotation.

Starmap controls:
- You can rotate the map with pressing LMB / RMB and moving your mouse (rotation around 2 different axis)
- Scrollwheel: zoom in and out
- W / S / A / D / C / Space => move around in map (should we keep this movement throughout the map?)
- Pressing O reset the camera to default position

Please help us tracking down remaining bugs and report them over here: http://empyriononline.com/threads/bug-reports-alpha-5-4-x.9775

Thanks a lot in advance for your feedback - and have fun playing! :)


Empyrion Dev Team


Changelog: Alpha 5.4.0 (Build 867)

- Added first version of new starmap

- Added damage states for new thrusters and updated texture

- Added flares + sound to jetpack

- Updated texture on pulse rifle
- Slightly re-sized antenna blocks so they have exactly "full sized" length (eg 4 blocks high)

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Problem that turrets and fixed weapons used twice the amount of ammo on reload (MP only)
- Fixed: Problem that BA stock prefabs Tier 1 - 4 were marked red in Blueprint library
- Fixed: Problem that the center of gravity of CV, SV, HV was not always correctly set
- Fixed: CV extreme vibration when build on a flat space (steel/concrete blocks or terrain)
- Fixed: Problem that Pulse Rifle only had a flashlight in third person view
- Fixed: Problem that Portable Worklight stopped emitting light when leaving and coming back
- Fixed: Problem that Terrain Placeables (Oxygen Generator, Hydrogen Generator etc) switched to OFF if player walks away
- Fixed: Green water patches
- Fixed: Problem that line between Trading Station and...
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Hi guys,

We just released a small hotfix (Alpha 5.3.2) that solves a relatively frequent internal exception aka "Continue or Quit" CoQ error. This internal exception was linked to the constructor and had the error codes #958D9 [Build 0859] and #DD38B [Build 0857] on the support email. Thanks to everybody who sent in their log.

Changelog: Alpha 5.3.2 (Build 864)

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Internal exception linked to constructor
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Hi Galactic Survivalists,

We just released a small update that implements a highly requested feature: we adapted the turret targeting such that turrets do not shoot anymore at a structure's middle position if no target option is selected (or all of the selected target options are destroyed). In this case, the turrets will not shoot at the structure anymore. As an example, you can now use your HV to take out the turrets of a POI and then use the HV to defend its position while you conquer the POI (as shown in the above screenshot).

Please continue to report 5.3 bugs and issues right here: http://empyriononline.com/threads/bug-reports-alpha-5-3-x.9500

Changelog: Alpha 5.3.1 (Build 859)

This is a server and client update.

- Turrets do not shoot at a structure's middle position any more if no target option is selected
- Replaced old turrets on several BA stock prefabs

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Disassembling Fiber Plant gives Akua Berry Sprout
- Fixed: FP gets stuck when creating Emergency Ratios with Corn instead of Plastic Raw Material
- Fixed internal error linked to Constructor