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by Pantera at 11:27 AM
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Hey Galactic Survivalists!

Not only on Ningues the days are getting colder. What could be more natural than to check your wardrobe and spruce it up. How you do it in the real world is up to you. For Empyrion, we've done it for you. For version 1.9, however, we have not only visually reworked the customizable basic models of the armor, but also tackled a lot of issues around the "Player Controller" and "On Foot Combat".

Among other things, the player avatar and the weapon handling have been improved with new motion animations. See below for more details.

So that you could try out the innovations directly in a fresh environment, version 1.9 comes for the first time in a long time with "Ashon" a completely new, but very challenging game start! We are curious to see how you like it.

As always, please check out our feedback forums and use the pinned threads:

Any bug reports please post directly to our bug forum:

We hope you have fun!
Empyrion Dev Team

PS: .Please note that all our official servers will be wiped with the public release!

Character Controller & Model
- The way how gravity affects the player has been changed to make it feel snappier
- The player now jumps slightly higher when the jetpack is activated
- Now only possible to sprint in forward directions
- Added new models for player suits: Interior suit, Light, Medium, Heavy & Heavy Epic
- New jetpack model for the following suits Medium, Heavy & Heavy Epic

Gunplay / Rebalancings
- Added bullet spread to zirax troops & Cyborg NPC's
- Added Procedural Weapon movements to weapons & tools in 1st person view. Models can now recoil, sway & move down when sprinting.
We have also added some new settings in the ItemsConfig.ecf for control over PWM to allow players or content creators to make adjustments & console command to use in game.
How to use:
Add these new settings to any weapon or tool in the ItemsConfig.ecf to override the default settings for PWM:
  { Child 6
    Class: Movements
    StandingLocation: "0.0, 0.0, 0.0"
    StandingRotation: "0.0, 0.0, 0.0"
    AimingLocation: "0.0, 0.0, 0.0"
    AimingRotation: "0.0, 0.0, 0.0"
    RunningLocation: "0.0, 0.0, 0.0"
    RunningRotation: "0.0, 0.0, 0.0"...
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Ready for the upcoming Experimental Version 1.9 tomorrow? :NewSunglasses:
by Taelyn at 3:03 PM
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Hello Galactic Survivalists!

As most of you have probably already heard, we have moved the AntiCheat module to a newer version. Both versions are from Epic Games, however Epic Games will only continue to maintain the new version.

Therefore, for Empyrion Galactic Survival there is the following change:
All Empyrion versions before v1.8.10 (with the old module) can only be used WITHOUT EAC from December onwards.

If you want to continue using an older game or server version, you should disable EAC until the end of November as follows:
- Players: in the menu "Options / Misc" set the item "Start with EAC" to "No".
- Server operators:
a) set the parameter "EACActive: false" in dedicated.yaml
b) if desired, access to the server can be restricted by a password, which will be given only to trusted players

Thanks for your help!

Community Manager
Eleon Game Studios
by Pantera at 11:09 AM
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We have a fix ready for an issue some servers & clients are experiencing when using the "Invader vs Defender - Conflict of Cygnus".
Please update the dedicated server & client to this latest build.

- CoQ spam in Atlon Sector of the custom scenario "Invader vs defender" when near an asteroid ring
by Pantera at 11:13 AM
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In addition to yesterdays hotfix we have some more fixes for EAC to resolve some more issues found that we have had reported to us.
Please update the dedicated server & client to this latest build.

2022-10-19 v1.8.14 B3886

- Fixed new EAC: Steam auth ticket re-request on expiration
- Fixed possible duplicate EAC unregistration
by Pantera at 6:23 PM
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We have some fixes for EAC with regards to some disconnects we have had reported to us.
Please update the dedicated server & client to this latest build

2022-10-17 v1.8.13 B3884


- Removed AlienBug01Old from being allowed in NPC Spawners (should not be used any more; use AlienBug01V2 instead plz)
- Added Raptor02 now being allowed in NPC Spawners
- Reduced HP of Damaged Cyborgs (Assault and standard versions)

- Fixes for new AntiCheat bugs
- Texture alignments are being reset
- Fixed issues with broken dialogues on several languages (IT, ES, RU); Please report further issues with a screenshot of the console (red error entries) in our forums. Thx!
by Pantera at 10:59 AM
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We have a fix ready for an issue with the logistics system when in some playfields.
Please update the dedicated server & client to this latest build.

