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Hi Galactic Survivalists,

We are excited to release the first EXPERIMENTAL version of Alpha 10.5.

Alpha EXP 10.5 features massive optimizations and bug fixes, an improved outside view of planets, new LCD panels, Talon base attack and many other changes and improvements.

Please report any bug in our EXP Bug Forum: https://empyriononline.com/forums/bugs.34/
Please read the 'HOW TO REPORT A BUG 'ahead of adding a new thread: https://empyriononline.com/threads/...ort-template-requirements-known-issues.47118/

Thanks a lot for your appreciated help and have fun playing Alpha 10.5 Experimental :)

Emp Dev Team


Patch 2019-10-23 (Build 2659)

Netcode update: Since we heard about some multiplayer problems we tried to improve this and want you to confirm if we are going into the right direction. Thanks!

- Improved entity interpolation
- Improved network communication to prevent exploits
- problem that when a passenger initiated a playfield change (teleport/warp), the pilot was not taken with him
- CoQ triggering after entering, exiting then re-entering a planet repeatedly
- Base terrain height issue
- Faster chunk loading on clients


Hotfix 2019-10-04 (Build 2656)

- Game timer - faster catch up + limiter extrapolation to 10 ticks
- 06821: [Official server US] Base attack not appearing after alert triggers (partly fixed)


Hotfix 2019-09-24 (Build 2654)

- Possible fix for slow chunk loading when changing playfields/DSL load
- POI Shield Gen Keeps Resetting

Hotfix 2019-09-20 (Build 2652)
- Final fix for IndexOutOfRangeException

Hotfix 2019-09-20 (Build 2651)
- Sometimes chunks of structure missing on first visit
- Fixed Null ref
- Spawner set wrong in POI "Abandoned Excavation Site"

Hotfix 2019-09-19 (Build 2649)
- Fixed constructor getting stuck when the time corruption problem happened


Hotfix 2019-09-18 (Build 2648)

- 06743: When a HV touches the bedrock it will get repositioned above terrain
- Fix for console command 'ticks' not working any more
- Possible fix for ticks getting out of sync


Hotfix 2019-09-17 (Build 2647)

- updated "Invader vs Defender II"...
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Hi Galactic Survivalists,

we just released Alpha 10.4, using Unity 2019. Please check the changelog below.

Thanks again for your appreciated feedback and bug reports!

Empyrion Dev Team


Update 2019-08-13 (Build 2554)

- No longer possible to copy & paste symbols from an input field to another (e.g. LCD sign)
- CoQ triggered by O2 calculation
- MP Damage exploit
- Telluropod & Desert golem do not damage the player when attacking
- [Edge case] Drilled out terrain returning after loading back into save game


Update 2019-08-06 (Build 2550)

- Water appears in bases placed closed to lakes when player returns from being 5km+ away from a base
- POI found to always be floating above terrain & is offset from center in BP preview


Update 2019-08-02 (Build 2549)

- More relaxed times for 'UDP delay detection' to avoid "Connection lost" popups

- Returning to a structure that has lights setup to blink can result in some lights looking on when they should be off


Update 2019-08-01 (Build 2548)

- Not all shutters flowing O2 1x3, 1x4 & 1x5
- Dedi <-> Pf server communication: removed TCP stream freeze workaround for U2018 (fixed in U2019)
- Base attacks set to OFF in the difficulty setting is not working & attacks are still triggered
- Activated better UDP delay detecting
- New game Temperate start option 2 start location wreckage base does not load


CHANGELOG: Alpha 10.4.0 (Build 2545)

- Allow to export Child properties to Config.ecf
- Exported "Prob" for resource deposits (= probability that a resource voxel drops sth)
- Network: better detecting if a player is trying to cheat with using low bandwith (not activated yet)
- Added console cmd 'structure' to manage structure internals

- Troop transports freeze above where they should land until reloading back into the save game
- Fixed thrusters in U2019
- When some blueprints are spawned they lose their device list & signals setup
- Aln faction structures no longer firing on players.
- When pasting a selection in creative, the axis slider is not aligned with the pasted selection
- SSG exception when exporting random scenario
- Cockpit 8 - single hit removes almost all of the cockpit
- texture view in SSG
- structures not getting DSL'ed on startup of a game (last fix was not working)
- U2019 Asteroids rendering...
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Hi Galactic Survivalists,

we just released Alpha 10.3, please check the changelog below.

