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Update: June 21, 2019 - Alpha 10.0.2 (Build 2513)

Bug Fixes:

- Fixed: 'Glass railing' & 'Glass railing round' texture issue
- Fixed: Cube Quarter face goes missing when placed next to other blocks
- Fixed new chat:
- auto-jump to Private tab
- sometimes not showing sender name

- Chat: added new smileys as command exceptions ":D" and ":p"
- Updated Localisation
- Updated EAH Tool: https://empyriononline.com/threads/tool-emp-admin-helper-eah-free-v1-47-x.5771/page-58#post-314788


Hi Galactic Survivalists,

Here comes the next hotfix release which includes a LOT of bug fixes for internal exceptions (thanks to the output logs you sent in)

CHANGELOG: Alpha 10.0.2 (Build 2511)

- Added back "SVDecoIntake02" (now called SVDecoIntake02New) to "General Devices (Deco)"
- Updated models of regular windows

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: MapDistance does not work other than 0
- Fixed: Names of devices mismatch between device list and detail info screen and HUD
- Fixed: Several internal exceptions found in output logs

- Some railing blocks have texture problems (will be fixed in next build)
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Update: June 19, 2019 (1pm CEST) - Build 2508

- Fixed: Exception on startup when using Config.ecf from Build 2504 (note: the deco block "SVDecoIntake02" is temporarily not available in "General Devices (Deco)" - we will add it back in next update)


Hi Galactic Survivalists,

We just released the first hotfix for Alpha 10. Stay tuned for more stabilizing and polishing updates.

CHANGELOG: Alpha 10.0.1 (Build 2507)

Bug Fixes:
- Possible fix for missing chunks on connect to a server
- Fixed: Color Tool usage permission
- Fixed: Definitions of new templates in Config.ecf didn't work reliable
- Fixed: Setting Video quality to FAST by keeping Textures on MAX results in billboard issue and exception
- Fixed: Possible exception when disconnecting from server running PDA.cs
- Fixed: Problem that turrets sometimes did not aim accurately
- Fixed: Clone chamber / Medic Station: not possible to paint/texture below (we removed the base plate)
- Fixed: Cockpit 8 non armored has the same model as the armored version
- Fixed: Internal exception linked to Status Effects
- Fixed: Several internal exceptions found in logs
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Hi Galactic Survivalists!

After more than 4 weeks in Experimental phase, we are very excited to release Alpha 10 to the public branch today!

Thanks to all Experimental testers, who helped with tracking down bugs and who sent in their feedback over the past weeks, we managed to greatly improve the initial feature releases.

Here is a short overview of the main features of Alpha 10:
- Polarized hull shields
- More than 100 new building block shapes
- Increased mining speed and improved drill handling
- New base attack & AI improvements (including a standalone Base Attack Scenario)
- Combined color and texture tool
- New movement controller mode for vessels
- New multiplayer chat
- Increased texture resolution of our 3d models

Check out the update video that highlights the main features of Alpha 10:

When looking at the overview and the full changelog below (with a LOT more changes, improvements and bug fixes), you will notice that we introduced several “first time” features and some gameplay changes. We are aware of the fact that this might lead to some relearning of mechanics, which can be inconvenient for everyone that is used to a certain play-style. However, the goal of the Alpha phase is still to add, change and introduce large feature updates.

Thanks a lot in advance to keep this in mind when playing Alpha 10. Said that, especially the new Base Attack (including a significant AI update for NPC ground troops) and the Modding API are additions that will still evolve over time. That’s why we value your feedback on ANY of the game topics and try to incorporate ideas and suggestions wherever possible and we hope everyone will continue to do so with the public release.

Please check out Alpha 10 and make good use of the Feedback forum: https://empyriononline.com/forums/faq-feedback.25/

Of course, please also report any bug or issue with Alpha 10 in the bug forum: https://empyriononline.com/forums/bugs.24/

Have fun playing Alpha 10!