Also we have a statement regarding the change of AntiCheat version (2022-10-13) please see here

2022-10-14 v1.8.12 B3883

- Logistics not working on some playfields
by Pantera at 5:05 PM
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We have a fix ready for an issue some servers & clients are experiencing at startup.
Please update the dedicated server & client to this latest build.

- Fix for a start up issue with SQL.Interop.dll
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Hello Galactic Survivalists!

Autumn is here and the forests are becoming a little more colorful again. "Colorful" is also one of the keywords for the current update 1.8.10!

While the programming team has focused on bug fixing, Art & Design have set out to make Empyrion even more colorful in some details - or rather to give YOU the possibilities to do so. For example, you can now use theColor & Texture tool to paint the thruster flares independently of the actual thruster block. The same applies to deco consoles with hologram elements!

By the way, you can now also copy colors and textures with the tool. And if you have a block in your hand you can copy complete blocks in CREATIVE mode.

For the current version, the content team has looked into the feedback of the game start tutorial and made first adjustments. Among other things, the 'Info Count' in the Escape Pod area has been reduced. Also, there is now a mini-tutorial at game start, in case you activate the Robinson protocol. To further reduce the popup count, information that was previously given in some pop ups has been moved directly to the hover info cards of the respective devices and items.


All changes can be found in the changelog below.

In general, as always:
1. please submit bugs and errors here:

2. please post feedback on specific topics (e.g. tutorial, coloring etc) here in the pinned threads:

Have fun with 1.8.10!
We are looking forward to your feedback!

Empyrion Dev Team

PS: Please note: Since we have changed numerous text passages in the game (items as well as text hints), not all entries have been translated back to all languages yet. Newly added entries have been provided with an automatic pre-translation (DE,FR,IT,ES,RU) which might still be in need of revision in parts. On this topic, respectively the general handling of the translations, we will announce something in the next...
by Pantera at 1:26 PM
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Hello Galactic Survivalists!

We have some more changes & fixes coming your way today with another phase of experimental for v1.8.10. Please test as much as you like and give us feedback - thanks a lot!!
Our Experimental server is also updated feel free to join!

As always please note:
Report bugs and issues right over here: https://empyriononline.com/forums/bugs.34/
Fixed Experimental version bugs can be found there: https://empyriononline.com/forums/fixed.90/

For discussing the new and updated features, please head over to the Experimental Feedback forum: https://empyriononline.com/forums/experimental-features-discussion.35/


2022-10-11 v1.8.10 B3881


- Localization: added pre-translated texts to all NEW entries added with 1.8.10 (DE,FR,IT,ES,RU); Please report issues (formatting/loca) with a screenshot in our forums; note: follow us on upcoming updates on how to help/contribute to/handling of the game loca in the next weeks!

- Fixed an issue with shadows in 1PV when sat in enclosed cockpits (distant shadows could be seen to flicker when moving)
- Another fix for this https://empyriononline.com/threads/tree-invincibility-and-flamethrower-grinding-00393.100519/


2022-10-10 v1.8.10 B3879

- When disabling a POI shield some blocks can remain "protected" until the shield block itself is destroyed
- Vessels lose control when turrets are active


2022-10-07 v1.8.10 B3877

- Fixed dedi didn't unregister client on kick


2022-10-05 v1.8.10 B3876

- We have changed the version of EasyAntiCheat that is being used to the Epic games version. With this change we need your help with checking it is working ok in MP for example:
- You can load the client ok with EAC enabled
- You can connect to the Experimental server & don't experience any problems from EAC such as kicks / disconnects
- Play for an hour or more again with no EAC kicks / disconnects

More Changes:
- Changed drop model of Flashlight and Survival Tool to Small Container (until drop-visibility of 'models' is improved for 'high grass')