Thanks again for your ongoing feedback and bug reports :)

Empyrion Dev Team


CHANGELOG: Alpha 10.3.0 (Build 2539)

PLEASE NOTE: Players who have spawned a recently saved Blueprint that have problems with signals or the device list should execute some console cmds to remove faulty data. For this, step onto that structure, open the console window and enter 'help structure'.
Then execute all three sub-commands to clean up the structure. You may then re-setup your signals, lock codes and custom devicve grouping / naming and save it as a working Blueprint. Sorry for any inconvenience!

- Added console cmd 'structure' to manage structure internals

- When some blueprints are spawned they lose their device list & signals setup
- Troop transports freeze above where they should land until reloading back into the save game
- Base attacks set to OFF in the difficulty setting is not working & attacks are still triggered
- Dark stretching on 3D representation of planets close the poles


CHANGELOG: Alpha 10.3.0 (Build 2535)

- Ship Controller: Ship high angular speed bug
- Value 1E+10 for label TorqueAmount in structure (SV_Prefab_Tier1) cannot be converted to Int
- HV mounted drills will not spin/ work until they are close to the terrain
- Temperate Starter playfield Moon Pole area has pink Alien terrain overlapping the moon terrain
- HV/SV Cockpit 8 legacy is the same as the non legacy version
- Save template last saved timer appears incorrect


Sorry for the non-functioning turrets, but we already fixed it!

CHANGELOG: Alpha 10.3.0 (Build 2533)

- Turrets not shooting
- Chainsaw does not start animation unless you only start using it when standing close to a tree
- Solar panels are not producing any output but appear to be 'online'


We quickly fixed some stuff reported today, so have fun with a more stable version :)

CHANGELOG: Alpha 10.3.0 (Build 2532)

- Planet map: smoothing normals to show less zig zag lines
- Permissions for adjusting color palette with Configure color window on structures

- Decoration: Unharvestable Trees
- Moon playfield has weather after triggering the pole fog
- OverflowException when parsing numeric faction abbreviations (f.e. '333')
- Avoiding reported CoQ
- Usage indicators...
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Update: July 7, 2019 (Build 2526)

Bug Fixes:

- Fixed: When spawning in some blueprints they lose their device list & signals setup
- Reverted fix for: After making a BP of a structure at max size the center of it is moved when spawning the BP in.


Update: July 5, 2019 - Alpha 10.2.2 (Build 2524)


- Tweaked Ocean Planet (eg water plane now at 60m and several other improvements) and re-added to random generation

Bug Fixes:

- Fixed: Constructor production can exceed the volume capacity of assigned containers
- Fixed: Missing localisation when repairing a vessel with a lock code in auto mode in R2B
- Fixed: After making a BP of a structure at max size the center of it is moved when spawning the BP in.
- Fixed: Resource Terrain as Bedrock logic


Update: July 4, 2019 - Alpha 10.2.1 (Build 2523)

- Refinement of C/T tool by adding "Remove" toggle > it is now possible to remove symbols without changing color or texture
- Adjusted HP and Mass of new Cockpits (added with A10)
- Adjusted HP of Armored Double Doors
- Removed Reload Delay from Alien Turrets and Sentries
- Increased Anti-Shield Effect for Plasma Turret and Plasma 2 Turret (doubled)
- New Ion Turret (Alien) now has EMP effect that only damages Shields (significantly)
- Increased recharge speed for SV Shield (2/3) and HV (1/3)
- Renamed (only loca change): Ion Cannon (Alien) > Plasma Turret (Alien), Ion Cannon 2 (Alien) > Plasma Turret 2 (Alien)

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: [MP] Shield is regenerating after being hit
- Fixed: Currently not possible to start building underwater
- Fixed: MP RtoBP issue with template password auto repair option
- Fixed: Playfield server boot timeout check, improved log output to see how long a pf server needs to boot / prepare

Known Issue:
- Missing localisation when repairing a vessel with a lock code in auto mode in R2B


Update: July 2, 2019 (Build 2522)
- Fixed: Sporadic exception when opening CP
- Updated EAH Tool


Hi Galactic Survivalists,

We released Alpha 10.2 with more bugs fixes and improvements. Please check out the changelog below.


Empyrion Dev Team


CHANGELOG: Alpha 10.2.0 (Build 2521)

Updated Base Attack:
- Base Attacks now depend on presence of drone base: If the drone base has been destroyed or there is no drone base on a planet => no base...
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Hi Galactic Survivalists,

We just released Alpha 10.1.0. Please check out the changelog below.