Empyrion Dev Team


CHANGELOG: Alpha 10.0.0 (Build 2504)


1. Shields
- Added polarized hull shield for vessels and bases
Hitting a shield-protected base

- Added shield generator (Pentaxid is required to charge the shield and energy is needed to power the shield)
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UPDATE: June 16, 2019 (Build 2504)

- Implemented: In 'Salvage' mode MultiTool and SurvivalTool now return a random set of top-level items (instead of deconstructing fractions of a top-level item to lower level items)
- Added ability that an open door/hangar door will be used by AI and considered as "open space" to path through it
- Slightly increased base attack difficulty for low levels
- Reduced reload time of player sentry turrets
- Increased resolution of screens on O2 Station
- Bring back old Asteroid Ring blueprint (use "AsteroidFieldRingOld" in playfield.yaml)
- Better highlight of active toolbar slot
- Don't show reputation warning message when trying to open container or pickup plants from Alien or Admin factions
- Allowing to create a blueprint from any structure in survival if godmode invisible is enabled

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed Exploit: Logistic dupe outside of WiFi range
- Fixed: Zirax soldiers did not change targets correctly when attacking sentries in a base attack
- Fixed: New asteroid ring did not take into account rotation from playfield.yaml
- Fixed: possible exception when opening Sector Map.


Hi Galactic Survivalists,

Here is the Release Candidate 2 for Monday's public release.

CHANGELOG: Alpha 10.0.0 (Build 2502)

Base Attack (Survival) Update:
- Increased impact of reputation on base attack probabilities
- Zirax soldiers will now consider which turret did a damage to the group, and they will protect against such turret as a group
- Added "Attack Difficulty" entry to Control Panel statistics for Base Attack probabilities

Base Attack (Scenario) Update:
- Added 3-6 HS blocks every second drop
- Increase re-capture timer by 30 seconds
- Drop resupply from a little lower to prevent collision misses with landing pad + drop position on landing pad

Ship Controller Update:
- Added more deco containers to weight calculation
- Slightly reduced the turn rate to match A9 behavior
- Pilot mode is now persistent for the player
- Added hotkey "Shift - i" to toggle pilot mode
- Added weight of fuel into the total mass of the ship
- Reduce the x-axis mouse sensitivity for HV

- Set version number to "Alpha 10.0.0" for public release
- Jetpack state is now persistent
- Added armored version of cockpit 08
- Re-added legacy version of cockpit 08
- Added some documentation comments to IPda. Add documentation config...
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Hi Galactic Survivalists!

After four major Experimental releases during the last four weeks, we are very excited to reveal the planned date for the upcoming public release of Alpha 10:

June 17, 2019

Thank you so much for all the valuable feedback and bug reports during this intense Experimental phase.

For the remaining days until June 17, we will continue to work on polishing features and squashing more bugs.

Empyrion Dev Team
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Hi Galactic Survivalists!

As promised last week, we are releasing the Alpha 10 Release Candidate today!

This final step of the Experimental phase is, among other changes, taking into account your feedback on a few of the latest feature additions: the combined Color-Texture tool now allows texturing and coloring independent from each other again (please read below), the Zirax soldiers got another buff of their AI routines and those creators that want to deactivate base attacks on a given playfield can now do so.

Besides a lot of other refinements, changes and improvements, we made the O2 calculation more accurate (technically, we reduced the basis for the O2 calculation from 2m to 1m Voxels). For example, in the old 2m Voxel calculation, a thin wall block entirely blocked the O2 flow even though there was visually “empty space” in front of the wall. The new calculation will let the air flow past these kind of shapes from now on! In addition, we added a thin variant of the ventilator for more compact builds.

Please find all the updates, changes and bug fixes in the changelog below.

Please make use of the feedback threads in the Experimental forum and report any bug in the appropriate forum section over here: https://empyriononline.com/forums/#experimental-branch.33

For everyone waiting for an announcement of the public release date: rest assured, the Alpha 10 release is not that far away anymore. We will officially announce the release date for Alpha 10 tomorrow but we can already say that Alpha 10 will be released early next week.


