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  1. Tyrax Lightning
    Tyrax Lightning
    I don't manage to break stuff a lot, but when I do, I can break it pretty damn hard...
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    2. Tyrax Lightning
  2. Eliteace
    hope there will be more content soon :)
  3. AllAboardTheTrumpTrain
    Got hit with a "LagShot" last night and it kinda ruined PVP for me. That's where the game doesn't damage anything BUT the core.
  4. WigaldOwning
    Iam from germany and my english isnt very well, but I do my very best to communicate in english.
  5. shaiQuera
  6. Jonson
    Когда добавят неписей торговцев на ТС что бы покупать все товары !!
  7. AllAboardTheTrumpTrain
    I am still stuck on feeling that if Bases were not allowed, Factions and Alliances disabled in PvP servers a lot of issues would be solved.
  8. Teyson
    Can't stop the feeling ;)
  9. -=Tone=-
    -=Tone=- arg821
    Hey I have been reading your notes on resetting POI but am still confused a little, would you be willing to help me out some please?
  10. medicineman
    Pvp is never balanced. Every pvp game ever made has forums full of gripes and tears regarding the balance of the game.
  11. Kieve
    PvP isn't the bane of this game. Trying to balance it when [everything] is out of balance, that's the problem.
  12. VISION305
    VISION305 LiftPizzas
    Hey I am Helder Perez on youtube. I cant figure out how to message you so I will just put it here. My steam is Vision305
    1. LiftPizzas
      Ok, FR sent on steam. :)
      Jan 17, 2017
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    2. VISION305
      thanks man!
      Jan 17, 2017
  13. LiftPizzas
  14. Vampir2005
    Vampir2005 Hummel-o-War
    Hallo Hummel-o-War,

    könntest du dich mit mir mal per PM/PN odr Mail in Verbindung setzen?
    Ich habe mehrere PIO´s upgedatet zu den neuen Blocks der Version 4.*
    Außerdem würde ich gerne einiges mit dir diskutieren ( habe da einige Ideen ).


  15. Uncle Rhythm Tom
    Uncle Rhythm Tom Hummel-o-War
    Hey hummel, I'm responding from the post in the bug thread and it was about the issue with placing blocks on a CV with a block count of about 9,500 or more that causes a possible crash, but always a crash whenever you switch to -anything- in the hotbar. I know the links from dropbox I had on the bug thread you weren't able to access, but hopefully we can get to the bottom of this and solve the issue!
  16. Trini_Gamer
    Trini_Gamer piddlefoot
    Is that ship in your signature an actual CV? Or is it just a base? Or is it multiple vessels put together?
  17. LiftPizzas
  18. LiftPizzas
  19. Dilli
    @LiftPizzas I can't thank you enough, your Drill Sergeant has been the saviour of my Empyrion, best HV drill I have found on the workshop!
  20. Tyrax Lightning
    1. Ehta
      Thank you! Been quite lots of time and many things have changed, most of it for better so have to dome combing in the forums and shiploads of testing in the game itself, whenever I'll have any time to do so :)
      Jan 12, 2017
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