Thanks a lot for your ongoing feedback and bug reports.


Empyrion Dev Team


CHANGELOG: Alpha 10.1.0 (Build 2517)

Updated Base Attack:
- Increased spawning distance from 360m to 600m
- Now base attack is not immediately executed when returning to a base

- Added 3 more variants of heavy doors
- Added CubeHalf version of ventilator
- Added all ventilators to block group
- Added inclination angle for Drill tools closer to lower right window
- Allow to make links in PDA clickable
- SSG: scrolling/panning moves sector camera after sector generation click

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: POIs were not placed in Freedom mode
- Fixed: Not possible to start FREEDOM mode in COOP
- Fixed: CT Tool: Closing CONFIGURE with X breaks GUI / does not open tool on RMB afterwards.
- Fixed: [MP] Shields can recharge to 100% after playfield changes
- Fixed: Collider problem with boarding ramp when closed: before player needed to jump over invisible border, now player can walk over border
- Fixed: Some item tooltips are cut at top or bottom of screen
- Fixed: Wall Mounted sentry view clipping into wall and CAN shoot through wall (adapted camera position)
- Fixed: Problem that sometimes no more base attacks were launched (now added safe check: any drones not loaded for 60 seconds for base attack are ingored, so the attack can continue without them
- Fixed: When placing a thruster, flare is now not shown anymore in the preview mode
- Fixed: Forcefield of Boarding Ramps not switched off when unpowered
- Fixed: Rotation axis of generators BA/CV was not in the middle
- Fixed: Tooltips in BP Library for BA,CV,SV,HV were wrong
- Fixed: All ore deposits are generating directly beneath the surface.
- Fixed: Detector showing already discovered POI again when going out of discovery range
- Fixed: Solar panel (sloped version) indicators are dark & not visible when turned on
- Fixed: Constructor sometimes did not show all rows of an assigned container
- Fixed: New Chat: Private message issues with player names with blanks
- Fixed: 4 Way Connector Heavy Window does not swap tints like all of the other windows.
- Fixed:...
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Update: June 21, 2019 - Alpha 10.0.2 (Build 2513)

Bug Fixes:

- Fixed: 'Glass railing' & 'Glass railing round' texture issue
- Fixed: Cube Quarter face goes missing when placed next to other blocks
- Fixed new chat:
- auto-jump to Private tab
- sometimes not showing sender name

- Chat: added new smileys as command exceptions ":D" and ":p"
- Updated Localisation
- Updated EAH Tool: https://empyriononline.com/threads/tool-emp-admin-helper-eah-free-v1-47-x.5771/page-58#post-314788


Hi Galactic Survivalists,

Here comes the next hotfix release which includes a LOT of bug fixes for internal exceptions (thanks to the output logs you sent in)

CHANGELOG: Alpha 10.0.2 (Build 2511)

- Added back "SVDecoIntake02" (now called SVDecoIntake02New) to "General Devices (Deco)"
- Updated models of regular windows

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: MapDistance does not work other than 0
- Fixed: Names of devices mismatch between device list and detail info screen and HUD
- Fixed: Several internal exceptions found in output logs

- Some railing blocks have texture problems (will be fixed in next build)
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Update: June 19, 2019 (1pm CEST) - Build 2508

- Fixed: Exception on startup when using Config.ecf from Build 2504 (note: the deco block "SVDecoIntake02" is temporarily not available in "General Devices (Deco)" - we will add it back in next update)


Hi Galactic Survivalists,

We just released the first hotfix for Alpha 10. Stay tuned for more stabilizing and polishing updates.

CHANGELOG: Alpha 10.0.1 (Build 2507)

Bug Fixes:
- Possible fix for missing chunks on connect to a server
- Fixed: Color Tool usage permission
- Fixed: Definitions of new templates in Config.ecf didn't work reliable
- Fixed: Setting Video quality to FAST by keeping Textures on MAX results in billboard issue and exception
- Fixed: Possible exception when disconnecting from server running PDA.cs
- Fixed: Problem that turrets sometimes did not aim accurately
- Fixed: Clone chamber / Medic Station: not possible to paint/texture below (we removed the base plate)
- Fixed: Cockpit 8 non armored has the same model as the armored version
- Fixed: Internal exception linked to Status Effects
- Fixed: Several internal exceptions found in logs
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Hi Galactic Survivalists!