Emp Dev Team


CHANGELOG: Alpha EXPERIMENTAL 10.4.0 (Build 2498)

Improvements to combined Texture/Color Tool:
- When clicking on a texture or color with LMB, close window immediately (it is like the old behavior)
- When clicking on a texture or color with RMB, just select/highlight texture/color (do not close window)
- Separate color and texture preview in right-bottom corner (i.e. 2 preview slots, only color and only texture)
- Allow only texture and color mode:
(i) "Only texture" mode (keep current color) - when selecting left upper slot and choosing a texture
(ii) "Only color" mode (keep current texture) - when selecting left upper slot and choosing a color
- Restore default texture and color - when selecting left upper slot for both texture and color
- Add icon to left upper slots and also display in right-bottom corner (if...
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Hi Galactic Survivalists,

Welcome to Part IV of Alpha 10 Experimental!

While we are constantly making progress towards the first release candidate in our weekly EXP updates, today’s patch will again add a few more toys and feature updates. Enjoy the new Texture-Color Tool that combines coloring & texturing in one tool and an entirely new movement controller mode for vessels. Please note: both are test candidates. So please have a closer look. As always, it will depend on your feedback, if those features make it into the Release Candidate and the public version!

For our creative minds and all builders: we increased the available shapes for the heavy windows by adding a few more of the requested connectors and variants. For those that might wonder if the “standard” and “armored” window groups will be worked on in this way as well, the short answer is: yes!

The Base Attack mode also got a few upgrades to the Zirax Troop behavior: they no longer ignore sentries but they will attack active sentries now (normal turrets will be added in the next update).

But most importantly: Thanks to your dedicated feedback, we now have a basic understanding of what currently works and what needs to be improved in the future. The AI behavior will be improved as we develop, BUT as testing AI in a dynamic environment that does not have any “fixed setup” and thus has a myriad of side effects that could lead to a problem or pathing issues with AI behavior, we cannot just make a use case on our own and even the detailed descriptions will not always help to track down why AI behaves as it did. So we would like to ask everyone who has or had an issue with the BA Attack in a specific base or setup, to either send in a Blueprint of the contested base OR (better) send in the savegame to the feedback thread. This way we can directly check the setup and will not lose the important context and all the contributing factors. Thanks a lot in advance! :)

Last, but not least, with this update we have also dedicated some time into balancing a few aspects of the game, like mass and hitpoints of certain “door type” groups as well as shields. Please have a CLOSE LOOK on their new values and report your feedback in the appropriate threads in the feedback forum, so we can see if we are on the right track with those changes.

You can find all the feedback threads pinned in this forum:...
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The updated Alien Planet

Update: May 29, 2019 (Build 2483)
- Fixed: Chat message exception


Hi Galactic Survivalists!

Welcome to the third installment of Alpha 10 Experimental, where we added even more new stuff for your enjoyment! This time we introduced a highly requested balancing parameter for shields (recharge delay when the shield is hit) and a hotkey to activate / deactivate the shield. In addition, we added a first batch of new window shapes (Heavy Windows for testing), as well as more variants for doors and shutters.

Moreover, the new blockshapes menu can now be configured with less hassle: We renamed all the internal ‘key names’ that are used in the config file. Now, you simply need to skip the blank of the localized name. If you want to add ‘Ramp C Low’ to a slot, simply use ‘RampCLow’ - and so on. You do not need to dig through the Loca file or other configs anymore!

Please check the Experimental forum for our feedback threads where we are now asking about your ‘Basic Shapes’ (or ‘Favorite Shapes’) recommendations:

One word about the current development plan since some of you asked how long the Experimental phase will still last. At the moment, we do not yet have a fixed release date for the A10 public release other than early-to-mid June. We plan to stick with the major EXP update at least once per week until we think the Experimental version is ready for release - or the feedback given indicates that some features might require a bigger player base, while all the breaking bugs are solved.

Thanks in advance for your dedicated help! Please keep reporting bugs in our bug forum and please revisit issues that you had and bump threads if they are not solved, although listed as solved in the changelist below: https://empyriononline.com/forums/bugs.34/

Enjoy EXP Phase III!


Emp Dev Team


CHANGELOG: Alpha EXPERIMENTAL 10.2 (Build 2482)

Shield Update:
- Add 5 sec “recharge delay” (cooldown) for shields, each time the shield is hit. This will reset the regeneration countdown and prevent recharging as long as the shield is ‘under fire’.
- Added hotkey “X” for activating / deactivating shield generator (default key can be remapped)
- Adapted color of shield particle effect: instead of green, it is now...
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The new volumetric lights on CV spotlights

Update: May 23, 2019 (Build 2470)
- Fixed: Problem that "Default Base Attack" scenario was not correctly uploaded to Steam
- Fixed: Force Fields did not work anymore: either always on or always off (eg doors, hangar doors, forcefield devices etc)
- Fixed: Not possible to interact with OxygenStation (BA,CV) - no collision
- Fixed: Auto Miners did not show their beam while mining anymore


Hi Galactic Survivalists!

We just released Part II of Alpha EXPERIMENTAL 10. Thanks to your dedicated feedback, we already improved a lot of the new features and added a heap of new bug fixes!

Said that, the update also includes a few new features and feature refinements, as you can see from the changelog below.

Among others, we improved the “fixed” drill mode of the Hover Vessel by adding a fine-grained directional steering to the previously fully-locked mode. You can now use W/A/S/D and the arrow keys to precisely navigate your vessel while drilling. In addition, when pressing LMB in fixed mode, your drills will remain active until you press LMB again. Thus, you can now concentrate on moving the vessel (which is slower with fixed-mode activated) and aiming its fixed drills on the target area without the need to hold LMB all the time in order to keep the drills running! Remember the fixed drill mode is activated for HVs that have a drill module with SHIFT-O.

Alpha 10 EXP Part II also adds a completely new scenario, designed around the new “Base Attack” system you already got to know in the first Alpha 10 EXP iteration in standard survival (default-random scenario). But unlike the default-random survival scenario, the Base Attack Scenario will have you starting directly in a contested base. Take your time - but not too long - to familiarize yourself with the compound and ramp up the defences. Waves of drones and troops will come for you! This is a test case not only for the base attack system itself and how it can be scaled as well as an offer for you to easily drop in a COOP game with some friends and have, but also adds the first (code-side) iteration of the redesigned PDA tech - adding more setting and management options by offering C# as an additional PDA scripting language.

If you are a mission designer and are capable of using C#, keep an eye on the latter. We will release more info about that particular topic in the next weeks!

As always with a major...
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Update: May 16, 2019 (Build 2450) - Client only

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Exception when drilling underwater rocks


Update: May 16, 2019 (Build 2449)

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Dynamic HP calculation incorrect for some small armored steel blocks
- Fixed: No frames on windows on first game start
- Fixed: Water plane is blocking buildings blocks & terrain placeable devices from being placed
- Fixed: Loading of mods in client and playfield server even if not specified
- Fixed: Multi-player choose planet window localizing planet class.
- Fixed: Sometimes exception triggered after killing a NPC
- Fixed: Filler function of T2 Drill is producing Iron Textured terrain
- Fixed: Templates - Drill T2 required Drill T1 as input
- Fixed: Terrain Shader - Relief not working (only a regression in A10)
- Fixed: Terrain Shader - Cluster scale not working (only a regression in A10)
- Fixed: Some half-size block shapes missing sides when placed next to other blocks
- Fixed: New Armored Door with missing 'part'
- Fixed: Light block of small vessel was difficult to remove (too small collider)
- Fixed: Internal exception found in EXP dedi logs

- Increased version number to EXP 10.0.1
- Increased texture resolution for some models (Constructor, Deconstructor, O2 Station, Medic/Clone Station, Shield Generator)
- Improved filler mode on drill: Updated filler texture and improved blending/usage
- When drilling on top soil, dirt is now shown again immediately

Known issue:
Exception triggers when drilling underwater rocks [6354]


Hi Galactic Survivalists!

We are very excited to start the Experimental phase for our upcoming major update. Alpha 10 will feature more than 100 new building block shapes, shields for vessels and bases, a highly improved (and speed up) drilling gameplay, an improved base attack mode, a new tabbed chat for multiplayer and a huge amount of bug fixes, gameplay refinements and other changes!

While many of the changes and improvements are pretty straightforward, the new base attack in Alpha 10 might need some words of explanation: Previously, only drones would attack your base, given some arbitrary rules, like activating the first generator or placing a turret. Starting with Alpha 10, the rules that will now provoke a base attack are much more meaningful and fully tied to the NPC...