After more than 4 weeks in Experimental phase, we are very excited to release Alpha 10 to the public branch today!

Thanks to all Experimental testers, who helped with tracking down bugs and who sent in their feedback over the past weeks, we managed to greatly improve the initial feature releases.

Here is a short overview of the main features of Alpha 10:
- Polarized hull shields
- More than 100 new building block shapes
- Increased mining speed and improved drill handling
- New base attack & AI improvements (including a standalone Base Attack Scenario)
- Combined color and texture tool
- New movement controller mode for vessels
- New multiplayer chat
- Increased texture resolution of our 3d models

Check out the update video that highlights the main features of Alpha 10:

When looking at the overview and the full changelog below (with a LOT more changes, improvements and bug fixes), you will notice that we introduced several “first time” features and some gameplay changes. We are aware of the fact that this might lead to some relearning of mechanics, which can be inconvenient for everyone that is used to a certain play-style. However, the goal of the Alpha phase is still to add, change and introduce large feature updates.

Thanks a lot in advance to keep this in mind when playing Alpha 10. Said that, especially the new Base Attack (including a significant AI update for NPC ground troops) and the Modding API are additions that will still evolve over time. That’s why we value your feedback on ANY of the game topics and try to incorporate ideas and suggestions wherever possible and we hope everyone will continue to do so with the public release.

Please check out Alpha 10 and make good use of the Feedback forum: https://empyriononline.com/forums/faq-feedback.25/

Of course, please also report any bug or issue with Alpha 10 in the bug forum: https://empyriononline.com/forums/bugs.24/

Have fun playing Alpha 10!


Empyrion Dev Team


CHANGELOG: Alpha 10.0.0 (Build 2504)


1. Shields
- Added polarized hull shield for vessels and bases
Hitting a shield-protected base

- Added shield generator (Pentaxid is required to charge the shield and energy is needed to power the shield)
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UPDATE: June 16, 2019 (Build 2504)

- Implemented: In 'Salvage' mode MultiTool and SurvivalTool now return a random set of top-level items (instead of deconstructing fractions of a top-level item to lower level items)
- Added ability that an open door/hangar door will be used by AI and considered as "open space" to path through it
- Slightly increased base attack difficulty for low levels
- Reduced reload time of player sentry turrets
- Increased resolution of screens on O2 Station
- Bring back old Asteroid Ring blueprint (use "AsteroidFieldRingOld" in playfield.yaml)
- Better highlight of active toolbar slot
- Don't show reputation warning message when trying to open container or pickup plants from Alien or Admin factions
- Allowing to create a blueprint from any structure in survival if godmode invisible is enabled

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed Exploit: Logistic dupe outside of WiFi range
- Fixed: Zirax soldiers did not change targets correctly when attacking sentries in a base attack
- Fixed: New asteroid ring did not take into account rotation from playfield.yaml
- Fixed: possible exception when opening Sector Map.


Hi Galactic Survivalists,

Here is the Release Candidate 2 for Monday's public release.

CHANGELOG: Alpha 10.0.0 (Build 2502)

Base Attack (Survival) Update:
- Increased impact of reputation on base attack probabilities
- Zirax soldiers will now consider which turret did a damage to the group, and they will protect against such turret as a group
- Added "Attack Difficulty" entry to Control Panel statistics for Base Attack probabilities

Base Attack (Scenario) Update:
- Added 3-6 HS blocks every second drop
- Increase re-capture timer by 30 seconds
- Drop resupply from a little lower to prevent collision misses with landing pad + drop position on landing pad

Ship Controller Update:
- Added more deco containers to weight calculation
- Slightly reduced the turn rate to match A9 behavior
- Pilot mode is now persistent for the player
- Added hotkey "Shift - i" to toggle pilot mode
- Added weight of fuel into the total mass of the ship
- Reduce the x-axis mouse sensitivity for HV

- Set version number to "Alpha 10.0.0" for public release
- Jetpack state is now persistent
- Added armored version of cockpit 08
- Re-added legacy version of cockpit 08
- Added some documentation comments to IPda. Add documentation config...
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Hi Galactic Survivalists!

After four major Experimental releases during the last four weeks, we are very excited to reveal the planned date for the upcoming public release of Alpha 10:

June 17, 2019

Thank you so much for all the valuable feedback and bug reports during this intense Experimental phase.

For the remaining days until June 17, we will continue to work on polishing features and squashing more bugs.

Empyrion Dev Team